Oprah With Harry and Meghan' Interview: Biggest Bombshells from Two-Hour  CBS Special | Hollywood Reporter

So many thoughts swirling in my head. I just finished, as most people I know did, the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan. The hype leading up to this was monstrous but it was amazing. When Prince Phillip went into the hospital, I thought it might get derailed, but there was no derailing this dream interview that so many people were waiting for.

First, I miss Oprah so much and her show. I love her interviews and her folksy way of getting the story out of people. I expected Meghan to be more reserved and hesitant but she started spilling the tea from the beginning. There were some serious bombshells:

1- Harry and Meghan actually got married 3 days before in a small ceremony-how on earth did they keep that secret?

2- Kate actually made Meghan cry over the flower girl dresses and the story got replayed the exact opposite and everyone ate it up. She mentions this was the first turning point for her-a glimpse into her future.

3- Meghan experienced some serious mental strain during her pregnancy and wanted to go for help and was told NO. So she suffered without it. This is crazy but all roads lead to protecting THE FIRM.

4-The decision to not have a title for baby Archie was not theirs-this was always reported to be their choice. It was also decided that he would not be entitled to security.

5-There were discussions about what color their baby’s skin might be-obviously this information stings to hear but when pressed, Harry did not want to discuss it.

6- Harry was cut off from his family’s money Q1 of 2020. They mention that those Netflix and Spotify deals were made to secure funding for their security and lifestyle. He mentions that he still has money from his Mother. It has always been presented that this was always the plan-making them out to be money hungry.

7-They revealed that they are having a baby girl this summer. This made me so happy. I cannot believe they shared this news.

There is so much more, I am sure I will think of 10 more things when I hit publish but I wanted to get this written down while fresh in my mind. I have always said the two of them got together and were so alike and thought it would be amazing to accomplish all the things they planned together. It started off so great (outside looking in) and I truly believe after watching The Queen where the Prime Minister tells Queen Elizabeth that a poll suggested a large percentage of people were in favor of abolishing the monarchy-something that could happen- that it would be in everyone’s best interest to continue promoting this amazing love story. When the Fab Four hit the road promoting their new foundation, you couldn’t dream of better PR, the two Princes with their pretty wives taking the next generation of the monarchy to a new level. People LOVED the four of them together. I have always been amazed that the Powers that Be didn’t send the memo to keep that up no matter what. Instead, it all fell apart and their struggles were so public. Harry intimated in the interview that he and Charles were estranged and he and William had some “space”. This is not good and I hope at some point, they will make amends. I am hopeful that Harry will go to the UK in July for the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue at Kensington Palace on what would have been her 60th birthday. Let’s hope Prince Philip is around for that as well. Hopefully, they will be able to reconnect. When it was announced a while ago that he would go alone, the press pounced on Meghan making it out to be super negative on her part for not going-now we know she will either be super pregnant or home with a tiny newborn-a perfect example of how everything has a negative spin for her.

My phone is blowing up with Instagram messages, I am dying to go read them!

#harryandmeghanforever XOXO, KP

Harry + Megan are Out

Aaahhh…this makes me sad. The writing was on the wall about this but Harry + Meghan officially communicated to the Queen they were not coming back to Royal life and so she had to take back their honorary titles and patronages. So many thoughts…first – they announced recently that Harry would be traveling to the UK this summer for a handful of events (ok, is he going with Meghan and Archie or alone), then they announce he is going alone because the two of them together create such interest and they wanted to keep the focus on the Queen’s birthday and other festivities. I thought this was wierd because if nothing else, don’t they want Archie to be able to remember his Great-Grandparents? They haven’t seen him in over a year. Now with Meghan’s pregnancy news, this makes more sense, she might be crazy pregnant or just have a new baby. Then, wouldn’t it be wierd for Harry to leave her and go across the pond?

I do not understand the hate that comes their way. They seem to be doing their thing quietly in California, raising their baby and giving back. They seem very happy. Hopefully as time goes on, things will simmer down. Until the Queen dies and Charles becomes King…then things will change dramatically. Some things will be out of their control when Harry is the son of the Monarch. As much as I do not want the Queen to die, it will be a very interesting time to witness.

#harryandmeghanforever love, KP

Big Birthday

I have know it was coming for a long time but Friday was my 50th birthday. Yikes! I had a big trip planned with all my girlfriends but we had to postpone until the Fall. To commemorate the occasion, I had one of my favorite artists Paige Spearin do a birthday painting for me. She even added little Mimi (my new puppy) with her one ear up.

Cheers to birthdays!!!!

XOXO, Kristin

Mask Life

These days, I am all about finding a good mask. Since we are most likely wearing these masks for a long time, its good to have a nice assortment. Here are some of my favorites…

Even when they loosen up the laws regarding masks, I will still be wearing mine in public until Covid is not an issue. I am still so worried about getting sick with Covid. I will say even wearing one at the grocery story is hard. The minute I get back in my car, I rip it off so quickly. So, the key is having a comfortable one that protects you but lets you still breathe.

Let me know if you have a lead on a great mask!


Pearls of Wisdom from Tik Tok

Over a year ago, I started hearing friends of mine talking about their kids being on Tik Tok and honestly, I had very little interest.  Tik Tok used to be which was videos of people lip synching and that is not something I would probably do.  Fast forward to the Quarantine and I decided to check it out and the next thing you know, it is the last thing I look at before I go to bed and one of the first things I check in the morning when I wake up. Hilarious.

The truth is, there is a ton of cool stuff on there.  Besides a ton of people dancing around-which is very entertaining, Tik Tok uses a massive algorithm that tailors your feed to the kind of material you enjoy based on likes and follows.  So, my Tik Tok won’t look anything like your Tik Tok.  Mine is filled with lots of cooking videos, cheerleading, famous people, people talking about Real Housewives, and lately, people who sell on Etsy/Amazon.  Its fascinating.

One night listening to someone talk about how they make a ton of money selling items on Etsy, they said something that kind of woke me up.  They said it was important to be on Etsy because there are millions of people already shopping on Etsy and you have a built in audience.  I know this concept sounds simple, but after you put the amount of time I have in building your own website, you don’t want to dilute your audience with another site.  But, I decided to resurrect my Etsy shop and loaded it up with sets of plastic cups and have sold a ton this summer!  Clients I would not have reached have ordered tons of Summer Water and Eat Beach Sleep Repeat cups and I am thrilled.  I just started adding my floating crystal necklaces so soon, this shop will be filled with tons of my non-personalized items. So fun!

Etsy listings

Check it out here.

So, basically Tik Tok has saved me during the Quarantine, providing crazy amounts of entertainment.  If you have not ventured into it, just download it and check it out…if you hate it, you can delete but I swear you will find something awesome on this app!



28 Summers

28 Summers

Every summer one of the  things I look forward to is the release of Elin Hildebrand’s new book. This year it was 28 Summers and it was so fun.  Most of her books hook you in right in the beginning and by the end you feel like you are leaving your friends behind.  This was exactly like this-the main character was so likeable and they way Elin describes all the characters help you imagine what they look like and possibly who might play them in a movie.

There is a possible movie based on this book and Elin announced that news  recently and opened it up for suggestions on who should play who. Some of the answers were hilarious but I would definitely love to see this story on the big screen.

Looking for a good beach read this summer, this one is a winner.

28 Summers


Quarantine Life

I have written about 20 blog posts in my head during this Quarantine and just didn’t have it in me to type them out. I am using this rainy Saturday to update my website and add some things and when googling a picture of some cups, came across a funny blog post from 2010 and then went down my own rabbit hole of Summer in Newport.  It’s funny to think I used to write about my comings and goings with such detail-it makes for a good permanent diary where you can easily look up things from your past.

Since my day job is with a large cruise line, we have been working from home and out of service since March like many others.  After the CDC put a hold on cruising and our normally bustling business has been literally docked, I am extremely lucky to still have my job.  These slower times have been great to regroup and catch up on all the things you never seem to have time to do.

For my business, I have been getting orders here and there, but I am using this time to clean up my website, continue to promote products on social media and making lot of jewelry.  I even brought back my old floating crystal necklaces.  I used to make these every day and sold them to everyone.  These days, I have a bunch of new clients who have never seen them, so I am bringing them back. The price of Swarovski crystals has skyrocketed since I made these before, so the price has changed to $26.  These are a favorite.



I have been watching a ton of television-lots of Netflix and Hulu and re-watching/binge watching Real Housewives series.  I miss movie theaters and seeing new movies in the big comfy chairs.  Also on my list is eating out-we had a small window to do this last month but since people weren’t being careful and wearing masks, we are back to square one and I am so fearful of where we will be one month from now-all those restaurant owners and servers, it is heartbreaking, not to mention boutiques and all small business owners.

The one highlight of this crazy quarantine is that I have realized that might never have this opportunity to be home for so long again and have put myself on 4 different waiting lists for a puppy.  Unfortunately, a ton of people have had this same idea so a lot of the breeders of the type of puppy I want have a ton of people wanting puppies as well.  Fingers crossed that this works out for me.  This is the type of puppy I want….

Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 1.37.25 PM

So now I am on hold waiting for an email to come through with good news.  I have a name picked out and everything-so excited.

Hope you are all doing well!  Stay safe..



Happy Easter!!!!  So excited that a new show starts today that is from the creators of Downton Abbey.  It looks will need the new channel Epix.  I added it to my AppleTv subscription (there is a free trial) and the first episode is already available to view.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 2.49.53 PM

“Belgravia,” a six-episode British period drama from “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes (adapted from his 2016 novel), is everything you want it to be, but not one bit more: a pedigreed, crunchy-gravel story with all the trimmings and light melodramas, set in London’s most affluent neighborhood in 1841, where an old family secret is just dying to get out.

The viewers are in on this secret almost from the beginning, which turns the series into a protracted exercise of hurry-up-and-wait, to see if things turn out all right. The real tension in “Belgravia” (premiering Easter Sunday on premium cable channel Epix) is attuned to class and status, as it usually is in Fellowes’ work.

Here, a successful building developer, James Trenchard (Philip Glenister), and his instinctively circumspect wife, Anne (Tamsin Greig), have risen to a comfortable rung on the ladder during a time of progress in the early years of the Victorian age.

The Trenchards carry a potentially ruinous secret, however, dating back to Brussels in 1815, where, on the eve of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, their lovely but socially ambitious daughter, Sophia (Emily Reid), fell in love with Lord Edmund Bellasis (Jeremy Neumark Jones), the sole heir of the Earl and Countess of Brockenhurst (Tom Wilkinson and Harriet Walter, respectively).

This flashback prologue (and its tragic outcome) occurs in short order in the first episode, so it’s not a huge spoiler to simply note the unplanned birth of a baby boy, who is spirited away by the Trenchards to an adoptive family.

Decades later, in more mutual social orbits, Anne feels compelled to tell the Countess about the grandson she never knew she had. Rather than keep a lid on it, the Countess sees an opportunity. As in “Downton Abbey,” the focus is on the old rules of rightful vs. presumed inheritance, hidden paternity and the measures people will take to retain what they think they are owed – including the servants, who can be coerced to spy on their employers.

John Bellasis (Adam James), the Countess’s greedy nephew (and “Belgravia’s” designated villain), can’t wait to get his hands on the family fortune. But, in another “Downton”-esque move, the true heir begins to emerge: a solid, hard-working, middle-class gentleman, Charles Pope (Jack Bardoe), that secret baby, all grown up and puzzled as to why half of Belgravia is suddenly desperate to make his acquaintance.

“Belgravia” is often more basic than captivating, even with all its 19th-century grandeur and two shipshape performances from Walter and Greig, whose characters ally themselves to stage-manage a standard-issue conclusion. It’s the sort of ending any viewer will have already heard coming from several clip-clops away.





Holy cow…what is happening with the Royal Family this week is straight out of a dramatic movie- unprecedented events in the last few days. Several people have asked me what I think and the truth is I didn’t know right away but now some facts have emerged and I do have an opinion…

While all the dust settles on this bombshell announcement that Harry and Meghan are retiring from their Senior Royal roles opting for a more private life while still supporting the monarchy, it’s still a little fuzzy on how it all went down. After a couple of days, info has leaked that Harry had been telling his Father since Christmas of this plan and Prince Charles told him they would need time too work this out to see how it could be done (meaning done without upsetting the Queen). The financial part is also tricky and obviously he wanted time to figure that part out as well. This answer prompted Harry to contact his Grandmother asking for a meeting. She has always had a soft spot for Harry and granted his request but informed him that she would not discuss his situation without resolution from his Father (Prince Charles holds the purse strings for his family from the Duchy of Cornwall and pays for most of their expenses from this purse). Her courtiers blocked the meeting and when he felt backed into a corner, he obviously thought announcing this on Wednesday via Instagram would be the way out and let them know right before it happened. So, it was shocking the way it went down, but they knew it was in the works. I honestly don’t think they fully thought through all of the ramifications of this big move, but I think there is more here than meets the eye.

Today, reports surfaced that Harry has been fearful of his mental health and his role as a Senior Royal jeopardizes this. I am sure, with Meghan’s encouragement, this plan was actually a precursor to what would have eventually happened to their roles in the Royal Family, but now they get to control how its handled. There have been talks of a more streamlined monarchy once Prince Charles becomes King and they saw the writing on the wall and figured they would get a head start on the inevitable. Harry is now so far down on the succession list, his role is really secondary compared to the house of Cambridge.

So, my thoughts on Meghan are… I actually like her and think that she has amazing plans for their future and all that they can accomplish together but were being tethered by a strong chain to their positions. Her capsule clothing line that debuted last year was a perfect example of how she knows how to use her station to benefit others, it was a rousing success. Some people who don’t like her balked at what she did, but in the end, she is helping many, many people and she is popular..not like Kate but popular nonetheless. Not sure how popular she will be after this week.

The trademark office releasing the applications for Sussex Royal listing all the items they wish to brand with their logo/name was very interesting. Their shiny new (beautiful) website launched the day of their announcement ( It is chock full of info on their roles and how the system they have been living in is run. Now, they can be free and do their good work without being pinned down by all the Royal rules and procedures. It makes sense for them. Maybe the writing was on this wall when they eschewed a Royal title for baby Archie earlier in the year??

I have so many questions (like everyone else):

  1. Will they live in Canada where she has a support system and, apparently, still a house?
  2. Will they still show up for big Royal events like Trouping the Color, etc…
  3. Is the Queen really going to punish them or is that what everyone wants to hear?
  4. Will the money they stand to make with their new venture fund their lifestyle or will the money be for charitable efforts or both?
  5. What do William and Kate think about this?

The coming days will most likely have lots more info on this story..stay tuned!!!

DNA + Inheritance

Inheritance by Dani Shapiro

This past Saturday, I downloaded the audible of Inheritance by Dani Shapiro. The author read her book and it was about 6 hours long. Funny how some audibles are 15 hours and then this one only 6. This book was praised by Elin Hildebrand recently so it was on my wish list. I vaguely knew what it was about but decided to listen to it while I was working on organizing my bedroom. I had read many novels by this author but this was a personal non-fiction book, her story about finding out that her Father was not her biological Father through

Dani Shapiro, born into a devout, religious Jewish family was very fair, blonde with blue eyes. All her life she had fielded comments about how she didn’t look Jewish and described how these seemingly benign observations had had an effect on her -chiseling away at how she viewed herself.

A quick spit test started the unraveling of who she was or who she thought she was up to that point. The detail in which she describes the events and how she put all the pieces together are staggering. Her voice is so calm yet so full of emotion that several times in the book I had tears in my eyes, which doesn’t happen so often to me. I was so invested in her story and the outcome, that three moments in the timeline, described so honestly and with such care literally choked me up and made me cry.

What is so striking is that this happened to a famous author, one with a researcher’s mind, tools and the means to travel across the country to get to the bottom of her truth. I couldn’t help but think how many people are using these new genealogy tests to see where they are from and end up finding out way more than they bargained for. Parents having affairs years ago, producing children that show up and want to meet their siblings or..children put up for adoption at birth for all the right reasons and now they are coming looking for their parents. Being a sperm donor was a popular way to earn a quick buck years ago and that is what happened in this story. Dani’s Mother was having a hard time conceiving so she consulted a fertility expert. The “expert”, a sort of renegade, was mixing sperm from sperm donors with patients’ husbands to increase the positive outcomes. After she figured out this is what happened, her quest in this story was to figure out if her beloved Father knew she was not his actual daughter. She does find out this answer and is lucky enough to find her biological Father, who is still alive. The leading up to this amazing discovery is nail biting.

I don’t want to give any more away because I highly recommend reading or listening to this book. Recently, I have totally embraced audible books, listening to them while I drive back and forth to work. I try not to listen at home so they last longer and it makes me actually look forward to getting in the car and sitting in traffic.

How many people have taken these tests? One friend from work thinks they are a way for the government to collect data on all of us and would NEVER do it. Someone told me that boys have a more accurate reading so I asked my brother to take one so we could really see where we are from. He has researched our family tree so didn’t see a need but I do think it would be interesting to have some proof. One side (my Mom’s) is 50% Italian and 50% Greek. Knowing both Grandparents and their extended families my whole life, it would be shocking if this information were not accurate. The other side (my Dad’s) is more of a wild card. We know there is English and Welsh roots but late in the game with a Grandmother on her deathbed, she blurted out that there was some Polish ancestry that was conveniently left out on paperwork years ago. Polish? Seriously? My Grandmother was on morphine so it was easy information to discount but the tree that you build with the leaves proved that there was indeed some Polish relatives in addition to the English and Welsh. Talk about a turn of events. And that isn’t that serious of a curveball, imagine finding out some skeletons in your family’s closet, it could be so distressing and disruptive.

Have you taken one of these tests and been surprised by the results? I would love to hear about it!