Labor Day in Newport

I flew back to Neport Saturday morning and Tara and drove straight to the beach. We went out to the Dockside and they were having a Captain Morgan’s promotion. The house was full of girls in town and everyone was out for the last weekend of the summer.

Sunday we went to the Beach and then to the ABC, remembering once we were there that the crowd on Sunday is not the same as Saturday. Oh well, it was beautiful out and their frozen lemonade is delicious.

Sunday night was all the West Deck and it was fun! All my new summer friends were there.

Meg and Brett’s Wedding Week

Meg’s Wedding Week! It was so much fun and started Thursday night going out to Bouganvillea in South Miami with everyone in town.

Then Friday was the Bridesmaids Luncheon at Le Provencal hosted by Ashley and Zaria and Mrs. Walter. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off the festivities.

Then Friday night, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Flemings. It was great to see everone and the speeches at the rehearsal dinner were hilarious. Then back to the Biltmore for a little party celebrating Robb’s birthday.

Saturday Morning I ran over to Miami Beach for Lisa’s baby shower at the Surf Club. Got back in time to get my hair done and make it up to Meg’s room. Everyone was getting ready in her room and then we were off to the Church! Meg was a beautiful bride and all the bridesmaids looked so great in hot pink. Brett’s friends were very handsome groomsmen in tails and lots of fun.

The reception was at the Biltmore and was so beautiful with the most amazing flowers I had ever seen. Here are some pics….

And…I caught the bouquet, hilarious. So, am I next???? We will see.

The whole time at the wedding, my roommates from Newport were texting me about how much fun they were having and kept seeing certain boys. It was torture. I decided then to go back for Labor Day weekend.

Sunday was the brunch and then at the pool. It was sad to see it all end.

Going Home for Meg’s Wedding….

I packed up all my loot, which was ridiculously extensive and was all set to take the bus to Logan airport Monday morning at the crack of dawn. Late Sunday on my last night out with Heidi and Lou, we hit the West Deck and hung out all night. I was about to leave when I met a really nice guy who offered my a ride to Logan the next morning. Sounded too good to be true, but he delivered on his promise and delivered me to the airport on time. So sad to leave but I had a fitting to get to Tuesday and a nervous bride driving me crazy. When I got home, my house was still in such good shape from when I left, cleaned up for realtors, yuck!

Going crazy without a camera

No posts since I don’t have pics to back all the information up…It is Tuesday and last weekend was a blur of going out every night, having a blast.
Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights, all the same, West Deck, Dockside and Fifth Element. Tara still hasn’t downloaded, so I will post pictures asap… Months later, I am back and uploading some pics from the last of my Newport Summer.

Busy Weekend in Newport

This weekend flew by.. We went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to Fifth Element, the West Deck and, of course, the Dockside. There were so many people out, it is a lot more crowded than when I left.

We got an August pass for Gooseberry Beach and went on Saturday. It is so pretty and I am actually slightly tan, a miracle.

Will post pictures when Tara downloads….