Took the early bus to Boston Wednesday for some shopping and to see Brooke and the kids. When Brittan saw the hairbows I brought, she put them all in her hair. It was pretty funny.

The weather was amazing and we covered some serious ground. We went to Copley, Newbury Street and, of course, to Flat on the Hill, my favorite store in Boston. They have the cutest things. We ended up in Cambridge to go to a bead store and then headed home. I got home around 11pm and was so excited to see a taxi waiting at the bus station, I could not walk another foot.

12 Dixon Street


I am in Newport by myself until the other girls get here. This is the front of and back of the house. It is fun but I am having horrible flashbacks of when my parents took me to college for the summer and drove off in MY car. I do not like to be without my car. The good news is that I have walked probably 15 miles and finally got new walking shoes.


This is our house in Nantucket. I arrived after 3 planes and plenty of patting down in security thanks to my gold bangles that I won’t take off. The weather is great and we are off to the Chicken Box Saturday night. Sunday we shopped in town and had lunch at the Tavern, barbeque with boys from Boston and then to the Rose and Crown. Tara and I are coming back to size up the shopping on a normal weekend. Monday morning we packed up and took the noon ferry back to Hyannis. Then off to Newport! We got to the house and moved my stuff in. I am by myself tonight but hopefully will have Shannon here Tuesday. Happy Birthday Mom!! xoxo

Last Day in Miami

I am leaving tomorrow! There are 10 boxes of clothes and misc. on the way up North on brown trucks. Packing for 5 weeks is not easy and 50lb. weight restrictions don’t help.

Meg’s big party is tonight and I am crossing my fingers for good weather. The girls are already in Nantucket and I can’t wait to get there!!!!!

7 Days Left

I am hearing a ticking in the distance. My trip is approaching faster and faster. I haven’t started packing and still have so much to do. So excited for Nantucket, wondering if there is actually a spot in a bed for me since I arrive later than anyone else. There are 10 girls staying in one house, are there enough bathrooms? Enough hot water? Will I have internet access?

We had our garage sale yesterday-very interesting people. It was really worth it, I ended up with over $300 and a little sun on my face. Later, I started the “goodbye meals”. Meg bought me dinner at our fav Macaluso’s. So delicious.

Sunday was rainy and gross. We saw a horrible movie, “Georgia Rule”- it was not good. Lindsay Lohan is better in print than in movies, at least you can’t hear her talk in Us Magazine! I really hated her. Ugh!

11 Days and Counting…

I am getting ready to head up North next Saturday. I arrive in Nantucket and then head to Newport, Rhode Island for 5 weeks. Time has flown by and this trip that seemed so far in the future is next week! I can’t wait to get up there but have a million things to accomplish before I step on the plane. All my pals are holding a garage sale on Saturday at my house- you might want to stop by.

In the meantime, I am selling stuff on ebay like crazy, it amazes me that people will buy anything. I would love to have the patience to really go through my house and put all my clutter online, but will have to make do with what I have right now.

I am also getting ready for the July gift show in Atlanta. I purchased my picket fences at Home Depot Sunday and have to get the rest of the materials for my booth. So excited.

So, as my trip countdown begins, so does my blog…