Asterisk and the Dockside on Friday night

Last night all the girls were finally at the house! We started out at Asterisk and the guy that almost ran us over last night was right at the bar. He didn’t even get in trouble! Whatever. On to the Dockside and it was not as much fun as last Saturday night. Holding out for saturday again. There were a few nice guys out, one named John that was cute. He was making fun of me that I lived all the way down on Dixon like that was the wrong side of the newport tracks. I love Dixon Street!! I am working all day Saturday to finish all my orders before I leave. Everyone else is going to the beach. More later….

Late Night

So, I dragged Lou and Tara out on Thursday night and it was fun. We went to the 5th Element bar and then to Asterisk on the way home. One cute guy from New York, Brian wanted to hang out with Lou but was not happy when we told him he looked like Matthew McCanoughey, isn’t that a great compliment???? You can judge for yourself if I am correct. Then a WASTED guy we saw at the bar tore out of the driveway and barely missed all of us and promptly got pulled over by the police. They got all our our information because they saw the whole thing and wanted to know if he could have been trying to hit us on purpose! Can you imagine. Please notice the police car in the background. It is 2am right now and the police are still outside dealing with him. Yikes. Tomorrow most of the girls are coming to Newport. This weekend should be really fun.

The Tall Ships are Here!

Today was jam packed. Tara’s aunt and uncle and Mom are visiting and we all went out to breakfast. Two hours later, we had lunch with Brooke and Heather Bell near all the ships. The Tall Ships are in Newport and there a million people here to see them. The streets are packed with sailors from all over the world. It looks like Fleet Week! I babysat in the afternoon and took Brittan and Barrett to get popsicles down Thames and realized after a little bit that the carriage had a flat tire- I was thinking I was just tired! It was a workout to say the least but very fun. We went on a tour cruise around the harbour. The ships up close are unbelivable and huge. We also went by Hammersmith Farms, which is where Jackie Kennedy grew up and was married. It is private now otherwise that tour would have been first on my list of things to do in Newport. Tara, Lou and I are heading out and we will see how successful our scouting is….


Goodness I am having the best time in New York! I got to the city Tuesday morning early and got to see Nicole’s little Jordan. She is so adorable and sweet. Lisa came over and we went to Pastis for lunch-no celeb sightings unfortunately! After manis and pedis, we went to Soho for some shopping. Later, Nicole and I took Jordan to dinner at Frederick’s right by her apartment. Since I was dreaming about Magnolia cupcakes, I made Nicole go there with me for a treat. They are good but thank goodness I don’t live near there. Wednesday, I went to a bead store and then uptown for some shopping and then met the girls at Fred’s for lunch-again no celebs! We hung out and then it was time to go. I got the train back to Kingston, Rhode Island and Wayne was the nicest friend and picked me up late. I had a blast and then came home and realized that I will be home in one week. It has gone by so fast. This week the tall ships are in Newport so we are going to check them out. I want to go out to dinner on Thursday the 5th when I get home, so whoever wants to go, let’s make a plan. xoxo

Fun Weekend

Friday night Brooke, Tara and I went to the opening night party for the Newport Flower Show. It was drizzling a bit but the show was beautiful. I am dying to have a booth there next year. I have to investigate who has some contacts with the people-we will see… Saturday, the girls were here and we ate at Ocean Breeze (my favorite breakfast place)and shopped on Thames. We finally went out Saturday night and went to the Dockside. Tons of cute boys, see pics above. We went to a party after the bar closed and I met the nicest guy named Brian. Sunday I walked around with Brooke and we got our nails done. Tara and I went to H2O for dinner and then came home-very tired. Leaving tomorrow at the CRACK of dawn to go to New York to see Nicole and Lisa. Can’t wait.

Flat of the Hill

So, as previously stated in an earlier post, one of my favorite stores in Boston is the Flat of the Hill. I discovered it a couple of years ago and have been just amazed how every time I go, they have a terrific selection of gifts. Well, after emailing the owner with my website link, I had an appointment today at 3:30. One hour later, I walked out with a huge order and big smile on my face. The owner Katharine could not have been nicer and I think my jewelry will do great at this amazing store. This is the biggest order I have ever had for a store not on consingment. Hooray! 🙂

So… I am a slacker!

I can’t believe how long it has been since writing. Sorry! Last week, I was at Brooke’s helping Tara get her moved in. I left on Thursday for North Carolina for Meg and Brett’s parties. It was so much fun. There were two parties, a boat ride, cocktails on the porch, a horse ride, meg and ashley’s birthdays and even a slip and slide. The weather was fantastic and Meg’s parents were amazing hosts. Got back to Boston on Sunday and spent the night with Tara.

Pink Pineapple

My appointment with Pink Pineapple was great! The manager bought a bunch of things and I am dropping them off tomorrow. So excited. Walked 3 miles today all over Newport and hung out with Tara who is helping Brooke with her move. Her townhouse is directly above a Subway with a great fountain, I would love to live there.

Had dinner with Stephanie (from Miami) last night at the Cooke House. It was fun but there aren’t too many people out this early in the month. Hopefully, this weekend will pick up. There are 2 girls coming in town so we will be out and about.

Will keep you posted!

Missing Miami but having a Blast!!

Hi friends (and Mom and Dad)

Just got home from dinner with Stephanie at the Cooke House. It is freezing here (58 degrees). My hair is curly/out of control even with cold temperatures! Tara got here today and is here until Monday so I am not alone for a while. I finally got to Pink Pineapple to meet the girl Bridget and she got me an appointment for tomorrow to meet the manager to show my stuff. I would love to sell my jewelry in this store.

I went to IKEA yesterday for the first time. It is so amazing They are building one in Sunrise this summer. I have been walking almost every day. It is fun. Down my street and one city block up are mansions. There is one right on the next corner that looks like the garden at the end of Pride and Prejudice. So beautiful. I am going to do the cliff walk next week. You start at one house and take a tour of the mansions right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Also, Doris Duke’s house Rough Point has her clothes on display. That is on my list as well.

Next Thursday I am leaving for North Carolina to attend Meg and Brett’s parties. I will see some of you there!

Miss you all. Don’t forget that I get free incoming calls and limited outgoing. Dad, I am 31 minutes over my plan this month= I will reimburse!
xoxo kp

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