Christmas Tree

I finally bought my tree at Publix. My building only allows up to 6 feet since we have elevator issues, but the one I liked was more like 8, so I went for it. Brett and Blake had to come over and help me bring it up. It is very tall, but looks amazing. I found a pink bow at Preston Scott for $35, which almost killed me since I know I could have bought an entire roll for much less, but the instant gratification element won out. I didn’t even use half of my ornaments and the very top part of lights stopped working. I really could use a full time handyman for all of my apartment issues. That would normally be called a boyfriend or husband, but for now, a handyman.

Another weekend

Saturday, went to lunch at Houston’s with Meg and Brett. It was yummy, I hadn’t been there for months. We went to Bellini and then to Whip-n-Dip. I visited with Chip and Zaria next and then went to Home Depot to scout out stuff I need for the move. Watched a movie at night with Helen. Sunday morning, went to the front porch for breakfast and then made jewels all day. Saw “The Duchess” again with Meg in the afternoon and then went to Ra for dinner.

Brett’s 30th Birthday

Today is Brett’s 30th birthday. Meg has a fun party planned-hopefully a surprise. I called in the morning and he was still there. So funny, the deliveries were starting on the early side. Went to work and then called back around 11am. He had come back from work and found out the big surprise. The party started at 8pm and it was a blast. I didn’t get home until 1:30 am

First weekend back

Friday night after work I went to Scotty’s to see Willie P. Jeff and Christy were there and Moe stopped by. I am seeing people a little at a time. At this rate, it will take months to see all my old friends. It was fun and the weather was amazing. Saturday morning, went to Coral Reef to meet up with Denie, Mason and Reese and then after met Ashley and her Mom at Chocolate Fashion for lunch. Sunday, back to the storage unit and then saw “the Duchess” with Helen and Tatiana. Loved that movie. Saw an apartment at 90 Edgewater this morning. It might be the one.