Denie’s Wedding Weekend

Denie and Mason’s wedding weekend started with the bridesmaids luncheon at Marlin’s house. It was so great to see Amy X and Brian, who flew in from Atlanta. Denie’s Aunts and cousins hosted with Holly and her Mom. Denie gave us each the most amazing Swarovski earrings to wear at the wedding and a pashmina. That night the rehearsal went smoothly at St. Thomas and then we were off to Perricone’s for the Rehearsal Dinner. We met up with Nicole, Katie Finneran, Christy and a bunch of old friends. All the speeches were so cute, I was a nervous wreck and my voice was shaking the whole time. Wedding day, the weather started off a little gloomy and then the sun came out and it was beautiful. We met at Denie’s and then rode Denice’s awesome bus to the church. Denie looked beautiful and was the calmest bride I have ever seen. The service was wonderful and no tears until Cynthia and Stephanie sang Annie’s Song and the waterworks began. I could not stop crying. We finished up at St. Thomas and then headed back to the house for the reception. It was in her parents backyard under a tent. The crowd was full of old and new friends, so much fun.
The band was great and everyone was dancing…The brunch the next morning was at the Baumberger’s. Denie’s nephew was there,he is the cutest thing. We ate delicious Sarah Sharpe food and then headed over to Holly’s for Cindy’s Sip and See for Maggie. She was adorable and on her best behavior for her party. All our high school friends were there with their kids and the only missing friend was the bride, but she had a good excuse. The best weekend.