Labor Day Weekend

This weekend is going to be chock full of entertainment, so I am starting now, on friday night-well actually early Saturday morning. We went to the Landing, which Tara has been begging to go to all summer long to relive her college days and it was full of 22 year olds. We stayed until around 10:30 and then took pedicabs to…guess where=the dockside. It was super fun and full of old friends who are in town for the long weekend. More pics to come……..
Saturday, the weather was not great, so I packed some stuff up and got ready to go out again. We actually made it to a mansion for the first time of the summer. The Breakers, the biggest mansion, so beautiful..

Going out was the same usual story…Sunday, I got up and drove to East Greenwich, Rhode Island to meet Katherine from Flat of the Hill. She placed the biggest order I have ever gotten and it made my day to say the least. The weather was great, we went to the beach and stayed until around 3:30, headed to the ABC for the last time, then came home to get ready. I don’t know when I thought my room would get packed up. I stayed up after we got home until 3:30 in the morning and got up again at 7:30 to finish up. We got everything out and packed up around noon and headed to Ocean Breeze for our last meal together. There were a few tears saying goodbye and I headed to Brooke’s. We ran some errands and then went back to the beach until Sunset, which was beautiful and a great way to end the summer in Newport.

Crazy Friday night

This night was by far the craziest night of the summer. We started off at the Cooke House, so great to try something different for a change. We met a group of guys from New York there and made friends. Next to the Dockside and it was packed with people. We met many new friends there, still texting with the old friends from 30 minutes before. Then the Dockside closed and the party resumed on Thames Street, right by our house. That was fun and then the party ended on Wellington…with the first group of friends. It sounds confusing and it really was. Too many people to keep track of.

Most fun weekend so far..

So between my depression that summer is almost over and the thought of driving home and finding a place to live, I wasn’t expecting to have the best weekend. Friday night we started out at the West Deck. Denice’s brother Tim was in town and this was his first visit to Newport. I hung out with crazy Tristan at the Dockside. We were out late and had f u n…

I set up my trunk show Saturday morning with Tara’s help and then we headed to Gooseberry Beach. The weather was unbelivable and I hated to leave at 4 to go back to the show and babysit at 6. The girls were hilarious and I hated to put them to bed. I met up with everyone around 10pm and it was all the Dockside. There were so many people, it was great. We met up with some friends we met earlier in the summer and we met Matt “Johnny from Karate Kid” Stevens, who entertained us to no end. He came back to 12 Dixon and kept the party going yelling out songs to look up on Itunes. He then, after much daring, performed his signature move-the dance step from Kid-n-Play, then he actually started a dance off with Angel, one of our other guests for the weekend.

Sunday we went back to the beach and then got ready for Shannon’s birthday dinner at Brick Alley Pub. Of course, on the way home we had to stop by the West Deck for a drink. Not too exciting this Sunday, so we went home, exhausted.

Another crazy weekend

We had visitors this weekend and by Sunday night we were exhausted, but still went out! Saturday night, we ate at the West Deck inside and witnessed the most drama we have seen all summer. Some man fell on the floor in a drug-induced attack. Everyone was panicking and the crazy wife shooed away the nurse and 2 PA’s from our table who could help. She started performing CPR on her husband, who didn’t need it. It lasted about 15 minutes and ended up with the man pacing outside next to the ambulance and the wife and her nightmare friend getting arrested. We got a round of drinks for our discomfort and then the party continued at the Dockside like nothing happened. Pictures below…

Two feet from Gwyneth Paltrow…seriously

Tara had an extra ticket to Coldplay and I was the lucky girl who got it on Monday afternoon. We got to the Fleet Center and Tara ran into an old friend who upgraded our tickets. We ended up on the side of the stage in the first row on the corner. It was too good to be true. Right before the show started, who walks by but Gwyneth Paltrow, Blythe Danner and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. I was so stunned, I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough. They were escorted to the next section right in the middle, in the midst of all the other people. Everyone went wild. It was truly surreal. Then, on top of that supreme celeb sighting, the concert was fantastic. They sounded great and were really amazing to see in person. We had a blast! In the last picture, you can see Gwyneth and her Mom next to the man in the red shirt-photo courtesy of our friend John…