Off to North Carolina

I drove to North Carolina on Friday morning in the rain. I got to Kelly’s in Cornelius around 1:30. Hung out with her kids and ran errands. Got to Poppies, my favorite store here and, as usual, it was chock full of stuff. Had dinner at a great pizza place with Kelly, Robb and all the kids. Mentally prepared myself for the show on Saturday at Heathers. I hope it will be great!

Greenville, South Carolina

I left Wednesday afternoon heading to Greenville. The drive was not bad and I made it to Winsy’s house around 5:30pm. She went to pick up Lynley, Walker and Gheorge at the airport and I unpacked my car. We both set up for the show and had delicious dinner made by Winsy and watched American Idol. Alden came over and said hi. Thursday morning, we woke up and got ready. Tons of cute girls came by and bought a bunch of things. We went out to lunch with Alden and then came back for the afternoon show. It was great. Everyone was so nice and I sold a great amount of items and the turnout was amazing. We packed up at 8pm and headed to Alden and Jamie’s for yummy dinner. My trip there was so much fun.

On the Road Again..

I left this afternoon on my trip. I drove out of Miami at 2pm and got to my parent’s house around 7pm. I spent hours on the phone and the rest of the time listening to my ipod and sometimes singing. My voice was scratchy by the time I arrived. The drive wasn’t too bad, at least there is Chick-Fil-A once you pass Palm Beach. The temperature gauge slowly dropped after I passed Stuart and by the time I arrived, it read 48 degrees. Yikes…I am going to freeze. Great to see everyone, including Millie, she is so cute and furry.

Today is my birthday!

Oh the joys of birthdays…one year older, hopefully one year wiser. My plan for the day is to sleep in, make some jewels in the morning, go to lunch with meg, little ashley and camille (anyone else is welcome to come) at villagio, go to work for a little bit, get my nails done, buying a new camera-finally, and then meet friends for dinner at Shorty’s. yum. I have no idea how many people are coming and they don’t take reservations. It should be interesting.

I might get sidetracked replying to all my sweet birthday wishes on Facebook. I got 12 the day before, so who knows. I think the birthday list on the right hand side of Facebook is one of the best features, so easy to send a quick happy birthday to friends. I love Facebook, but you probably already know that. ha ha

Lunch was so much fun. Villagio was delicious…

And Shorty’s was equally as fun and yummy…

Holy Catfight… I love Real Housewives of New York City

Tonight was the season premiere of the Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo. Thanks Grimsley for getting me hooked on this show, it really is entertaining. I don’t know who I like to watch more, Lu Ann “it’s like Mrs. De Lesseps” or snarky Bethenny Frankel. I saw Bethenny in some magazine 2 years ago and spent the whole day trying to figure out who she was, even thinking I had met her in person before I realized that she was the runner up in the Martha Stewart Apprentice. Hilarious. She was so funny on that show and was so mad she lost.

Anyway, this show is pure joyful delight and I highly recommend it. You will be horrified by Ramona and so creeped out by Alex and Simon, yuck. Jill is fun and the new one Kelly looks promising. I actually have seen her in person at Calypso in East Hampton. She is stunning in person and has two adorable little girls. I hope the original housewives don’t claw her eyes out! Stay tuned on Tuesdays.

My Factory is Working Around the Clock

Getting ready for my two shows next week. I am leaving Monday for Amelia Island, Wednesday for Greenville and then Friday for North Carolina. Doing 2 shows in a row is a challenge, I have to make so much stuff. This is what my tray looks like, it is a mess but I know where everything is and this is how I work. It has tipped over a few times and the last time was in September when I got home and was still living out of my car and staying at Tatiana’s. I opened the back door of my car and it slid right out and the crystals were bouncing on the floor of her parking garage all over the place. I almost wish it was on video because now I can laugh about it, not so much then. I was picking up small crystals for days every time I got home.


One of my favorite bloggers Made By Girl has an Etsy shop filled with adorable treausers, one of which is this LOVE print. It comes in pink, lime green, light blue, steel, red and yellow and retails for $25 unframed.

Also equally sweet is the ABC Girl and Boy prints. They are by special order and you can pick customs to match any decor. Above is Jennifer.

Check out Jennifer Ramos’ website and Etsy Shop

Love Love Love True Beauty

My new favorite show this year is True Beauty on ABC, Tuesday nights at 10 pm. Vanessa Minello, Cheryl Tiegs and Nole Ryan are the judges and the game is to find the most beautiful person in the house. But the hilarious secret is that there are hidden cameras everywhere recording all the chatter. The two with the lowest score each week go to the Hall of Beauty and plead their case. The loser says goodbye but not before Vanessa shows them the BAD videos of their behavior. It is so funny. I have been thoroughly entertained. I am pulling for the beauty queen. Stay tuned!