I love Ann Judge Designs

January 2008, I drove up to Atlanta for the big Gift Show. I shared a booth with my friend Kate and once we were all set up, we started making friends. Across the way sat Ann Forget, surrounded by the most adorable tote bags in amazing fabrics. Five days later, we were bff and I bought a bunch of her samples to sell. This past summer, we bought a tent and shared space at the Cape in Mashpee at the Mashpee Open Market. Ann had some new designs by then and people went crazy over them. Made in the USA, they really are sturdy, easy to clean, hold their shape and affordable! Check out Ann’s website Ann Judge

Weekend of L O V E

I had the best weekend. Friday night, I attended an unbelievable party in honor of two friends who are expecting twin boys in May. They have been trying for a long time, so the “shower” was really an enthusiastic celebration. There were so many good friends, all so excited for this amazing couple, the “baby love” was palpable in the air! It didn’t hurt that the party took place at possibly the prettiest house in Miami. Barton G did the catering and the dessert table was really tasty.

Saturday afternoon, the love continued at the wedding of my dear friends Hadley and Sean. The ceremony took place at Barry University where he is a professor. She is a third grade teacher and her class and the children’s choir from her school were there. The ceremony was beautiful and the bride was stunning!

The reception was at her parents house, in a tent set up in their back yard. It was quite a party. The backyard was transformed into a magical setting, it was so beautiful and there were touches of pink and green everywhere. There was tons of dancing, touching speeches and lots of love for the couple, it was so much fun. Congratulations Hadley and Sean!!! xoxo
p.s. please note another amazing dessert table.

Television Television Television

I am a HUGE tv watcher. I always have been and in the past few years, it has gotten more intense (I sit and watch while I make the jewels). The invention of Tivo changed my life, no more taping shows! But, with the internet, you can watch shows 10 minutes after it airs-so convenient! But, they are way too quick to pull great shows if the viewer numbers aren’t fantastic from the start. I am always hesitant to get excited about a new show, knowing it could be cancelled right away.

I read today that Lipstick Jungle is permanently cancelled. WHY??? What a great show, it is really irritating. I also loved Cashmere Mafia and Dirty Sexy Money, the first made it through one season and the other is still “on hiatus.”

That said, the shows I do love (too many to list) have all gotten really good lately-Grey’s Anatomy in particular. I didn’t watch the last two until this morning and after the last one, I was boo hooing like crazy. Izzie with cancer? So crazy… How about Brothers and Sisters, easily one of the best shows on tv these days, I LOVE it. I hate Holly.

My cable box is broken and the tv screen is just a mangled mess of swirled bytes of color. I haven’t had time to go wait in line to switch the box. It is about to drive me crazy. I also will lose all the stuff I have saved, including the Academy Awards and one of my bff’s Cynthia on the the Rachel Ray show. Yikes.

Don’t even get me started on Lost…I didn’t watch last year’s season finale and now I am all turned around. I might have to wait for the DVD and watch it all at once-one of my favorite things to do. And daytime television on CBS? That is for another post!

Special Weekend Treat

Hopsy at Monograms and Manicures picked the winner this afternoon of her giveaway of one of my Triple Strand pearl necklaces with silver starfish. The winner was Posh Mama-Congratulations!!! To enter the giveaway, you had to tell Hopsy what you would wear the necklace with. There were so many cute responses, I loved reading them. I have lowered the price of this necklace in my Etsy Shop to $100 until Tuesday and offered free shipping. This necklace is really special and will look great for the Spring and Summer! Enjoy! xoxo

Overnight with the Bs

This afternoon, I got my two little friends Brittan and Barrett, put their carseats in my car and set off for some fun. They came with one small bag and a pack-and-play. First stop, our friend Elizabeth’s. The girls had a ball playing with her two girls-dress ups, stickers and snacks. They were in heaven.

Next stop, to Meg’s and to finally meet baby Ashley. The last time I had the girls, Meg was about to give birth and they were excited to see her. They loved Ashley and the three of them were adorable on the couch.
Pizza, chicken dinosaurs and a couple of brownies later, I finally got them in pjs and off to bed. Easier said than done. My bedroom has one wall completely mirrored (not by choice) and I could hear Brittan talking to herself for over an hour. I had the best time with them, but am so tired! I have a renewed appreciation for all my Mom friends who do this every day. It is exhausting..but definitely lots of fun. xo

100 Follower Giveaway Celebration

I hit the 100 mark today for followers! I really can’t believe it. I only asked 4 people to follow, the rest are for real. To celebrate this acheivement, I am having another giveaway. This time, I am giving away a crystal necklace for 3 different readers. These adorable necklaces are my best sellers and come in every color imaginable. The most popular are pink and brown, pink and green, or icy beige. The winners can pick their colors.

To enter this giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on this post (one entry)-please include your email so I can contact you if you are the winner.
2. Leave a comment and become a follower(two entries)if you are already following, let me know.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog or tweet on Twitter (three entries)and link back to this post. Please let me know if you have done this.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. xoxo I will pick 3 winners Saturday, March 28th. Good luck!

I Love Annechovie

There is a delightful artist in Florida named Anne Harwell. She paints beautiful watercolors of interiors, mis-en-scenes and objects. Her blog is Annechovie and it has posts with her work and her inspirations. She just featured a custom painting of a dog named Tilly. I would love her to paint my Milly, of course, it is on my list!

She also welcomes comissioned pieces. Many of her customers have sent her pictures of their favorite things or places in their homes and she paints them. You can contact her via her blog for information on pricing.

I love this one..

She has a series of amazing chair paintings which she has made into notecards sold through her Etsy Shop. Visit Annchovie and discover the wonderful talents of Anne Harwell!