Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Giveaway

My next giveaway is for one of my fabulous Swarovski crystal disk bracelets. These have been great sellers for me and look so amazing on. My most popular color is the icy beige but it also comes in clear, pink, yellow, green, aqua, black, silver shade or purple. Winner may choose color. To enter this giveaway, you must in one comment:

1-Leave a comment on this post (one entry)
2-Leave a comment on this post and become a follower or let me know you are already a follower (two entries)
3-In addiditon to the first two, share the news on your blog, twitter, etc…(three entries)

Good luck! Drawing will be Friday, June 5th at 6pm. Good luck!!!!!

Catherine’s Baby Shower

Our dear friend Catherine is expecting a baby in July and last night was her beautiful baby shower. She does not know the sex of the baby yet, so all the decor was pink and blue. The tables were set with adorable hydrangea and rose flower arrangements in pink and blue and the napkins were tied with alternating pink and blue bows, so cute. The food was incredible, they had taco shells at each plate and an enormous salad bar set up so each person could create their own masterpiece. It was delicious. The party was at our friend Ali’s house, which is stunning and I snuck a picture of her family room, which I loved.

I was about to leave and then saw Ali cutting in to this Whip-N-Dip cake. It was unbeliveable!!!

Local Calligraphy Class

Tucked away on a bustling street in beautiful Coral Gables is the amazing store Paper Emporium. Bought a few years ago and revitalized into a stunning boutique, this store has many beautiful imprintable invitations, products by Crane, William Arthur, Envelopements, Papyrus and many other lines and an even boasts an in-house design studio. Owners Lisa and Bonnie have started offering different classes in their store. Starting June 8th for 4 sessions, they have a professional calligrapher teaching a calligraphy class. The cost is $200 for all 4 sessions and materials. See below for more information. If Calligraphy isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to see at Paper Emporium. It is worth a stop! 231 Aragon Avenue Phone (305)445-7090.

Lilly has arrived…

I already received my Lilly stationery order book! I put it together on the stand and it is ready to go! The designs are so cute and there are a bunch to choose from. I love the sticker designs that can also be calling cards. Hopefully, I will have many sales from it.

The lovely people at Lilly sent me a set of personalized note cards as a little bonus for my order. They are super cute.

Back in Miami

What a whirlwind this weekend was…I landed back in Miami Monday afternoon and headed to the beach to meet Ashley and Whitney’s new baby boys. They are so cute and it was great to spend the afternoon with them. The weather was amazing and it was a nice switch from the rainy skies of Amelia Island. After I got home, I sat on my couch for 2 hours and wrapped all 54 necklaces for my big order. The boxes looked so cute all ready to go. I have a crazy work week, we are moving our offices tomorrow and getting ready for next week-chock full of events. Hope everyone had a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend, I sure did!

p.s. I am trying to figure out how I can get that piece of furniture back down here so I don’t have to wait until July when my parents can drive it down.

Touring the Island

My parents moved to Amelia Island about a year ago. The island is just north of Jacksonville and boasts 13 beautiful miles of beautiful beaches. Separating it from every other beach town, it’s history is unique and fascinating, being the only community in the United States to have experienced life under eight different flags. Amelia Island and its charming seaport village of Fernandina Beach are largely characterized by its colorful and sometimes turbulent past. With its cast of pirates, Timucuans, shrimpers, nobles and confederates, the island’s rich 4,000 year history is full of tales and treasures that live on today.

Originally inhabited by the Timucuans (as early as 2,500 B.C), the French rose what would be the first of eight flags over Amelia Island on May 3, 1562. This began a chapter of the island’s history that has been described as “the French visited, the Spanish developed, the English named, and the Americans tamed.”

Amelia’s maritime heritage is due in large part to the natural deep harbor on the north end of the island, which provided easy access for smugglers, pirates, and assorted sea captains. The waters surrounding Amelia Island today attract a wide variety of recreational and commercial activity. The island’s city center, Fernandina Beach, was once a charming seaport village, and in the early 20th century became known as the birthplace of the modern shrimping industry. Now visitors can enjoy waterfront dining as they watch shrimp boats dock. Once a year, the island hosts the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival to celebrate the industry with live music, arts and crafts, and boatloads of fresh shrimp and seafood.

Today Fernandina Beach is still characterized by Victorian-era architecture and a remarkable historic district. The district is home to Northeast Florida’s oldest continuously operating bar, the Palace Saloon, and Florida’s oldest operating hotel, the Florida House Inn, both located in a 50-block area of homes and buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. On the north end of the island, visitors can explore Old Town, the last Spanish Town in the Western Hemisphere in 1811. Old town was the original encampment of the Timucuans and at one time featured the Spanish Fort San Carlos. In 2011, Old Town will celebrate its 200 year anniversary.

Right across the Amelia River is Cumberland Island, where you-know-who got married (JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette). I am planning on visiting there on my next visit since it takes the whole day. There are no roads there and you have to bring your own snacks.

Downtown hosts a farmers market every Saturday with many local farmers selling fresh fruit and vegetables and gourmet baked goods and delights.

The Island is a great place for family visits with a great variety of housing options from an amazing Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island Plantation, lots of local hotels and motels and charming bed and breakfastes, many right on the beach.
Visit http://www.ameliaisland.com for more information.

Rain, Rain Go Away

I packed my bathing suit and sunscreen for my trip and it looks like they are going to stay in my bag. It is so rainy and the sun is completely hidden, so my Mom and I went shopping. We went to the Plantation Shop, which is chock full of beautiful furniture and accesories. One room had the most beautiful blue and white chinese pottery pieces and lamps. All the prices are super reasonable.

Right on the bottom floor was the perfect piece of furniture that I have been searching for. I have an antique pine dresser in my living room that has my tv on it. I need a piece that can hold my television and dvds and such. It was on sale, so I put it on hold and am buying it next week.

I am also in love with this piece. It is so beautiful and would be a perfect bedside table. I need to sell a few more necklaces to buy this one!

If you are in this area, I highly recommend a visit to this lovely store. The Plantation Shop, 6800 First Coast Highway on Amelia Island 904-261-2030.

Off to Amelia Island..

Back to the airport again for a quick flight to Amelia Island for Memorial Day weekend to visit my parents. I decided to keep my blood pressure low and check my new bag that caused so many problems last weekend. I got to the airport on time and was so annoyed that they are now charging $15 for the first bag! Holy cow. I DO not understand how they think this will do anything but cause more airport problems. People don’t want to (or can’t) pay the extra fees so they are all trying to bring their bags on board…there is not enought overhead room to accomodate all these bags, what a nightmare! Then I thought, how stupid to pay the money for my bag, I should just try to get in on the plane and then if they want to rip it from my grip like they did at LGA on Monday, I won’t have to pay the fee!

Anyway, when I landed and got into the terminal, I could not believe how many cute guys there were walking around. There might be a better chance of me meeting my future husband in this airport than going out in Miami. I am not kidding!

My Mom picked me up and and took me to lunch at T-Rays, this adorable local restaurant in an old gas station, delicious breakfast and burgers and then to see the new house. They are hoping to move in June, it really went up fast. I got to see my Dad and then home to see Millie. She was so cute and as happy to see me as I was her.

After the Stationery Show, I was thinking some of the things I bought might be on the way sooner rather than later, and I was right! I got a shipment notice from Lifeguard Press, the distributors of Lilly Pulitzer paper. I ordered the green stand up book with personalized notes, labels and calling cards. I am so excited to get my hands on it.

I read online that Mrs. John L. Strong is closing! That makes me so sad, but in this economy, I am sure their business was S-L-O-W! Feeling very lucky, my business is booming these days! I got an order for 54 crystal necklaces last week and am making them right now. The Bethenny necklaces are selling great as well. They really are so pretty and perfect to spice up any summer outfit.

Last, but not least, thank you so much for DMLD for bestowing an award on my blog. I feel very honored that so many people click onto Summer in Newport and actually read what I have to say! It is so fun! xoxo

My Recap of the Stationery Show

Have you been to the Javits Center in New York? It is HUGE and even though the stationery show took up half of it, I felt like I walked 20 miles..but it was well worth it! My first stop when I checked in was at Hicks. That bright green booth was so inviting and I LOVE their cute designs. I ended up ordering their invitation and stationery album and I can’t wait to get it.

Located in sort of the same booth was the lovely Whitney English line. I have been a longtime fan of Whitney’s website and designs. Her website is where I found Janet Hill under her “inspirations” section. I ordered a stationery and invitation album from them as well.

Next stop was the Lilly Pulitzer booth. It was so welcoming, bright and cheery. I purchased the stand up flip album with personalized notes, stickers and calling cards. They are super cute and I know will be great sellers.

In Good Company Designs, I found a couple of years in Atlanta and I have sold a ton of their adorable stickers. Their booth was so beautiful and classic looking. They came out with cool calendars and notepads this year, which I ordered. All of the colors they use are so bright and cheerful. An awesome line.

On to Preppy Cards! This might be my favorite booth at the show. Owner Kirsten decorated her pink and green booth with beautiful shelves filled with all sorts of new items with her beautiful designs. I ordered calendars, notepads, picture frames and a few other goodies. Her friend Whitney was helping her in her booth and lives in Newport, so I have a new friend for July..hooray!

Hen and Barley Press…I didn’t get to meet Carolyn, one of the owners who I have talked to over the phone a million times, but my old pal Jenny was there, minding the booth with their amazing completely custom line. This show, they introduced semi-completely custom. I LOVE their flexibility, adorable desgins and growing array of items to choose from. This line is one of my favorites and contines to be a huge crowd pleaser with my customers.

After weaving in and out of the aisles, I finally found Dabney Lee. I am such a fan of her line, her website and now, her blog. She has so many options with her line, you can’t ever get bored! I love her calendars, trays and the new large personalized notepads. They are so great and I can’t WAIT to get my hands on them. I bought her at-home line and am hoping to get one of her stationery books soon. She was as lovely in person as online, it was such a thrill to meet her. So pretty and extremely friendly!

I love this little needlepoint accessory booth AMH Design! The artist is Amy Holbrook and she actually went to college with my friend Hoby. She has cute items that you can needlepoint or purchase already stitched. Super cute!

Last buy not least was Paper and Ink Designs. My friend Tracy went all out and she has some of the most beautiful and wonderful albums chock full of fabulousness. She has an amazing eye and all of her designs can be made with any colors, I love that. She started carrying some other cool accessories like coasters, lunchboxes and much much more. I ordered both of her albums and the updates from the one I already have. Her stuff was really super cute and I love love love it.

One company that I forgot to mention on my pre-show post is Margot Madison Stationery. I didn’t see them at the show, but they have a very classic beautiful custom stationery line. Check out their website here.

I mentioned in a previous post that I met up with some bloggers. It was so fun. I literally ran right into Monogram Momma right when she arrived. She was so fun and we met up later for lunch. I feel like she is the Queen Blogger! She had made plans to meet up with the Preppy Princess as well, so she and her husband met up with us too. It was great to put a face to a name and she was full of fun. I also bumped right into the Grove Gals in the Toss Designs booth. I ordered a bunch of bags from them and talked to them about a future giveaway. Grove Gals E and K were super nice. It was great to meet everyone and talk “shop” (stationery and blogging). We even had an impromptu jewelry session outside at a table and they bought a few things from me. So appreciated those sales! All in all, I had a blast. What a great weekend in New York!

Crazy Busy Week

I got back yesterday afternoon and headed straight to my part time job. We are drowning in work and have several big events coming up all in a row. This morning I have the year end meeting for Beaux Arts and was lucky enough to be asked to supply several year-end gifts to members. It is always a great phone call to receive!

I have loads of pictures and re-caps from my trip. The show was wonderful and I saw so many friends and met some fabulous new ones. Now, the frustrating part is having to wait for everything to ship!

Sunday afternoon when I was wondering around Soho by myself, I met an amazing artist named Kristine who was selling a bunch of cool bracelets on a table. I bought a bunch from her and am sure I will be emailing her for more. They are $24 each and look so great stacked in different color combinations. I can’t put them on Etsy, since I obviously did not make them, but can certainly sell them from here. Let me know if you like…

The colors are (clockwise): hot pink, yellow, red, dark brown, turquoise, tan, green, orange and navy. I LOVE them and have been wearing my orange and brown ones since Sunday! Update: Turquoise, tan, green, brown and orange have been sold. I am ordering more asap!