Yahoo Stole My Website and Suri

While I was minding my own business in Newport, storms were brewing over at Yahoo. They got rid of their website hosting program that I have used for years, but didn’t have my updated email to let me know I needed to move to another server…so if you go to you will now see my under construction message.

The truth is that this is a blessing in disguise because I have had a new website paid for since last September and haven’t had the time to get all the parts to my web guru Cara. So, she put up the coming soon message and now I am on the fast track to a new beautiful website. I will keep you all posted.

In the meanwhile, my Etsy shop has a few key items for sale…I will be adding more this weekend to bridge the gap.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I am leaving you with an updated picture of my little friend Suri, I just think she is the cutest.

Statesville to Amelia to Miami

So, after arriving one minute past my deadline in Statesville, I was greeted by Meg and little Ashley on the porch. She had gotten bigger and blonder in the month since I blew through town on my way up North.

I am going to have to travel up to North Carolina to see them since they just moved up there! So much change going on… I caught up with them, got a tour of her parents addition and got to sleep in the air conditioned guest room, so nice after sleeping with a fan for 3 1/2 weeks.

We got up and by the time I packed up, we were off to lunch with Kelly, Pam and some little ones. On my way out of town, we stopped by to check out the house Meg and Brett now have a contract on. So great and super exciting but I will miss them terribly. I think I might be up there a bunch. Watch out!

I was on the road by 1:15pm and drove the very boring drive to my parents house and arrived right at 6pm. They had our friends over for dinner and we had fun catching up. They just put grass down the week before I got looked great. Poor Millie was tired but perked up when I arrived. I missed her!

Back in the car the next morning for the last leg of my trip. My only highlight was finding Chick-Fil-A in the West Palm Beach area. I really don’t understand why they have only one location in Miami-in a mall! The waffle fries are to die for. Got back to Miami around 1:15pm and headed straight to work. Not to exciting but how great to walk into my apartment later that night and see the hard work I did before I left. It is almost ready for a photo shoot, I still have a few things left to do.
Back in Miami-I can’t believe it!

Back in Miami, ugh

So, I am fast forwarding to the present and am currently sizzling in Miami. The heat here is really unbelievable. Hard to imagine that on Tuesday morning, I was wearing a thick sweater and pants with socks in Newport! I will back-track my trip home later today, but didn’t want to disappear. My ride home was L O N G to say the least and my only complaint, other than not too many Chick-Fil-A’s along the route is that the drivers out there are HORRENDOUS! What ever happened to the cardinal driving rule “SLOWER TRAFFIC TO THE RIGHT”???????? No matter which state you are in, all of the sudden the traffic slows down and, inevitably, it is always some stubborn old man put putting along in the left lane causing all sorts of problems. I was wishing I had a dry erase board to write my comments and hold up as I drove by. MOVE TO THE RIGHT, YOUR BLINKER HAS BEEN ON FOR 10 MILES, or YOU NEED YOUR LICENSE REVOKED! (these are samples of my rants)

My wonderful bff Onstar, took me on a different path home, almost completely avoiding I-95, so I saved some $$ on tolls and saw some beautiful scenery. I left Saturday morning at 6:28am from Newport and drove through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and ending up at Meg’s in Statesville, North Carolina. I pulled into her driveway at 6:29pm, almost exactly 12 hours later. Pretty good time and no tickets! I will post some pics later today.
Hope everyone is still having a fabulous summer, I am determined to continue to make mine as fabulous as possible! xoxo

p.s. Is this pink too bright?

Last night in Newport

So, Friday was my last night in Newport. I finished packing my car and waited for the girls to come from Boston. Erin arrived first and we headed to 41 North, an unbelievable place that I had not checked out before. Our friend is a member and let us use her card. What a scene..I felt like I was at the Delano on South Beach. We left and met all the girls back at the house (and a wardrobe change later) we headed to a party at H2O. It was super fun and there were lots of people there.

I apparantely liked the song that was playing..please notice how straight the hair is, AND it was very humid that night…

I didn’t get to stay out long and was asleep by 1am with an alarm clock set for 6:12! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my bedding and toothbrush and drove out of the driveway at 6:28am. I only got to say goodbye to Shannon and Heidi, so big kiss to all of my other roommates, I will miss you horribly! xoxoxo

Boston and Band Aids

My Boston trip was super fast, but I had just enough time to get 2 parking tickets! What a was completely my fault and one definitely was not. What can you do? I walked around and decided to take the T to Cambridge to Beadworks to pick up some chain that only they sell. The Boston Public Garden was so beautiful, so many colorful flowers planted
and tons of visitors milling about.

I got back Thursday morning to start packing-I leave Newport on Saturday morning early! Not too excited to get back in the car for another road trip so soon, but I have to get back. I stopped by to visit my little friends and was amazed how a small box of band aids with Dora the Explorer on them could entertain a 3 and 5 year old. We counted them, stacked them, threw them in the air and then back in the box. I should have swiped one for myself because I needed one later that day. I am that girl that would wear a Dora band aid.

After some packing and errand running, Sue and I decided to go out to dinner at the Cooke House. The rain would not cooperate,so we had to call a cab. We had drinks at the bar waiting for our table. The people watching is hilarious. All the older ladies look like they are straight out of the Preppy Handbook. After dinner, we split the dessert that was on every table around us, A Snowballs Chance in Hell. A wine glass with a brownie on the bottom, vanilla ice cream and warm hot fudge on top of it all. It is so delicious, worth every calorie!

Flat of the Hill

I traveled to Boston yesterday to run some errands and visit my pal Shannon in her new apartment. My first and most important stop was my favorite store, Flat of the Hill. Owner Katherine Morse has created a little piece of heaven on Charles Street, packed with the cutest stuff you have ever seen. I always describe it as a store that, if you are late for a birthday dinner and don’t have a gift, you could close your eyes, reach into the store, and anything you would grab would be adorable. Every corner of the store has something eye catching, stationery, books, stylish bags, home accesories, bath products and, of course, jewels. Flat of the Hill is my biggest client and I was overwhelmed how amazing everything looked displayed in this “jewel” of a store.

Cupcake bath fizzies

Tons of bags

Hand-painted china from Italy

Embroidered pillows

Children’s Corner

The themed window displays are bursting with colorful gifts and accessories

If you find yourself in Boston, you must take a trip to beautiful Charles Street and check out this amazing store. Make note though: they are closed on Mondays!

While I was there, I convinced Katherine to start a blog!

Flat of the Hill
60 Charles Street
Boston, Massachussets 02114
tues-fri 11-6
sat 10-5
sun 12-5
closed mondays
closed sundays in august

Sixth Alice

I recently discovered an adorable line called Sixth Alice. They make classic A-line skirts, simple tunics, dresses and pants. The company is named after the designer’s daugher named Alice, the sixth in a line of first daughters of that name in her family. The items available on her website are just the skirts, tunics and pants, but there are dresses in some select stores. There is also a wholesale children’s line. The fabrics are wonderful, some of my favorites are below:

Skirts are $93 without trim, $95 with trim.

Tunics are $95.

Here are some of the fabrics..there are tons more!

Check out her website here.

Trunk Show at CK Bradley

This weekend, my jewelry line is on display at the adorable CK Bradley store in Newport. Every time I am in there, a cute group of preppy girls are shopping, it is super fun. Owner Camilla Bradley recently closed her New York store and all the goods are now in Newport. If you are ever in this area, you must stop by. Here are some pics..

The adorable girl working on Saturday Annie modeled one of my best pieces.

Stop by and shop! xo

Ballerinas and Trunk Show at the Cape

Friday morning, I was lucky enough to be invited to my little dating guru’s ballet recital. She and her sister were at Ballet Camp all week and this was the End of Camp performance. It was so cute…

After lunch, I got in the car with Sue and Shannon and headed to the Cape. Some of my friends were vendors at a fabulous trunk show at the Wianno Club in Osterville. We arrived in the afternoon and were overwhelmed with all the wonderful tables full of beautiful items. Here are some of them:

Pikme Papers
Owner/artist Kirsten Reynolds has a delightful selection of hand drawn motifs avilable on a variety of products; notecards, notepads, photocards and gift enclosures. Very very cute! Check out her website here.

MRR Design
Marnie Reynolds Ruane had a full table of fabric memento boards and picture frames. Her choices of fabrics were so bright and cheery. The memo boards came in a larger size and are so cute for a desk, kitchen or office. Check out her blog here.

Queen Bea Studios
My fabulous friend Kim Coe was at the show with a booth stuffed with beautiful bags. All of her straw bags are hand woven in Thailand, making them a “green” product. Also very popular are her GG canvas totes. She has a new monogram that she featured at the show. Queen Bea bags are always a great compliment to any outfit. Check out her website here.

CK Bradley
Tucked into a corner, but very visible from all around, the amazing Camilla Bradley had a booth with one beautiful dress after another. Her colors are so bright, perfect for the summer and beyond. She is modeling one of my favorites. I am having a trunk show at her beautiful store this weekend in Newport. My jewels look amazing with her desgins. Camilla recently started a blog. Check it out here. Also her website here.

Whitney Antique Prints
This booth had the most stunning framed prints I have ever seen. The two pink coral ones hung in the back of her booth are from the 1800’s and framed in white bamboo frames. They would look perfect above my couch. There were all different prints, all of them beautifully finished. Lisa Whitney’s contact email is

My friend from Miami Holli Kingsbury couldn’t come to this show, so she sent her Mom with all of her beautiful pillows. She had some new designs with starfish, shells and such-very appropriate for the Cape. They are so classic and extremely well made. You can check out her website here.

Sara Campbell
I saw this dress from across the room and couldn’t wait to check it out. The popular print also was used for a skirt and adorable pants. Check out their website here

Two Sisters and the Silver Spoon
These two lovely ladies decked out in pink and pearls were so charming at their table. They wrote a simple but delicious cookbook to raise money for melonoma research after their Mother passed away from skin cancer. The table had silver serving pieces for sale as well. They were so nice! Check out their website here.

Thatcher Spring
You couldn’t miss the bright colored ties in this booth! The ties are beautiful, very vibrant, designs are witty and the silk hand sewn in Italy. They had a picture of Brian Williams on display wearing one the beautiful ties. I LOVE Brian Williams. Check out this wonderful collection here.

Smathers & Branson
Last but certainly not least, Peter from Smathers & Branson was smiling behind an overwhelming couple of tables filled with spectacular needlepoint items. As an avid needlepointer myself, I am always amazed at the quality of the work and the clever designs they keep coming up with-along with the great prices. I hadn’t seen these change purses before, love them and the wallets are so great for men’s gifts. They have lots of new items coming soon and they started a blog! Check out their website here and their blog here!

Back Online…Phew!

We have had spotty internet since I arrived and today we finally hooked up a new modem and wireless router. What a relief. I have been getting online at a friends, the public library and taking my computer to Nikolas Pizza. A nice man from India named Mike walked me through setting up the router. So relieved!

The skies are cloudy today and I am sitting on my couch making jewels for my trunk show this weekend. I am so excited, hopefully there will be lots of sales.

Will keep you posted…