Stationery on Etsy

When I run out of things to look up on all my usual sites, I always turn to Etsy. You can put anything in the search box and look for hours. It is addictive! One of the most plentiful searches is for stationery. I do this every once in a while, even though I am a retailer for some really beautiful stationery lines, you always have to be on the lookout. Here are some of my recent finds:


Scrappyky Lunch box notes









Of course, there is also fabulous jewelry on etsy by me!


Another task I am working on is organizing my needlepoint projects. I have created quite a mess with my needlepoint A-D-D. Not only do I have 12 or so projects all going at the same time, I have tons of them already finished that need to be made up into something. A while ago, I went through and put all the ongoing projects in plastic bags with the coordinating threads so I could just pick them up and go. Unfortunately, I have too many of these. I am also famous for starting a project and not getting enough of the thread in the beginning and then when I go to replenish, the color has changed or I can’t remember what color it was. Disaster!

Here are some ongoing projects:

My favorite project of all…my Millie canvas. Unfortunately, I picked a thread for her fur that is super thick and it kills my hand after 20 minutes, so this one has been slow going. But, how cute when it is done to be made into a super fancy pillow! I am going to stitch her name in gold thread at the bottom. She is now 9 years old, so I better hurry up on this one!

Here are some finished ones. Many of them are christmas ornaments. I can’t find a place that makes them up well and doesn’t cost $100 each! If anyone knows of a place, please let me know. I have had the worst luck.

Lots of angels…

This hydrangea is another will make a beautiful pillow someday.

Dominick Dunne

Yesterday, author and television commenter Dominick Dunne passed away after a battle with cancer. Known for his crime television show and articles in Vanity Fair, he also was a prolific writer of novels-many loosely based on real-life crime stories. One of my favorites is Season in Purgatory, a novel based on the Martha Moxley murder in Connecticut. This book was made into a TV movie starring Mc Dreamy Patrick Dempsey and Sherilyn Fenn. He also wrote a novel called The Two Mrs. Grenvilles that was very good as well. This book is based on the Long Island Gold Coast’s Ann and William Woodward case, where the wife plotted and killed the husband for his fortune. This juicy story was made into a tv movie as well.

Dominick Dunne’s daughter played the older daughter in Poltergeist and was later killed by an enraged boyfriend. This tragedy opened his eyes to the injustice of the legal system, prompting him to write about it extensively. He was famously in the courtroom for the entire O.J. Simpson trial, writing for Vanity Fair. He always looked so preppy with his bow ties and colorful suits. His two books mentioned here are on my bookshelf and are true favorites.

Only One Kennedy Left

Such sad news that Ted Kennedy passed away, so soon after his sister Eunice. That only leaves Jean! Can you imagine outliving 8 brothers and sisters? Going through magazines this weekend, I uncovered a huge stack from when JFK Jr. died. I couldn’t help thinking, if they had lived, would they still be together? Have kids? How could they lead a normal life? Caroline Kenendy has raised her children pretty much under wraps, so I guess it is possible…I am still waiting for her daughter Rose to hit the scene. She is beautiful and looks so much like her Grandmother, when she steps out into the world, I think the paparazzi will stalk her like crazy. Guess we will have to wait and see…

The Burger and Beer Joint

Last night, I went with friends for dinner trying out the newest restaurant on South Beach, The Burger and Beer Joint. Hoby, Christina, Ricky and I and tried to get a table (they haven’t even officially opened) and there was an hour wait. We headed to the sports bar attached and ordered some appetizers. Out came a bucket of pickle chips (fried pickles) and the most delicious wings I have ever tasted.

Soon enough, our table was ready. The white tablecloths were paper and there was a cup of crayons in the middle. Our waiter came over to greet us and get our drink order. I guess I was a little flirty (he was super cute) and Hoby thought this was hilarious. Ricky offered to get me a date with him (he seems to think he is able to do this with any guy I think is good looking). To hurry things along, Hoby decided to get up and write on the corner of the table the following message:

When I tried to rip it off, Ricky, on my other side protected this drawing with his life. We fought over it for almost 15 minutes until we were all laughing so hard, we had to stop. Lucky for me, our waiter took a while to come back and I conveniently put my wet beer bottle on it to mess it up a bit-so embarassing…

We ordered all different cheeseburgers and fries, everything looked so good. The favorite was zuchinni fries and duck fat fries, sounds gross, but very tasty. The menu is actually like a hamburger bar with every offering imaginable.

We had a blast and I am so looking forward to going back. Next time I won’t eat lunch beacuse I was full when we left-talk about food coma.

When I got home, I continued my clean sweep of anything sitting out. My Mom arrives tomorrow afternoon with my new dresser, so it will look great when she gets there.

Scrapbooking and Such

In an effort to get organized, I have been tackling every pile of invitations, pictures, receipts and paper that I had stuffed in all sorts of places. The pictures and invitations are my biggest problem. I am so behind on scrapbooking and now it seems like a project I might never finish! I have also gone back through older albums where I had 25 pictures from one party, many overlapping each other with people and now there are 10 pictures to capture that said party.

One of my biggest problems is with digital pictures, it is so annoying to print them out. I really miss taking film to cvs and getting back a pack of pictures. There are so many albums half done that I don’t know if the pictures I have in my piles are already in albums and are double prints, or they are waiting to be put in albums. So, I went through all the albums and put tags on the rings that I could see with the dates were. Then I put them in order and now I am going through each one to see what I have. Sounds like too much work. My father, who is not the most sentimental, suggested that I relieve my stress and just throw all the pictures out. He has crazy moments!

When I worked at Tiffany & Co. as a bridal consultant, the biggest perk of course was the discount. We received 30% off on everything in the store and bigger discounts several times a year on the jewels. I spend so much money there, it was ridiculous and I got myself in serious trouble. One of my favorite monthly purchases were the beautiful navy blue photo albums they sold. Retail price- $110, employee price $77. They are basically the graphic image albums but just stamped for Tiffany. I have an obscene amount of them and LOVE them. When I stopped working there, I had a hard time finding albums with rings, all of them seemed to be bound and I am not organized enough to put pictures in from start to finish in an album, I need rings!

Enter Helene Batoff Interiors…I happened upon an adorable lime green fabric album in Richmond, Virginia with a huge hot pink bow in it with 3 rings. I was so excited. After a few phone conversations with Helene who I tracked down with the help of google, I received a big box of her goods and have been selling them ever since. She uses beautiful fabrics and leathers to make the albums and desk accessories, but the best is that she does custom work. You can send your own fabric for albums, picture frames and much more. Now, my shelves are stocked with cute fabric albums that look amazing on my book shelves.

I have tried to simplify scrapbooking so I can do it efficiently. What I do first is go to a scrapbook store and stock up on every color paper they have, getting multiples of the standard colors. Next, take the pile of paper to Kinko’s with an album sheet for measuring. Have Kinko’s cut the paper in their cutting machine to fit the album sheet. (my advice is to stand back at Kinko’s and observe to see who knows what they are doing..this is usually very obvious-not to be mean, but you are about to hand them a pretty pricey stack of paper) They charge $1 per cut, so for $2, you get two clean cuts with their laser cutter. Last, use the album sheet to help punch holes to match up and then you are ready to go…

Every time I am in a cute paper store, I buy cute cards and hang onto them. Not only good for gifts in a pinch, but they can be useful for scrapbooking. Many times when there is not an invitation, I will write what the event is on an appropriate card and put it before the pictures. Enclosure cards are perfect for this.

For a trip to Las Vegas, I wrote Las Vegas on this cute card with the date of the trip…

The same for Los Angeles, I bought a palm tree You Send Me sparkly card
and wrote Los Angeles on it…

For one of my favorite parties ever, a season premiere party for Sex and the City, I had Tiffany engraved invites made-again, the joy of a good discount!

If you can find a cute postcard or card from where you visit, you can just use that. For a trip to Memphis, I bought a cute card from the Peabody Hotel..

One year for my birthday, I had a bowling party and didn’t send invites (shocking for me). My friends Hoby and Christina got me the cutest bowling birthday card, so I used that.

Sometimes you luck out and the invitation fits in one of the picture sleeves.

Once you are all set up with cards and your scrapbook paper all cut, it is easy to just paste your invitations on a matching colored paper and then the pictures go right behind it in the album pages. It really is simple once you do the legwork ahead of time with the paper.
Happy Scrapbooking!

Pearl Necklace Giveaway!!!!!

Time for another giveaway my friends!

This time one of my newer designs, a chunky pearl necklace on gold-filled chain.

It is a great necklace for everyday,

or to mix and match with other goodies you might have.

To enter this giveaway, please leave one comment on this post:

1 entry for a comment

2 entries for a comment and becoming a follower or letting me know you are one

3 entries for the above and posting about this on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc…..

You must leave a comment by Sunday at midnight. The winner will be drawn Monday morning at 11 am. Good luck!

Weekend Checklist

My checklist is going well for the weekend. I wished for rain and yesterday, you would not believe how much rain fell on Miami. I stayed inside most of the day cleaning out the closet. I didn’t realize how many boxes of pictures and invitations I had stored up, not yet in albums. My album project is going to be a little more extensive than originally thought. My advice to anyone in the same situation is to start with the present and work backwards. I sell these cute photo albums with rings so you can do them completely out of order.

I saw Julie and Julia last night and loved it. There is so much chatter about her writing a blog in the movie, my friends were totally laughing because I really don’t think most of them understand why I write in a blog to begin with, oh well- if you don’t get it, you won’t get it! Right? Anyway, both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are fantastic in the film and I completely recommend seeing it.

Backing up to Friday, I went to visit good friends Tina and Dan to meet their newborn twins. How exciting. Ricky, Amy and I and a few others were lucky enough to be hosted by two people who have created not only the perfect home for entertaining, but now with the arrival of these two adorable boys, a perfect family. Tina is quite the decorator and I was DYING to check out her boy’s nursery. It did not disappoint.

Dinner was delicious Mexican with quesadilla, taquitos and fresh guacamole made with a mortar and pestle just like at Rosa Mexicano. So yummy.

Now I am off to Scotty’s Landing to welcome back Cynthia from her 2 week cruise with her family. The weather is sunny and beautiful but a little hot. My Mom comes on Friday, so my apartment project is about to kick into high gear before she arrives!

Tonight, Mad Men and I think I have to watch Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami on E!

New Colors and Weekend Plans

I was feeling like a little change, so we will try blue for a while. When I moved into my new apartment, I was determined to not have everything pink and green like in my cottage. I LOVE pink and green, but I was ready for a change. My friend Zaria worked for an interior decorator and gave me some leftover fabric that was light blue and tan with embroidered seashells on it. That fabric was going to be made into beautiful pillows and I was going to work around it to decorate my new place with a new look.

Well, when my white Ikea couch and chair arrived, it looked so empty and my very expensive and beautiful pink and green pillows were just sitting there, so guess what? They found their way on the couch and haven’t left since.

So I painted my bedroom light blue and went from there. My Mom is coming next week to visit and bringing me my new dresser so I am getting ready for her arrival. This weekend, major changes are going to happen in the apt. I am hoping for rain so I will be trapped in there and really get work done. Just kidding, I do need to keep up the tan I worked all of July for. It is slightly fading.

So, my goals for the weekend are:
1. To finish making the new necklaces I started, I will post a pic soon…
2. To clean out my front closet and get rid of anything unnecessary.
3. To finish my bedroom closet and find more things for ebay.
4. To see Julie and Julia-Saturday night.
5. Be glued to the television for the Mad Men Season Premiere.
6. To get at least 30 minutes of sun.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend. TGIF!