Tick Tock…Needlepoint Holiday Deadline

The pressure is on! The deadline for holiday finishing at our needlepoint store is Thursday, October 1st. My old needlepoint group got together tonight for dinner and stitching. It was so much fun to see everyone. We used to meet every other week, but everyone’s schedules got a little hectic, so now we meet when someone emails and offers up their house.

I started needlepointing a million years ago, but really picked it up in college and have been stitching ever since. There is something so satisfying about picking up a needlepoint from the store when it is finished. I stick mostly to Christmas ornaments these days, so they usually go straight on my tree. I have 4 to drop off this time and can’t wait to see them done. They are ornaments but most are pink and green, like my tree!

Tonight, it felt like a glimpse of Fall, it wasn’t necessarily cool outside, but not hot. It seems like a miracle. Bring on the chilly weather already! I am counting the days until Halloween-I am going to North Carolina to visit Meg, Brett and my little pal Ashley!

p.s. I am wearing a bikini in the picture that you can’t see!

My Tivo is going to blow up

What on earth? Now, all my favorite shows are on Sunday. I had to move Entourage and Mad Men to other times so I could tape Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I am going to be up until 2am. What a disaster.

Also thought I would mention that I LOVED The Good Wife and Cougar Town this past week. Am I missing any other good shows? That Ashton Kutcher show didn’t make it. I am alreay itching for American Idol and 24 to start, but that is in January. I wish this weekend had one more day!

The Trunk Show Continues…

Today is the last day for my trunk show. It is so much fun to have it at my own apartment so I can sit on my couch in between visitors and replenish jewels and watch my shows. Here are some more pictures:

Two chunky pearl necklaces

New cross necklace with tiny pearl dangles

My fabulous Dabney Lee notepad

Dabney Lee at home colllection

The last of my Lulu & Daisy keyrings…she is no longer making these-so sad

Adorable Margot Madison Stationery

Pearl and Turquoise necklaces with Swarovski crystal pave clasps-in my Etsy shop

Two bracelets with starfish charms, so cute

Children’s Necklacs

Alphabet Plates and Placemats

Queen Bea Studio Bag Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Preppy Pink Crocodile. She was the 2nd commenter on the original giveaway post and therefore, according to random.org, the winner. Please email me your address and I will get this adorable purse off to you asap.

Thank you for all the entries.

Queen Bea Studios is an amazing company and offers beautiful products.

Her website is http://www.queenbeastudio.com Check it out!

Trunk Show Begins….

I wouldn’t call myself a true procrastinator, but I did push things a little close for this trunk show. I have been moving things around, hiding stacks of magazines, cleaning off my coffee table and grocery shopping all in the last couple of hours getting ready for my big trunk show starting tonight at my apartment. I am not nervous because if no one shows up tonight-not likely-but then I could watch Grey’s Anatomy in peace. I am expecting the bulk of friends tomorrow and Saturday.

Here are some pics of my jewelry table

This is my sale corner

My amazing Ikea shelves-very useful for all the paper

One late addition is Paper and Ink Designs. A huge box arrived today and I ripped into it and could not believe how cute everything is. I will do a post on all of her new designs next week, but I LOVE it all!!!! This is a design sheet and a picture of paperweights and ADORABLE lunchbox. Too cute!

The show lasts until Saturday evening..I will post more pics soon.

What’s Your Favorite Local Boutique?

I need some help from my blogging friends. I am looking for stores in your area that could sell my jewelry. I have been compiling a list for weeks of potential stores and am getting ready to send out an email with tons of pictures and prices.

Is there a cute store near you that I should contact?

Leave a comment for me with the information and I will investigate.

I really need emails, but just the name and city is fine.

Thank you so much!!!


Here are some of my new necklaces-they will be on Etsy in the next few days!

Driving Safety Tips for Women

I saw this on AOL and I am so guilty of checking my emails and texts at red lights. It is not a good idea and you can really make yourself a target while driving. In addition to these tips below, I am also realizing that I leave way too much stuff in my car. One of my friends had her car stolen from her driveway yesterday and her whole life was in the car. All day she kept remembering things she had left in it and the entire experience has been horribly stressful. So, don’t check your texts at the lights and don’t leave stuff in your car!!!

All motorists need to be careful on the highway, but female drivers of all ages, unfortunately, have to be doubly vigilant to avoid becoming victims of crimes while driving, including carjacking, sexual assault, robbery and worse. The following are some tips to help keep women safe while getting from here to there.

Got a beef with a roadhog? Let it be.
“For road ragers, don’t engage,” says NYC cabbie Mellisa Plaut, author of “Hack”, an account of her driving adventures. “Don’t even look at someone who’s trying to get your attention in an angry way. Just drive on, or turn. The worst thing you can do is get into a fight. It never leads to anything good. Don’t get your ego involved.”

Pay attention
Keep your sound system at a reasonable volume when driving in cities and neighborhoods, and don’t space out or check your text messages at every stoplight. Carjackers and robbers rely on the element of surprise, so if you’re keeping eyes and ears alert to what’s going on outside your vehicle, bad guys don’t have a chance to sneak up on you.

Secure your vehicle as you would your home
You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked and your windows open at home, so get in the habit of securing your car the same way. Keep doors locked when you’re driving, and windows raised. If anyone approaches your window asking for directions or money in slow or stopped traffic, take a quick glance around your vehicle to make sure you’re not being distracted by one half of a team. Crack the window an inch or two instead of opening it all the way if you decide to speak to a stranger.

Be vigilant in parking lots
When shopping, put your money away at the cash register, walk with purpose to your car and don’t accept “help” from strangers. Have your keys out and be ready to open your vehicle and secure packages, get in the car, close and lock the door and drive away. “Don’t approach your vehicle if a van or other large vehicle that wasn’t there before is parked next to it,” says Road and Travel’s Jessica Howell. “Find a security guard to walk you to your car. If a security guard isn’t available, look for a nearby couple and ask for an escort. Most people will be happy to lend a moment and ensure your safety.”

Don’t assume an unmarked vehicle with a flashing light is a police officer.
If the car attempting to pull you over doesn’t look like an official vehicle, keep driving, turn your inside light on and pull over only in a well-lit, populated area. Do not get out of your car, and angle the vehicle so you can drive away quickly if need be. Crack the window, ask to see the officer’s ID and pay close attention to his clothes—are they worn? Do they match? If not, put up your window, drive away and call 911.

Emmy Awards

On Award Show nights, I don’t make any plans and sit on my couch working and watching. I usually start on the earlier red carpet listening to interviews and watching the fashion. Most of my friends know not to call during these shows, unless it is a boy or my Mom, I won’t usually answer. jk.. Here are some red carpet pics…

So happy for 30 Rock and Mad Men…also Cherry Jones who played the President last season on 24-one of my favorite shows. I think Drew Barrymore looked stunning!

Queen Bea Studio Giveaway

This morning I drove up to Delray Beach to Queen Bea Studio to pick up some purses for my trunk show this week. I hadn’t seen my friend Kim since the Wianno Show this summer and she has been busy! She tranformed her living room into a showroom and it is so fantastic with huge shelves filled with all her wonderful purses. Her original collection of hand woven straw bags from Thailand were everywhere along with a large assortment of canvas monogrammed bags, needlepoint accented bags and much, much, more.

She also let me go behind closed doors and see her back room..so fun with her sewing machine and tons of ribbon!

She has so many beautiful bags, with starfish and sand dollar embellishments, along with her monogrammed line. So many choices…

Hanging off to the side was this amazing canvas bag that was a special order for someone with a needleopoint belt that wanted it sewn on a purse. I loved it!
The very generous Queen Bea Kim gave me an adorable hand woven straw bag with a pink and green striped ribbon bow through it for a giveaway, a perfect addition to any preppy wardrobe. To enter, please leave a comment on this post by Friday, September 25th at noon. I will announce the winner that afternoon. Good luck! In the meanwhile, check out Queen Bea Studio here.