Happy Halloween to all! I am in North Carolina and having the best time with Meg and her family. This is little Ashley’s first Halloween and we just got back from a party. She was dressed up like a pumpkin, super cute. I am loving this cooler weather, a nice break from H-O-T Miami. Even with a little rain, it is a nice change. Hope everyone has a safe Halloween! xo

p.s. The picture above is me in the 70’s. I think the Frito Bandito was on a commercial. I need to ask my Mom.

Off to North Carolina

In a couple of hours, I will be on a plane heading up to North Carolina to visit Meg and her family. So excited to be there for little Ashley’s first Halloween. I am also super excited to be in some cooler weather, it is still in the 80’s during the day here. Will post pictures from the weekend along with a peek at one of my favorite stores, Poppies..

p.s. Thanks for the encouraging words about my diet coke addiction. I am drinking one right now and it is delicious! xo

Back on the sauce

Well, I am back to my old diet coke chugging ways. I quit for almost 3 months and then a few weeks ago, after a particulary stressful morning, I found myself at Einstein Bagels, home of my favorite diet coke fountain, and I succombed to the urge. It became quite easy to have another and then by the end of the week, I was back.

I don’t like Iced Tea! I am sick of sparkling water and it just so happens that diet coke is the easiest drink to get ANYWHERE. Eveyone carries it and so now I am a diet coke enthusiast once again.

Please don’t judge too harshly, I don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t drink coffee and don’t do drugs of any kind, so is Diet Coke really that bad?????

Old Navy Treats

Lately, I have been having a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. I look on the website and see tons of great things, but sometimes when you venture in the store, if you can get over the smell of the place, the items don’t look as good in person. Well, I dropped in on Sunday and hit the jackpot. These are some of my treats:

This t-shirt dress is so unbelievably comfortable, it is like wearing pajamas-on the sale rack, I think it was $12? It is online for $19.99

Kind of hard to see, but a comforable gauzy tunic. I am wearing it today and am loving it. Also on sale, it is $12.99 online.

Talk about a t-shirt, this dress is literally a bigger t-shirt, so cute and comfortable in so many colors, also online.

I bought this full price, for $24.50. It comes in red, pink, white, etc… So comfortable and the bonus is, the buttons don’t pull in the front. Having a larger chest is not fun when it comes to clothes! Check out these great finds at http://www.oldnavy.com.

Product note: One of my blogging friends ordered one of the Iomoi totes I featured last month. When she received the bag, she was very disappointed. The bag itself was think, the straps weren’t sturdy, the design looked ironed-on, etc..
I am so sad because I have had great luck with all of my Iomoi purchases so far, but it looks like the totes are not up to par. Just FYI

In Disbelief

Lately, I have been squinting a lot and having a little eye strain. When needlepointing last weekend, I swear I couldn’t see the holes! My jewelry making has been slowed down a bit by my eyes as well, needing to take more frequent breaks. I remembered that my Dad use to leave a pair of glasses in a silver bowl on a shelf in my cottage so when he and my Mom would come back to visit, they always had a pair of glasses there. Well, they officially became mine last weekend and today, I went out and bought my first pair of “readers”. I am still in shock. My parents used to buy them at costso and leave them in every room in the house and I used to laugh at how blind they were. Not laughing anymore.

I guess I am getting old. Three weeks ago, I started going to a new dermatologist, this one has a fancy office. She prescribed a new treatment for my skin called Tazorac. It seems like a newer version of Retin-A but with loads of anti-aging components. I can already tell a huge difference in my skin, even though it is still in the mini-peel stage. So in 3 months, my skin will make me look much younger but my readers will still give my age away!!!

Event Gone Wrong…

For months at my part time job, we have been getting ready for an event today, Heroes of the Hemisphere. The event was hosted by Royal Caribbean for Pan American Development Group, an organization that focuses on raising money for Haiti, building schools, fixing water and sewer systems and trying to help the very poor people that live there. President Clinton and possible Hillary were supposed to attend, along with the President of Haiti and many dignitaries, Consuls, etc.. So, you can imagine the logistics involved with security, Customs and Border Protection for going onboard the ship and much, much more.

This past week, the Clintons definitely were not coming, then the President of Haiti dropped out and all the planning went out the window. There were some notables in attendance, Rainn Wison from The Office and Jimmy Jean-Louis, the Haitian from Heroes but the big draw was Tim Hardaway, Miami Heat player. I decided to get in line to get a picture with him, somthing I am never shy about doing. I look horrible becuase I am so tired, I could barely stand up by 4pm.

Big Website News…the basics of my website will be up on Monday, but the products will take a little longer. Take a peek though, it is so cute!

Car Fire Warning

I never thought I would do so many posts like this..but I keep getting scary emails and feel the need to spread the word. The picture below are of a Suburban that was parked in a garage for the night. An ipod charger that was plugged into the lighter overheated and caught fire when the car wasn’t even on. The result was a disastrous fire which, thankfully did not spread into the house. I usually have 2 things permanently plugged into lighters in my car-blackbery charger and Ipod charger. So, I will be unplugging them from now on. I hope you do as well!

Junior League of the Palm Beaches Marketplace

After a hectic day at work, I raced up to the PGA National Resort for the annual JLPB marketplace. The people watching is super fun, lots of preppy cute girls shopping till they drop. This is the first in a long line of holiday shows and I have been busy making enough jewelry to get me through the next few weeks.

What kills me is that I was next to two older ladies selling cheap jewelry made in China and they were making sales like crazy. There also were way too many jewelry vendors-a common problem at these shows. Out of 40 vendors, I would say 25 were jewelry! Yikes, luckily I have diversified my collection and have many things besides the jewels. Next stop…www.kristinpearce.com

Some of my favorites…

Preppy Cards 2010 Desk Calendar $30

How cute are these pads from Preppy Cards?

Some other cute vendors:

Stephie Rockwell

Hickity Pickity

My Atlanta Gift Show partner in crime, Kate Merrell aka Katydid


pro·cras·ti·nate (prō-krās’tə-nāt’)
v. pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates
To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
To postpone or delay needlessly.

Why do I procrastinate? That is a very good question. I consider myself a busy person, but I certainly do have time in the day to get important things done. I find myself constantly racing to get things done on time, racing to deliver things and racing catch up on almost everything in my life.

For the last 3 years, I have been working part time and now my job has turned into an almost full time situation, so I have limited time in the morning and the evening to run errands, etc… I keep thinking I am going to catch up someday, finish my photo album organization, clean through closets, categorize all my paperwork but that someday doesn’t ever seem to come. I don’t even think I can hire someone to help me, because by the time I explained my system and told someone what I want done, I could practically have it done myself-free of charge.

I am trying to pinpoint exactly what slows me down. I a not a lazy person but I think I am just overwhelmed with too much stuff. Now that I have an entire wall of IKEA bookshleves holding all my books, a new pine dresser holding all my movies and some beads and a few closets for the rest, I should have it all squared away. But..I don’t. So, it is easy to put if off for a later date..to procrasitnate getting the job done.

Someone told me recently that even if I did find a potential husband, I don’t have room in my life (or my apartment) for him because I have too much stuff. I say, when I find my husband, we better not be counting on living in my apartment!

p.s. Now that I have been staring at the word procrastinate for 15 minutes, it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore. Isn’t it wierd when that happens??

What about Prom Blaine? What about Prom?????

I can’t stop thinking of Pretty in Pink everytime the word prom has come up gearing up for last night’s Beaux Arts Ball Prom. The gym at Gulliver Prep was decorated so beautifully with pink and white balloons hanging from the ceiling and placecards arranged in pink and white gumballs. Mylar hot pink and silver star balloons surrounded the dance flor and the setting in an actual high school gym added to the fun.

The Beaux Arts Ball is Miami’s oldest costume ball and people take each year’s theme very seriously. There were all different takes on “Prom”, 60’s hippie prom, 50’s Grease prom and a group of 80’s a la Footloose prom. There are skits and a large trophy to be won (and stored for the year and passed on to the next group winner) This year’s winner, the Footloose group.

The evening started out with an unbelievable silent auction with tons of goodies…

Me and our fabulous co-chairs Camille and Missy

Our Decor Prom Queen and King Holli and Neal…

Me and Camille..I don’t know why I have a death grip on her!!