Recent Favorite Finds…

Thought I would share some of my favorite recent purchases..I haven’t bought too much lately but most of the things I have picked up I am loving…

Gap on sale from 19.99 – 29.99. I bought off white and fuschia this winter and they are super comfortable, great fit with a tiny bit of stretch. They still have them online..also in orange, gray and brown.

Gap Sailor them in off white but searching for the navy! $29.99 online

Walking in Bloomingdales past the shoe sale rack, I found these gems…for $40!

I have my eye on a few things for the near future..

These hot pink Talbots square toe flats..super comfortable $99

Louis Vuitton Galleira PM Bag (this might be a stretch for a while)

Adorable hot pink Fringed Tory Burch Tunic

Talbots Green Terry Cloth Cover Up $59.50 Love this…

My list goes on for a while..but I will stop there for now! xo

New Jewels

I have been busy lately trying to come up with some new goodies for sale. My website is still in the works (I am sick of seeing myself write that here) and I want to have lots of new things to upload.

Here are two new favorites:

Gold dipped key charm on a gold filled chain $45

Gold filled donuts on a gold filled chain (I put 5 but looks cute with 3 or 4 or 5) $45

These both are available in my etsy store, located to the right of this post.

And I will throw in free shipping!

One of My Favorite Movies…High Society

When I was going through an obsession of Grace Kelly years ago and spent a fortune at Blockbuster renting all her movies, I came across the delighful flick High Society. The movie is actually a musical version of The Philadelphia Story starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Set in Newport, Rhode Island, the movie has Grace Kelly playing Tracy who is about to marry George but her ex-husband Dexter played by Bing Crosby is determined to win her back. Reporter Mike played by Frank Sinatra comes to cover the wedding and ends up falling in love with her as well. All sorts of drama ensues.

The acting and singing in this movie are superb but it is also worth watching to see all of Grace Kelly’s clothes. They are stunning. Another thing to catch your eye is the huge rock she is wearing in the film. I read that it was actually her real engagement ring to Prince Rainier. You cant’t miss it..

The original movie trailer…

One of the highlights of the film, a witty duet with Frank and Bing..

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Several years ago, I was the naive one going on and on about how much Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson love each other and there was no way the rumors were true about them getting divorced. I watched their show and just believed it. Sure enough, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that year, they announced they were separated and getting divorced. I admitted my ignorance and now somewhat believe that where there is smoke, there is undoubtedly fire.

Is history repeating itself????

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Have ‘Definitely Split,’ ‘Brangelina’ Author Says– Popeater

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie break up? Brangelina meet with lawyers to talk money, kids: report–New York Daily News

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prepare for potential split-NY Post

So, after these headlines hit the streets, all the denials started coming through. That would usually be enough for me, but remember Madonna and Guy Ritchie? All the rumors and then the big denial…fast forward a couple of weeks and Madonna’s PR team announced they were seperating!

I’m just saying..where there’s smoke, there is usually a big hot fire.

p.s. I am adding after reading comments that I don’t wish them to break up…I actually like following them around the globe, but I refused to believe he and Jennifer Aniston were going to break up either…I am slowly learning.

Round Hill, Jamaica

When Coastal Living hit my mailbox yesterday, I couldn’t wait to dive in and check out the article on Round Hill in Jamaica. The first time I heard of Round Hill, it was reading about Babe Paley and seeing this famous picture..

This beautiful resort has been a long time favorite of style setters and from the pictures in the article, it is not hard to see why. Designer Meg Braff has redecorated one of the open air villas and offers suggestions on how to achieve a decorated home with island flair.

How cute is that pink umbrella??

When I checked out the resort’s website, there were more beautiful pictures.

I think Round Hill has just been added to my possible Honeymoon spots, given that Jackie and JFK spent time here on their extended honeymoon. I mean, what’s good for Jackie…

Driving Me Crazy

As you can see from my travels on this blog, I am always ready to jump in my car and take off. I feel like I live out my car sometimes so it is only natural that I have some pet peeves on the road. Lately, it seems like traffic is getting worse, not only in Miami, but all over the place and the drivers are getting more reckless and dangerous.

Someone once told me they believed that when you are safely in your car, windows somewhat tinted-anonymous, the real “you” comes out, meaning people show their true personality while they are driving. If that is the case, then a large majority of the populations are real life nuisances.

There are four things that drive me CRAZY when on the road:

1. Driving in the right hand lane, someone pulls out in front of you so that you have to slam on your look in the rear view mirror and there is no one behind you. They couldn’t wait 5 seconds..clearly they are a jerk.
2. You are waiting to turn left onto a street..a car is coming towards you and slows down and turns right before you, no blinker…they don’t care that you are sitting there waiting, so rude. People seem to hate their blinkers for some reason..they have them for a reason, it just lets people know where you are going!
3. Slower traffic to the right..well on I-95 or the turnpike, a clueless slow driver in the left hand land can block the flow of traffic for miles. Again, slower traffic to the right.
4. Turning left with a green turn signal and you can’t because the people on the cross streets are running their red light still turning. This is so dangerous and scary, we are supposed to be getting those cameras that take pictures of people running the red lights and mailing them tickets. Hopefully that will help stop this.

I am not usually a complainer but I have been thinking about this post for months in my head and decided this was the day to write it down. A more positive post promised for tomorrow! xo

A Couple of Days Late..but favorite Golden Globe Pics

She is becoming the gold standard in my book, always looks flawless!

I can forgive the sea urchins on her shoulder and hip because I am thrilled she won her Golden Globe. Grey Gardens was fabulous and she deserved it!

This dress is amazing..she looks fantastic..can’t wait to see Young Victoria

She is so beautiful and was hilarious in Nine.

She looks great but it is really Pacey Witter that got her on my list!
some pictures from Just Jared

The Ride Home

After loading my new painting in my car and saying goodbye to my friends, I set off for Miami Monday morning. First stop, Gainesville Florida, home of the University of Florida, my alma matter. It has been a while since I have driven around town and it looks kind of the same, yet very different. I drove past my first apartment pictures please and my favorite food spots. One very famous one was not there! I quickly googled the address and found Burrito Brothers safely tucked behind another building.

I got my primo chicken burrito to-go and got back on the road. Next Fall, I am determined to go to a football game. I have recruited Cynthia for this mission and we will be there for sure. Maybe I will run into an old boyfriend who is still single and sparks will never know! ha ha

Next stop, a few hours later..Palm Beach. There are a couple of stores I pop into every time I get a chance- C. Orrico and Leta Austin Foster.
C. Orrico was filled with Lilly delights and some other treasures like these cute dresses. The staff is so friendly and the amount of clothing in that store is staggering. Tons of tunics, dresses and every color of Steven Bonnano navajo sandals you can imagine.

The children’s clothing is now a seperate store right next door. It looked super cute.

Across the street, I saw monograms in a window and had to check it out…

it turned out to be the find of the year, Lori Jayne Monogramming

There was a sample monogram that almost took my breath away. The store was super busy but I managed to get some info from the owner, a very enthusiastic and super nice lady named Lori Bernstein. She explained that this monogram is actually a couple’s initials, the S around the edge and then the H and A in the middle. It was stunning.

She will custom design a monogram for you over the phone and send pictures, no website yet. Once you have a monogram you like, the possiblities are endless.. custom plastic cups

tote bags, even a monogram on your mailbox..

I couldn’t believe how many cute things she had packed in this store, definitely worth a trip back.

The most exciting find was a handpainted needlepoint canvas with a beautiful monogram painted on it. That is something that has been on my wishlist for quite a while. The needlepoint design starts at $100. You can contact her for more details. I am defintely doing one!

For more information, call Lori at 561-514-9199, email her at

or you can also see her fan page on Facebook here.