Deering Estate Seafood Festival

This past Sunday, I had a little white tent in the artist village at an enormous seafood festival held on the grounds of the beautiful Deering Estate in Miami. This festival gets more and more traffic each year..the beautiful grounds that normally look like this..

Turn into this..

and this..

When I showed up, it was super windy and I had to tie my tablecloth to the table

which worked for about 15 minutes until I turned around and felt a huge gust of tablecloth then looked like this after I had just layed out all of my necklaces..

I found white paper lanterns that I was going to hang with big pink bows on them, but worried they seriously would be bouncing all over the place in the they stayed in their packages. All in all, it was a very fun day..after I was set up, I just watched the 8,000 people roll in. Denie and Reese were my first visitors. They hung out in my tent, followed by Camille and her two adorable little helpers

I sold so many little gold pendants, it was great. Almost every other person that walked by stopped to look and touch this necklace, one of my nicest pieces. It didn’t sell unfortunately, but I wiped it down with my anti-bacterial cloths after the had festival germs on it. Now it is sparkly and new again.

Helen, Finola and her kids came and stayed with me until the end. It was great to have the company..and someone to do seafood runs for me. I had a great time and am sending a big thank you to Lynn French who helped me secure quite possibly the best tent placement..right across from the wine and frozen drinks..not to mention good people watching angles!

p.s. Sending best wishes to Hopsy today..she is at her first show with Chixie, her new preppy accessory line. I am sure she will do fantastically!

Mini Treats

Since so many of my bffs have kids and I am with them all the time, I have definitely become more in-tuned to children’s fashion. Normally, when the Gap emails me about children’s clothing, I delete, but today they were announcing their Stella McCartney collection. She came up with some super cute things….

And over at Target, Miss Trish of Capri-who made the most expensive pair of shoes I own and are scared to wear in case they get ruined- has some darling shoes for little girls, some on sale.. I would like them in my size!

New Jewels

I have been making jewelry like crazy for the past few days while battling my annoying cold and have a few new things to share.

These cute gold filled pendants are $40 each.

Trying to use up beads in my stash..these two are $95 each..I am loving the pink one…this is what happens when you make jewelry with limited resources, you fall in love with necklaces and then don’t want to sell them!

Calypso Summer Tunics

I am seriously imagining myself in Newport wearing this amazing kaftan..I love love love it..

This tunic as well..all at the lovely Calypso store. They also have an amazing linen long shirt that I tried on recently and loved in navy blue and on the is a dress on a very tiny model! That was my laugh of the day.

I cannot seem to shake my cold and it is making me miserable. Everyone has a different opinion as when it is time to go and see a doctor. I will give it until tomorrow..I cannot be sick for my huge festival this weekend that I have a tent at. It is down south but anyone that wants to come hang out and help might leave with a little sparkle in their ears or aound their neck…..

Trunk Shows and Sample Sales

Last night and this morning, my friend Brooke and I had a jewelry trunk show for me and a children’s clothing sample sale for her. It was so much fun and our first show together was a huge success. Our friend Heather is in town and we are off to dinner at our favorite South Beach mexican restaurant. I have been dreaming of guacamole and margaritas all day. I think Mango Margaritas will hit the spot..more on Brooke’s children’s clothes on a later post..she really has an unbelievable amount of amazing pieces.

This Sunday, I have a tent at a local festival and I am a little scared. I don’t usually do big shows like that myself so anyone who wants to come help..please please do. These are the laterns I am going to hang around my tent..I think they will look cute..any thoughts????

Jewel Quest

Tonight, I am having a trunk show in Miami Shores with Brooke and her children’s clothing sample sale. I spent the weekend getting ready and now I am so tired from cleaning my apartment, making jewelry and TO BE HONEST, playing Jewel Quest that I forgot to write my blog post last night. Holy cow..this stupid game on my computer is killing me. I did the free trial on AOL and then actually bought the game and have been playing for almost 2 years. I blew through the first bunch of levels and then it took a little while to get further, then each level took several weeks to figure out. I bought the game because I was living during the week by myself in Newport and honestly, needed something besides beads and babysitting to keep my brain busy. By the end of the summer, I was a complete Jewel Quest master with sore fingers to prove it.

Fast forward to the present day…I have been stuck on a bonus round of stupid Jewel Quest since August. I try about 10 times a day to complete it and never have been able to. I should just delete the game off my compter since I have WASTED so much time on it, but I am stubborn and am determined to get to the next level.

Two months ago, my clickers on my laptop stopped working, so I had to plug a mouse in and then use the arm of my couch as a mousepad. This slowed me down a but, so I am hoping when I get my new computer and transfer the game over, I will be all set.

I am coming clean on my blog because I feel like I have been living with a deep, dark secret..addicted to Jewel Quest..please tell me I am not the only one who is??? secret is out..please don’t judge too harshly! This is the reason I have stayed away from Farmville on Facebook..I would be addicted to my farm and would really never get anything done.

p.s. I can hear Tara and Shannon and all my Newport roommates now saying that this is why my website is not finished..well girls..partly so!

G.I.V.E. Day

One of the major projects that I work on at my part-time job at Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises is our annual company volunteer day..we call it G.I.V.E Day. This year, we had everyone go to Shake-A-Leg Miami and His House Children’s Home. For weeks, our painting and landscape contractors have had their crews out preparing each site for the work to be done on the actual day. For Shake-A-Leg, there was painting and island clean up, a smaller group worked at this amazing place that offers children and adults with disabilites an alternative classroom, Biscayne Bay. The group there finished all of their tasks with time to spare, thank goodness our weather was perfect.

Up North, at His House Children’s Home, when I drove up, I all could see was people everywhere painting! Hundreds of volunteers painted all the fence posts around the large property, several buildings and homes. People painted murals on common areas

and tons of trees, palms and shrubs were planted.

His House is an unbelievable facility where foster care children are placed, many on an emergency basis. Right now, there are many orphans from Haiti placed there, some waiting to be reunited with their parents, others waiting to be placed with new families. There are many cottages on the property and we did an extreme makeover on two of them.

I seriously could not believe the progress made in such a short amount of time. With the help of some of our in-house designers and IKEA, they came out beautifully and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the outcome. The children who are going to live there are going to love their new home.

So many hours of work led up to Saturday’s event, but it was all so worth it. Helen and I have two smaller G.I.V.E. Days left, so the work is not done, but Saturday was an enormous accomplishment and everyone had a fantastic time.

Eat, Pray Love

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Well, I have to say this is one movie that I can’t wait to see. My dear friend Hadley gave me this book for my birthday a couple of years ago and I couldn’t put it down, was glued to Oprah when the author Elizabeth Gilbert was on talking about it and then read it again. I wouldn’t have picked Julie Roberts to play the main character, but after seeing this beautiful trailer, I think she is perfect. What an amazing story. If you have not read the book, run out and buy it immediately and read it. You won’t be able to put it down. Movie comes out in August!

Currently, I am reading The Gate House by Nelson DeMille. The Gold Coast by the same author is a long-time favorite and was so excited when this came out…but it kept falling behind on my list because I actually have over 15 sitting on my shelf that I have not read. Right now, sitting at work, all I can think about is this book, which is in my car and will be read tonight while I am babysitting. I can’t wait!

Also, feeling a little better, thanks for all the nice comments…my readers sure are nice! xo

Tissue Please???

Unbelievably, I caught my friend Helen’s cold. Nothing is more frustrating than waking up with a cold. I was hoping it was allergies even though I have never had allergies in my life. No, it is a normal run-of-the-mill cold. I am full of medicine and hoping it will just go away. I have a huge weekend and can’t be sick! Boo hoo

I have been using a ton of tissue..look how cute this tissue box cover is??? I’ll take one in pink!

photo courtesy of

Hope everyone had a blast for St. Patrick’s Day. I wore a green bead necklace that is in my Etsy shop. It’s really cute and is great for the summer. Check it out!