TV Report Card

We are already in March and most of the shows are over half way through their seasons..nto sure how many are going to be around next year. I have my list of favorites right here:

I am holding my breath that The Deep End doesn’t sink. I read in an article that it was “on the bubble”, not a great sign, but this is such a fun show…I highly recommend.

Super happy that this one is still around. I really think it is one of the best shows on television-I have discussed it before, bit I liken it to a slow can’t help but get sucked into the story and root for Alicia who is starting to fade as Carol Hathaway in my mind-finally!

Having watched every season of 24 multiple times, I am not so excited about this season. Actually right now, there are 2 episodes saved on DVR that I haven’t seen-not a good sign. I think it might be time for Jack Bauer to hang up his stun gun and give the “tell me where the bomb is” rhetoric a proper burial. This is harsh but I would hate for it to go down in flames.

Oprah..well I have been meaning to write an Oprah post for a while. I just love love love Oprah Winfrey. I have been taping her show for years and watching every night. Rarely is there a show that I am not interested in. When she announced that the end of her show is coming, I started feeling a slight panic. My Mom and I have to get ourselves in that audience..this is one of my missions right now. Her shows lately have been so great, I am so excited to see them every day. Lately, they have been tear jerkers but seriously, as soon as I hear someone cry on the tv, I start tearing up. Also on a side note, she has been looking so pretty, her hair these days is fabulous.

I am looking forward to Gossip Girl to return, Friday Night Lights to return to non-Direct TV television and the new High Society..hope it’s great!

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