Off to Nantucket!

I am flying to Nantucket today to meet up with lots of friends. The house we are staying at this year is huge and there are a bunch of girls coming and going throughout the weekend. We are celebrating our friend Lou’s getting married this summer in Greece, so beware of the bachelorette party! There are Miami friends in town as well and my old manager at Tiffany & Co. Heather-staying for the entire summer, so it will be lots of fun.

Hope everyone has a safe weekend! xo

Guess Who Got in the Game?

Just got an email from Iomoi with some new products, and guess what??? They have plates now! Holy smokes, I might never get to narrow the choices down, but so so cute. They are melamine and are $30 each. Can you imagine how stunning your table would look with any of these?

Check out the Iomoi fabulousness!

This last one has a certain 2 year’s name written all over it (not literally). Last week, I posted about my sweet little friend Walker who could name all the cars on the road. Well…his video caught the attention of our friend Cynthia at CBS4 and he was on last Friday, so cute..and then a friend showed it to a friend and little Walker is going to be on the TODAY show Monday!!!! They are flying his family up for the weekend and then test his skills naming cars around Rockefeller Center. Good luck Walker!!!! xoxo

Something Borrowed and Bling!

Love the Emily Giffin books Something Borrowed, Somthing Blue and Baby Proof..I must be behind on my celebrity blog reading because the picture of Kate Hudson and Gennifer Goodwin yesterday on was the first I knew of a movie being made!!! Hopefully, they will do a good job and not condense a few books into one like they did with the Shopaholic series. The author has a new book that just came out called Heart of the Matter, now on sale!
Photo courtesy of

Also…Jojo is having her 2nd Annual Bling Sale for Memorial Day Weekend. When I first arrived in Newport, I quickly noticed tons of cute girls sporting huge sparklers in their ears in every color. I quickly found out who Jojo was and her bling was everywhere! Now her bling earrings come in different sizes and a crazy amount of colors. The sale is only online at jojolovesyou or at the Bellevue Beauty Walk in Newport. The blings come in a cute little round tin container and make great gifts. The sale starts Friday, May 28th and ends on Monday, May 31st. The details are…

Blings 3 for $60
Mini Blings 3 for $50
Party Blings 3 for $75
Mega Blings 3 for $90

Happy Shopping!!!


Plates, plates and more plates

Open up House Beautiful this month and this is one of the first few pages…how cute! These are of course La Plates, which have been written up on numerous blogs before, but to see so many at once, makes me think of Iomoi! There are so many choices that I love, I cannot decide on just one, so I go back and forth and think about it and then take forever to make a decision. Anyway, these are fabulous…I went to a dinner earlier this year and the host had a huge set of plates and everyone went wild.

For those of you with can’t go wrong with Alphabet Plates. My good friend and amazing graphic designer, Laura Paresky Gould, created a website last year selling the cutest children’s plates. There is a line of food (Mia loves lollipops), sports (Lindsay loves tennis) and then the fabulous “face it” line, where you can design on-line (using it’s interactive tools) to create a plate that looks just like your child! Laura’s website is simple and easy to use..your kids will love it and it might win over even the pickiest of eaters!

Summer is Here! Let the shopping begin…

Summer is almost here..although it feels like it has been here for a while down in Miami. I will be spending a bunch of time at the beach, so my summer shopping is about to go into overdrive. I spent some time perusing through some websites and these are the items that peaked my interest:

Melly M Shirt Dress from C.Orrico

Milly dress from C. Orrico..both are on their website here.

Gorgeous Shoshanna dress featured in this months W beautiful.

Adorable Tee Tunics from Pink Pineapple in Newport..they now have a website that you can purchase from..check it out here.

Green and pink tunic from the Snappy Turtle in Delray Beach.

How cute are these party wrap skirts from Snappy Turtle..their website is here.

I can’t wait to check out Angela Moore’s new location in Newport on Bellevue Avenue. She has tons of cute dresses and tunics..this one is beautiful.

And..last but not least, down the road on Bellevue is the cutest store ever, C.K. Bradley. There are always beautiful girls milling about trying on clothes and socializing at this outpost of preppy style. It is a must visit for anyone traveling to Newport this summer! I am loving this Sonoma dress. Check out her latest creations here.

It’s All About the Invitation…

I am a firm believer of sending nice invitations for parties and trunk shows. I love receiving them and putting them on my refridgerator or memo board. I also think people are more apt to attend if they are excited about the invitation. A few years ago, I got invited to a wedding in Sun Valley. I wasn’t planning on going, but every other day, a cute invitation came in the mail for one party or another and pretty soon, I was booking my flight! Several of the stationery lines I carry have some super cute invites to pick from..but I am constantly drawn back to IOMOI. How cute would these look on your fridge???

I am in LOVE!
Click here to get to the website!

Inspiration of the Day

One of my favorite friends emailed me this today…I think it is fantastic!

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.
I hope everyone is having a nice day..I am bracing myself for a crazy day tomorrow with another G.I.V.E. Day for work. So sad to be missing my year-end meeting for Beaux Arts, which I hear will be like nothing anyone has ever seen before. I am hoping there are plenty of video phones working!!! Countdown to Nantucket…9 days!

Stiltsville Party

Wow, I had a fun weekend! Friday night, Amy, Lori and I headed to Club 50 at the Viceroy Hotel for a Strike Out Cancer party that our friend Jamie was organizing. Over 300 people came out to support the young philanthropists of the Sylvester Cancer Center. A dangerously delicious cocktail called Annie’s something was the cause of many hangovers the next day I am sure. You could not taste any alcohol!

Saturday was the year end party for Beaux Arts at Stiltsville. Imagine 7 wood houses on stilts in the middle of Biscayne Bay. Our friends are part owners of the biggest party house of them all and everyone came on their boats for our fiesta. The weather was perfect and so many members and their husbands showed up.

We had Shorty’s BBQ catering and BYOB alcohol..makes for a interesting party. My friend Nikki (above with the crocheted sweater…I kept calling her “Joseph” with her amazing technicolor dreamcoat) and her husband brought a cooler of Goombay punch. My Coronoa light didn’t seem so exciting, even with limes cut up, so I switched and she was gracious enough to share. Talk about a dangerous cocktail!

Some people stayed on their boats…

Of course, inevitably, the party lead to jumping off the railing and into the water. So fun but it made me nervous and I couldn’t watch!

All in all, a terrific party and a great way to celebrate the end of the year and all the work we do for the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami.

Sunday, I treated myself to a facial at The Standard and got a lenghthy lecture about my skin and using products from different lines. I just sat there and listened to her lecturing me…I had been taking Tazorac, a modern Retin-A of sorts but you CANNOT get sun on your face while taking the medication. I have a summer of beach plans and am so torn about what to do. So, I stopped taking it, but now am just going to start again and be relentless with sunscreen. I really wish the sun wasn’t so bad for you..everyone looks better with a tan!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend..summer is just around the corner! xo

All pictures from Grey Bryan

In the Beginning….

May 15, 2007..I was packing my stuff getting ready to spend 6 weeks in Newport, Rhode Island. I had visited several times and some friends from Boston were getting a house for the summer and I had a share, actually a share of a share in the house. The house had 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. You read that right…1 bathroom. There were 7 girls that summer and I shared a room with my friend Tara. I have an older brother and have never shared a room with anyone before, never mind a bed-a full size bed at that, not even a queen!

Communication was an issue. There were no land lines in the house and my Dad was paying for my cell phone at the time, a little perk that came with limitations. My plan only had 1,000 outgoing minutes a month, but unlimited incoming calls. That might sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. Then it hit me..I had been obsessed with Monogram Momma’s amazing blog and decided that blogging would be a great way to keep in touch with my friends and family while I was gone.

Blogspot? None of my peeps were very blog friendly when I told them about it, but it slowly caught on with my friends and they were getting a kick out of reading about my adventures in Newport that summer. July 5th, I headed home after meeting the cutest boy out the night before. I had such a could I leave when things were just starting to pick up? Well, over $3,000 invested in a little hot pink booth at the Atlanta Gift show was the answer to that question. When I got home, my Mom and I were in full speed mode getting ready for the show and we drove to Atlanta and sat at the Mart for 4 1/2 long days. It was a slow show only made bearable by a quick visit from my new friend Katherine from The Flat of the Hill in Boston. She placed a huge order and put me in the best mood. We got home a few days later and I all I could think about was going back to Newport. I finagled a way to go back for 3 glorious weeks at the end of July and the first part of August. It was so much fun, going out almost every night and making jewelry during the day, weekends at the beach and more cute boys than I have ever could I not want to go back? It was the most fun 3 weeks and then I faced going back home. I was on someone else’s schedule this time.. the reason was bff Meg’s big, fancy wedding in Miami.

I had a bridesmaid dress appointment the Tuesday before her wedding to finalize dress details. Of course, the night before I left this time, I met an adorable man who came out of nowhere and offered to take me to the airport the next day all the way to Boston. I really couldn’t believe it but he was going to save me from a VERY early shuttle to Logan Airport. When I said goodbye at the curb the next morning, I swear I almost started was this amazing guy dropping me off, the second guy that I had met in a span of one month and flying to Miami where it is virtually impossible to meet someone. Boo hoo!

Anyway..that is how it all started, 9 weeks in Newport that changed my life. I have gone back every year since but this time, my part-time (ha) job has me practically chained to my desk and I had to just say I need a vacation and cross my fingers that it would work out!!! It did and now I will be there for parts of July.

this is the first blog post

11 Days and Counting….

Nantucket and then head to Newport, Rhode Island for 5 weeks. Time has flown by and this trip that seemed so far in the future is next week! I can’t wait to get up there but have a million things to accomplish before I step on the plane. All my pals are holding a garage sale on Saturday at my house- you might want to stop by.

In the meantime, I am selling stuff on ebay like it is my job, it amazes me what people will buy. I would love to have the patience to really go through my house and put all my clutter online, but will have to make do with what I have right now.

I am also getting ready for the July gift show in Atlanta. I purchased my picket fences at Home Depot Sunday and have to get the rest of the materials for my booth. So crazy.

So, as my trip countdown begins, so does my blog…