Searching for ???

After spending all this time writing in my blog, it is only natural to wonder who is reading it and how do these readers find me. I have found many blogs by jumping from blog to blog and clicking FOLLOW on the ones that look good, always willing to check new ones out. The statcounter feature at the bottom of my blog gives me a ton of information on where people are coming from, what city they live in, which links they clicked to exit, etc.. But nothing is as entertaining as checking the search engine log, which lists the last searches that led someone to come to Summer in Newport. Here is a snapshot from Tuesday night. Many are Newport keywords (Gooseberry Beach, Pink Pineapple and CK Bradley), others are about recent (or not so recent) posts.

29 Jun Gooseberry Beach29 Jun ck bradley
29 Jun jean schlumberger sixteen stone ring
29 Jun gooseberry beach
29 Jun related:amidlifeofprivilege.blogspot.com29 Jun stiltsville hicks house29 Jun bethenny turquoise necklace29 Jun house beautiful blue march 201029 Jun summer in newport blog29 Jun the pink pinapple newport29 Jun the pink pinapple newport29 Jun Gooseberry Beach29 Jun ck bradley trunk show29 Jun ck bradley trunk show29 Jun ck bradley29 Jun summers in newport29 Jun expedit bookshelf29 Jun rose kennedy schlossberg looks like jackie29 Jun hunter boots preppy29 Jun jules kirby

The funniest one is “expedit bookshelf”. You might remember my horrific one month long assembly of my bookshelf last year, but at least once a day, someone somewhere around the world is googling expedit bookshelf from Ikea and my blog entry comes up. It probably confuses the heck out of them. And, my post is not the most inspiring for someone trying to put theirs together!

My other favorite on this list is “rose kennedy schlossberg looks like jackie” which comes up almost every day as well. I am relieved to know I am not the only one that is interested in her. I guarantee she will be seriously on the scene in the next year or two.

This feature is a little dangerous if you have slight stalker qualities… I don’t but can see how all this information in the wrong hands could drive someone a little crazy.

Oh..and by the website is live. It is still in the works, so it won’t be ready for a big launch until at least next week, but check it out! It is so cute and I love love love it. Thank you to Cara, Keeli and most especially Ryan-the three people who have made it all possible. xo


Boo hoo, no juicy blog post today. My brain is so tired from fixing all the small issues with my website in the hopes of it getting turned on tomorrow. I swore it would be up by the end of the month, so I hope that is the case.

What I do know is that putting together a website with a bunch of different products, especially stationery items with a million different attributes is extremely time consuming. I have spent so many hours inputting and I am barely scratching the surface with all the things I want to eventually add.

So, stay tuned and hopefully tomorrow will be the day. One sneak peek I will give, is a line of jewelry that I picked up in Atlanta, Caroline Pate Jewelry. I have a some really beautiful pieces from her and they will all be online. Here are a few pics…

How cute is this caged coin pearl pendant? I am in love!

One Year and Four Months…

It has been that long since Conde Nast decided to shut down the beloved Domino Magazine. Why they made such a horrible decision is beyond me, because everyone was devastated when it folded. Now they have granted online access through the re-launched website. They are adding articles online as we speak. You can check it out here.

They have already uploaded a bunch of slideshows. There is one on space saving tips. This picture is titled “Corral Old Items”, suggesting hiding linens in beautiful boxes such as this.
So funny, I have a stack of beautiful brown toile stacking boxes that I am hiding an entire series of books from my childhood-Trixie Belden to be exact. Someday, my daughter will take some allergy medicine to ward off the dust and read this delightful series (see QBS, you have to think positive all the time!)

I have every issue of Domino from the beginning and go back and look through them often. It is truly a shame that it didn’t make it in print, but now can live on through online access. Very excited. There are many beautiful pictures up already. Thank you Conde Nast!!!!!!

p.s. spent the entire weekend loading up my website..hopefully tomorrow it will be open for my “soft launch”!!!

The Countdown Begins….

The last two weeks, I have been adding items to my website and fixing the ones that are there. I am hoping to open for business next week, which is a miracle. The last things to do are finish adding goods, hook up my shopping cart to my website, get my site approved by mastercard/visa, decide on shipping charges (ugh!) and then that’s it! I will have a busy weekend for sure.

So, as soon as it is open, I will let you all know, but am not doing a big launch until I have worked out some kinks. Hoping to get some good feedback from my blog friends next week!

xo, kp

If money were no object…

Photo courtesy of
This would be on my shopping list for sure…the new Hermes Relaxed Kelly Bag. Intentionally slouchy with longer handles that you can wear on your shoulder, this might be the perfect bag. At $8,700, the perfect bag for a select few..

Photo courtesy of
These Lanvin pom-pom sandals are super cute for summer..$585 at Also on my “if money were no object” list.

And also this Prada Vitello Diano Hobo bag, $1,495

…and this Maxi Bottega Veneta Hobo for $2,450

So on my have to have immediately in the real world list…

all black Jack Rogers..I thought I saw them once but was starting to think I imagined them. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $128.

Photos courtesy of

World Cup Fever

These last two weeks, I have caught a few of the World Cup matches, the USA ones of course, but I am not a die hard by any means. My office, a large campus-like compound has serious World Cup fever. I am not sure if it is because it is a very international company, or that maybe I am just out of the loop and everyone is obsessed and I am just realizing it.

I got to work today and there was no one to be found..literally one or two people scattered around, everyone was in the cafeteria, equipped with several large screen televisions that have been there since the World Cup started. Sure enough, I popped in there and sat amongst the unbelievable amount of people, secretaries to executives and thought..this in unprecedented that everyone gets a World Cup pass to blow off work to watch soccer. Now, this morning of course it was USA playing Algeria, so at least our team was on. I sat next to our two interns, who quickly filled me in that the score was 0-0 with two minutes left. Each missed opportunity garnered huge groans from the audience and I am tweeting away at the ridiculousness of it all..when USA scored!!! Pandemonium erupted in our cafeteria..and there I was cheering and clapping with everyone else. So..I finally get it. Go USA!!!!

New Blog Favorite..

There are so so many blogs out there, I have a hard time reading all of the ones I used to. It makes me more grateful for every reader that clicks on mine each day. Last week, I posted a recipe (the first one on my blog) and almost 800 people read it..a great deal more than usually visit Summer in Newport. I couldn’t figure out if it was the recipe? the title? who knows..but it was so interesting. I have another recipe up my sleeve, will post very soon and it is one of my favorite things in the world.

One new blog I am loving is Life of Style by my friend Elizabeth Goodwin from Raleigh, North Carolina. She is an interior designer and mother of three with excellent taste and a discerning eye. You can tell she takes great care in pulling together each post, finding many appropriate pictures for the story she is telling. She writes about style in everyday living, design and in and around Raleigh. I love reading her blog and think you will too! Check it out here.

The Tudors

I guess all good things must end, but The Tudors ending Sunday night just has me depressed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this show for four seasons and even learned a thing or two about English history along the way. Showtime really did a bang up job with this series, no expense spared, the sets and costumes are incredible. There are many different versions about this time period, and this series was no different from the rest, taking serious artistic liberties. The first example of this was in the first season where I guess for story telling purposes they combined King Henry’s two sisters into one character. Not a huge deal, but it makes me wonder about the real history of the Tudor period and King Henry’s reign.

When I read the other Boleyn Girl, I literally couldn’t put it down, I found the details so fascinating, even though she somewhat fictionalized the story, which made it even more alluring. Then when the movie came out, I was so disappointed because they changed things up a bit. The didn’t clearly show Mary as King Henry’s mistress for as long as she was, having bore him two children, one a boy! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie, but it didn’t match up with the book that I had just finished and loved.

Then Showtime started The Tudors series. They really slowed the story down to stretch across a few seasons, but they picked an actor that was too young. Again, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t too difficult to watch Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on screen, he is beautiful, but the story moves along and they don’t really age him. He supposedly was with Anne Boleyn for years before he actually consummated their relationship and it just took one season on The Tudors. Also, by the time he is with Katherine Howard, his had grown very fat and the leg wound from a jousting accident that they just touched upon starting last season and featured this season was supposedly so disgusting and foul smelling, that people could barely stand to be near him. In the last few episodes, they added more grey in his hair and made his voice raspy, as if to speed up his aging process. They should have done this a while back. In addition, they aged Charles Brandon in one episode right at the end before he dies.

Now that the show has ended, I wish another would start from where it left off..there is still so much more to tell. If you have not seen this series, the DVDs are available and this last season is on demand for Showtime, but you have to really watch and pay attention, because there is a lot to absorb and I would definitely recommend sending the kiddies out of the room, because there are some steamy scenes for sure!

Penny’s Big Day

Yesterday, my darling little friend Penny was Christened. We made our way to the church, big sister Reese holding hands with her cousing cute.

Penny wasn’t too happy with the whole was over quickly
Penny’s family and Godparents

After the ceremony, we headed to her Grandmothers house, the location of many of our parties. Her table was set up beautifully for dinner.

Me, Denie and Cynthia

I asked Denie’s Mom if I could take some pictures of her house, and she said yes. Her decorating style is very classic and very partial to blue and white, my favorite.

Her entraceway..I would kill for that big ginger jar..
In the dining room, this beautiful hutch..filled with blue and white treasures.

God Bless Penny!

Summer Reading..My Eclectic List

I am still trying to make my way through my stack of unread books, but it is dwindling. Up next, a few purchases ready to go from Amazon…and a few classics I highly reccomend.

Dying to read this, love Jill Kargman and praying that somewhere I am still on a mailing list for her visit to Miami on her book tour. On her last visit, I brought her a crystal bracelet and she and I became BFF right away. Right after, I received a thank you note from her on the thickest stationery I have ever felt (Kate Spade), engraved and with her teensy tiny perfect handwriting, complete with small illustrations. She is fabulous and very, very funny. This book is sure to be gooood.

The Second of my all time favs. I actually laughed out loud reading this book and when the sequel, The First Assistant came out, I bought it and read it in one day. I love books about normal people moving to Los Angeles and just being themselves amidst the Hollywood craziness. You will fall in love Elizabeth and want to pack your bags immediately.

The Seven Year Bitch..I just like the name.

My all time favorite book, Kane and Abel. The mini-series with Sam Neil is so fun to watch after you have read the book. When cleaning out some books in my apartment, I realized that I owned 4 copies of this book…and have read it over and over.

Another all time favorite, Jemima J by Jane Green. I found this book on a whim several years ago and told a few friends about it. We decided to have an impromtu book club to discuss the book and 7 girls squeezed around my dining room table literally discussing the entire story. It was so funny and, unfortunately the only meeting of that “book club”. I have joined several book clubs along the way but I never end up staying in them, I can’t read a book I don’t like and end up reading one chapter and then returning the book if I don’t like it. My friend Zaria is in a very serious book club..with a waiting list. I have contemplated asking to be put on said list, but think it is just to see if I could really get in to this exclusive group, not necessarily because I want to actually join the group and read their choice of books…

And last but not least, my newest book, Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush. I am so bummed that I missed seeing her and Jenna at Books & Books in Coral Gables while I was out of town. Camille and Denie waited in line FOREVER but got to meet her..with all the Secret Service looking Laura Bush.

A cautionary tale for online book purchasers…a couple of years ago, I found a book at an airport and read it by the time I reached my destination across the country. I begged my cousin to drive me to the local bookstore to buy another book from this author, just loving her writing style. I found one and read it and became obsessed with the author. When I got home, I looked her up on Amazon Marketplace and ordered every book written by her. When all 8 arrived, I soon realized that I basically ordered 4 books with the American title and the same 4 books with the British title. So annoying but a good lesson to learn!