North Carolina Trunk Show

Well, all the stress last week was well worth it! I arrived Thursday in North Carolina and Meg and I spent the whole day running errands getting ready for our big party on Friday. I was making last minute jewels until I went to bed. Meg made a yummy dinner and we had a couple of girls over for some pre-shopping.
Friday morning, we got an early start and headed to Meg’s Mom’s house in Statesville. They got the food and drinks all settled and I started setting up all my stuff. The dining room had a beautiful display of food that changed throughout the day, including Cheer Wine Punch, so delicious.

I used the kitchen island for all the jewelry, all my aden + anais stuff in the entryway and all the paper and gift items on the kitchen table.

At 10am, the ladies started showing up and shopping. Pam, Meg and Devon had invited a bunch of friends to come see all my goods.

The party lasted all day and I met so many nice ladies. Thank you so much to Pam, Meg and Devon for hosting such a lovely trunk show.

I had the best time!!!

Packing Up and Heading Out

I seriously don’t think I have been this busy in months and months. Do you ever feel like everyone is pulling at you in every direction? And I don’t have children!!

My jewelry factory (me sitting on my couch) has been in overdrive for weeks getting ready for Friday. My flight is this morning and I am still packing and making last minute treasures. This is what my carry on bag looks like so far. It is so heavy! You can’t imagine how these crystals set off all the bells and whistles at the airport.

It will be nice to escape the heat in Miami even for a few days. Will keep you posted on my progress. Hope everyone is having a nice’s almost over!!!!

Also, sending yummy jellybeans to my Mom.
Hope to see you soon! xo

The Art of Friendship by Duane Hampton

On my bookshelves, one of my favorite books is The Art of Friendship, a small coffee table book written by Duane Hampton after the sudden passing of her legendary husband, Mark Hampton. Aside from his prolific career as a master decorator, he loved to paint watercolors of people, places and things. These small works of art were often for birthdays or anniversaries for family and friends. Duane put a sampling together for this touching tribute to her late husband.

A Valentine Card for one of his daughters.

A corner of Albert Hadley’s apartment-notice the birthday cake!

The Hampton’s garden

The White House Christmas Card 1990 for the George and Barbara

This is my favorite..a card painted for a friend’s baby born near Christmas.

A card for a friend’s upcoming baby, dreaming of all the things possible for him.

A birthday card for daughter Kate, in honor of her part in The Nutcracker.

The recipient of this lovely card worked for the National Resources Defense Council, this was a save the date, among other things…

A birthday painting for Duane, after a recent trip to India

A birthday card for a friend celebrating at the Knickerbocker Club in New York

A painting for a friend whose baby is about to be born near Easter. The Easter Bunny and the stork are both racing to the hospital.

I love this book and all of his beautiful paintings!

Working Weekend

Not much to report since I spent the entire weekend on my couch making jewelry for my show this week. Saturday, I did zip out to run some errands and had lunch with Camille and her precious girls.

Saturday night, I escaped to Lincoln Road to see The Switch with Helen and then eat yummy Italian food at Sosta. It was pouring and I don’t have much to say about the movie….

Sunday, I didn’t even walk outside of my apartment. I watched Law and Order episodes and my new favorite show Covert Affairs. I love all these new cable shows because they repeat themselves so much, if you miss it, you can catch it later on.

Sunday DVR is overloaded. I have to watch Mad Men at 11, Enourage at midnight and the others in between. Next Sunday night, the Emmys are of my favs. I will be traveling back from North Carolina, so I have my fingers crossed that nothing will disrupt the ever important taping of that show.

I had big plans to keep up my tan after my Newport trip. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. I do still have some color, but it so hot here, I can’t stand to sit out in the sun. I am dreaming of a few more days at my favorite beach…

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Decisions, Decisions….

The Atlanta Gift Show…the second week of of January. It sounds so far away, but the clock it ticking on making a decision about participating this year as a vendor. I have had a booth twice before and then have taken a break. Not only is it grueling work but a ton of money to lay out hoping for retailers to buy your stuff. Now that my website has launched, it would be a great time to get out there and fill up my Retail page.

The first time I went, I had to submit this proposal outlining what my booth would look like. I had never done anything like this before, so I just drew what I envisioned… I love a good scalloped edge border!

Hilariously, when it came to getting materials and actually putting it all together..this is what it looked like. A lot of pink curtains (that my Mom sewed) and my beautiful white picket fence (that my friend Odi sanded and painted for me). By the last day, my Mom and I were taking turns napping behind the back table. Exhausting!

The next show, in January, I split a booth with my good friend Kate. Holy cow, our booth was a pink ribbon explosion!! It was super fun to have a partner and we made so many friends. Getting sales? That was another story.

Then I took a break. I still went to the shows as a buyer and realized that what was appealing to me in a booth was a more streamlined look. If I did it again, I would definitely invest in the colored walls and nice carpeting. I am trying to get a few friends to split a booth with me. Not sure if it will actually happen. In January, I went and had the best time. This booth was so nice..of course it was Meg Carter’s, and she has excellent taste, but it made me stop and look.

I need to make a decision soon! You would think with the economy, they would be calling past participants offering them a deal, but that hasn’t happened. I am dying to go back!!!

Katie as Jackie??

When it was announced that Katie Holmes was going to play Jackie Kennedy in a History Channel movie a few months ago, my curiosity was peaked. I have seen so many actresses play her and unfortunately, because she is such an iconic character, it is virtually impossible to capture her true likeness onscreen. The one actress that I thought did an amazing job was Jill Hennessey, in The Kennedy Women. For me, she has come the closest to the real thing.

People have been up in arms over Katie Holmes getting this role. Who else did they want to play her?? I think Katie could be a great Jackie, but we will have to see. They do have a likeness…

Greg Kinnear is playing JFK..hope he has his Boston accent perfected…

The History Channel has this 8-hour mini series lined up for 2011. Stay tuned..

Eat Pray Love

Saturday night, I went to see Eat Pray Love. We purchased tickets early in the day and were in the seats 30 minutes prior just to make sure we weren’t stuck in the first row . I loved this book so much and have been looking forward to this movie for months. Rarely does a movie do justice to a good book, but this one does a fine job of capturing the spirit of the Elizabeth Gilbert and her year long journey.

My love for the book was only intensified after seeing the author on the Oprah Show.

Julia Roberts is so appealing on-screen and she is a perfect Liz . In Italy…

In India..

and in Bali…

Javier Bardem is intoxicating.

You can’t help but fall in love with him.

Eat Pray Love is a must see summer movie…it is fantastic!

Now, the upcoming trailers I saw before the movie were all amazing…but I felt like I saw the whole movies in the trailers! I hate when they do that!!!

Lucky Strike Anniversary Party

Five years ago, I was house sitting for my friend Christina on Miami Beach for the summer. Our friend Brian opened up a branch of Lucky Strike Lanes right off Lincoln Road, almost walking distance from me. The first few weeks it was open, almost every night, there was a bunch of our friends hanging out I started referring to it as our Peach Pit.

Lucky Strike hasn’t slowed down since. Almost any time of the day, you will find a crowd hanging out there, some actually bowling, some eating or some just seriously hanging the 90210 kids at the Peach Pit. The only thing missing is Nat behind the counter. You can also sometimes have a celebrity sighting there..behind the VIP curtain.

Last night was the 5th Anniversary party for the bowling alley. There was lots of fun cocktails and yummy food and many old friends..kind of like a reunion.

International Heart throb Bart Hoover and Ricky Elias

Stephanie, me and Leslie

Congratulations Brian! What a fun party. We love Lucky Strike!!!