Barking up the Wrong Tree

Bullying..this topic has been coming up more and more. These days, bullying can happen anywhere, not only on the playground. In fact, it can even happen right in your inbox.

I was witness to some first class bullying this summer and I did all I could to stop it, but some bullies are relentless and the attackees would rather just give in then deal with the consequences of the attacker. There was an Oprah episode a couple of years ago that showed different staged situations and then recorded the behavior of passersby to see whether they stepped in to stop the bullying, or just kept on walking. Some didn’t want to get involved and some went straight in and put a stop to it. I would be the person who stopped it for sure.

An unfortunate situation occurred this weekend involving a recent blog post and I became the victim of some email and comment bullying. Apparently, the Diva cocktail napkins recently photographed for House Beautiful and then featured on this blog are based on the artwork of Bill Davis, an artist from Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. Davis had no idea that Sharyn Blond had used his artwork until it was featured in House Beautiful. Obviously I had no idea of this, I just loved the napkins and expanded my blog post to cover the store that sells them and many others. One of Mr. Davis’ friends contacted me on Saturday to let me know what was going on. I replied that I felt terrible for him but would certainly amend my post to give Mr. Davis credit for the artwork. The first two emails were nice and then a barrage of emails flew into my inbox as word spread that my blog was featuring the Diva napkins. When all of this exploded, I was out for the day but went into an Apple store and used one of their computers to fix the post and add a link so readers could see more of his work.

Now, as an artist, I am completely sympathetic with Mr. Davis. I certainly would not want to see my work featured in a national magazine passed off as someone else’s, and I hope that he is able to reach a solution to this injustice with Ms. Blond. But, I will not be bullied by anyone, most certainly by people who hide behind the anonymity of blog comments without email addresses. I replied to most of them thanking them for emailing me and explained that I would fix my post but some continued to send harassing emails. What a mess…
So, to clarify..the Divas napkins featured in House Beautiful are based on the artwork of Bill Davis, a self taught artist whose works are featured at this gallery and throughout South Carolina. His Divas collection is his best known work. Here are two of his Diva paintings.

Mr. Davis has since contacted me himself and thanked me for clarifying the situation. I think some of his understandably protective friends thought I was the one stealing his design. I hope all of this attention will lead to some art sales for him!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

In the Closet…

This weekend, I went back to the Container Store for the 6th time to buy more of the Joy Mangano hangers that have saved my life..or my closet. I have now fit twice as many clothes in my closet as before and the nice lady at the Goodwill truck was happy to see the garbage bag filled with white plastic hangers that I am now rid of forever. What is so funny is that the black hangers make it a little tough for me to make out which black shirt is which. I am thinking I need an extra light in there now..and some glasses. Oh to be organized.

Here are some pics of some celebrity closets. Someday, I would love to have a beautiful closet like one of these. If I had my pick..I would choose this first one…

Tamara Mellon

Rachel Zoe

Paula Abdul

Eva Longoria Parker

Nicky Hilton

Nate Berkus

Nanette Lepore

Mariah Carey

Jessica Alba

and the much publicized “closet” of Jenna Lyons.

I want this one too…
Images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Design Cocktail

In the Anchor Chair

This week, our friend Cynthia invited us for a field trip to WFOR, Channel 4. She is reporting the news for their My33 channel at 10pm for a bit so we went to check it out.

After a yummy dinner, she started the tour. We met all the producers and writers, they were all sitting at their desks getting ready to start the 10pm news. Cynthia took us down a long hallway and we saw the master control room. It looked like this…

the coolest thing I found out was the Oprah show feeds into their station at 10am when the show airs and they hold onto it all day until 4pm when it is on our local station. Can you imagine..access to Oprah early? How fun!

We finally got into the actual studio and it was so cool. The desk that all the anchors sit behind is very large and has two computer screens built into the top. When you sit at the desk, three large cameras that look like robots are in front and a man perched above controls their movements. It didn’t take Denie very long to hop right into the chair and test out her “anchorness“.

We all took turns sitting there..

and then a group shot.
Then we retreated to the couch on the side of the studio so Cynthia could actually work and revise what she was about to read on the air. She disappeared for 15 minutes and came back looking like a true anchorwoman, perfect hair, perfect makeup and an amazing outfit that looked perfect on the air. She is so professional and it was so great to see it all up close and personal.

We stayed half-way through the show and when I got home, I caught literally the last few seconds of Cynthia on the air and got this not so perfect shot, but you can see how great she looked.

Cynthia got her start at our high school as one of the anchors of WPAW on a very official set given to our school by a local station. She reported the news every morning and hasn’t stopped since!

Thanks Cynthia, we loved our field trip!!! xo

Fabulous Eco Totes

You don’t have to be actually hugging any trees these days to be green. You can make a difference, and be fashionable these days by using Eco Totes. My collection is growing and I try to remember to take one out of my car when I go grocery shopping. I have been known to forget one, so I end up buying I have tons of Pulix and Fresh Market totes. Lately, I have been reaching for my Lilly Market Tote everyday and throwing all my stuff in it, including my purse. Love love love!
Please Be Green!!!!!

Paris Chic Boutique Market Tote $25

Smudge Ink Eco Totes $9.95 or $29.95 set of 3
Gardenia Grocer Bag from Pierre Deux $20

Lilly Pulitzer Market Totes $11.95

Flat of the Hill on Facebook is hosting a Envirosax giveaway right now! Click here to leave a comment and enter to win a 5-pack of Envirosax, value $40.

Missing Betty

On the first few episodes of this season’s Mad Men, I was wondering what they did with Betty? She kind of disappeared. I am not too fond of her character of late..she is so mean..but her clothes..fabulous. As close to a modern day Grace Kelly as we could get, the costume designer on that show must have so much fun finding era-appropriate clothing for January Jones, her slim figure a perfect mannequin for the clothes of the period. Every detail perfect.

Gorgeous while pregnant..

and my favorite..Betty in her riding gear. Love, love love.

What I really get a kick out of is January Jones purposefully dressing as far away from her Betty character at every awards show. Everyone hates her dresses because all they want her to wear is something like she does in the show. This last dress at the Emmys caused quite a commotion.

Not my favorite by any means..but not as horrendous as everyone said. Let’s hope there is more Betty in the episodes to come..and she lightens up a little!!!

Etsy Treasures

Last night, I was trying to unwind and decided to peruse Etsy for a bit, searching for stationery. Holy cow, I found so many amazing sellers, many of whom I had never seen before. Here are a few of my picks…

SweetBellaCards (the first two)












There are tons more. So much cute stuff!

Huge Sale at CK Bradley

If you are near Newport or near a computer…you must check out all the fabulous deals and steals at CK Bradley. All CK Bradley merchandise is 50% off!!!

On the sidewalk outside, there is an enticing rack of dresses

So loving this one..

Stop by the store and Tula might be greeting you at the door…so cute

All totes-50% off, that makes the big ones $62.50!

A ton of beautiful dresses left…

Adorable headbands..

Round Toiletry Bags..

Fabric clutches..

All belts $10

The last time I was there, there was all sorts of interesting things for sale from the archives…

There is talk of an enourmous warehouse filled with all sorts of goodies. I think Camilla needs to have a warehouse sale. People would drive to Newport from miles and miles…

Run, don’t walk to CK Bradley!!!

28 Bellevue Avenue

Newport, Rhode Island

Today’s the day…

Well, for all those anxiously waiting for True Prep to be released, this is the day! I don’t remember ever waiting around for a book to arrive like this one. When I first heard about it, I was really surprised that a sequel would ever be written.

My original The Official Preppy Handbook has faithfully sat on my bookshelf since I was a teenager. It is in pretty good shape except that it needs to be re-bound because the pages are slightly falling out.

I love that I wrote my name in the book, just in case…not that I would have lent it out.

Always loved the name Honor from this little quiz..until a certain Jessica Alba named her little girl that..scratch that one off my list!

Nicknames..I always wanted a cute nickname like Bootsy or Bitsy, but growing up, all I got was Kris and Toodles from my Dad..not on the list. In high school, KP started and that has stuck around for a long time. At Tiffany & Co., I told my co-workers who are now 2 of my best friends how my Grandmother called me Krissy..since that day in 2001, I have been Krissy to both of them. One of them lives in Newport, so when I met her friends, they thought my name was Krissy. Hilarious. These days in Newport, a long story, but I am Muffy now, so I finally got one on the list-approved!

Looking back, I did take this book a little too seriously. I made sure I had my add-a-bead gold necklace, signet ring and other appropriate preppy accessories on at all times. My wardrobe was a perpetual string of polo shirts and khaki shorts with penny loafers. I did go astray for a little bit in junior high school, but that post will be later this week!!!

Never say never..when I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Birnbach in 1994, the first thing out of my mouth was the inevitable question of when this sequel would come out. At the time, her answer was a resounding no..but times certainly have changed and there definitely a need for an update. Thank goodness!