Condo Improvements

Phew..I am exchausted and we have barely scratched the surface. I am so excited to see the finished product next week but we are tackling some major tasks in a short period of time. Thank goodness my parents are super handy or I wouldn’t be able to make any improvements on my new home!

First task was getting rid of that horrible piece in my bathroom. My Mom and I went out to run some errands yesterday and it was out by the time we got back.

The new vanity arrived this afternoon. It was so heavy so the delivery man and my Dad finagled it into the bathroom. We had to get the door off in a hurry so it would fit. The marble completely matches the color in my bathroom, very glad it looks good. The mirror they sent wasn’t the one I bought but was a good alternative. The delivery guy kept saying “very beautiful, very nice…” I don’t think he wanted to have to take it back. So, it is a nice mirror and it getting hung up tomorrow!

We propped it up with some books to see how it would look.

These are the kitchen lights I found…simple but cute.

This weekend, I ordered this headboard from Target! I have been looking at one from Ballard Design that is similar but this one had the right price, so it is on the way…

So tomorrow, these are getting painted white and will have pretty glass knobs and serve as my new bedside tables. Add two blue and whtie chinese lamps from the Plantation Shop, and my new bedroom will be perfect.

More pics to come!

Award Season

In the midst of all the Hollywood awards, I just received a Stylish Blogger Award from my good friend and fellow blogger Cecilia Slesnick from Dubonics. I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass it on…

1. I am a closet shopaholic that has been under wraps for the past few years. I get my shopping frustration out in the bead stores. After I have a successful trunk show, I usually run straight to the Gap for a fix.

2. I am 4 years behind on my photo albums. My entire hall closet is filled with boxes of photos and invitations ready to go in albums.

3. A recent computer virus scare made me clean out my email address book. I started thinking what if I got a horrible virus that started emailing my people. I have old boyfriends, old crushes, etc.. in there-how embarrassing!!! Delete!

4. I have a big birthday coming up but thankfully I do not look my age. I met one of my new neighbors yesterday who thought I was in my 20s..she is already a favorite!

5. In 2008, when I was packing to go to Newport for the whole summer, I packed a big box and started putting things in but didn’t pay attention to what I was dropping in there. That first box was one of the ones that went missing and to this day, I am still figuring out what was in there….favorite sandals, clothes, shower curtain, etc…

6. In college, I used to make Tollhouse cookies once a week. They came out so perfect, they could have been on the cover of the chocolate chip bag. After college when I moved home, they never came out perfect again. I keep blaming it on my oven, but in about 5 days, I will have a new oven and I am hopeful my cookie baking skills will return.
7. I think blogging is one of the most fun things I have ever done. Hours spent being creative and putting together posts-it’s like free therapy and makes it possible to meet fabulous friends. I just met up with the Grove Gals in Atlanta..friends I met online through blogging. It’s kind of bizarre but so fun. I am dying to meet so many blog girls, especially Hopsy, Alice from Summer is a Verb and BLC from The Company She Keeps.

I am tagging some favorite stylish bloggers:

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First Condo Project

Well, it has started..the sprucing up of my new condo. Right now and for 10 more days, I live three floors directly above, so I have been up and down in the elevator a million times already. The painters started on Friday and they should be done on I am at a stand still until then.

The building I live in is 40 years old which is good and bad. Good because the units are huge and have large closets. Bad because my new kitchen is 40 years old with a few newer appliances and a tile counter top instead of the formica one that was the standard.
Before Pictures

I was dying to rip off the cabinet knobs because they made my kitchen look every bit of 40 years, but was hesitant to spend the money since I am planning on re-doing my kitchen soon.
Close up of the difference

One trip to IKEA later, I got home and changed out all the knobs to simple chrome ones and scrubbed the 40 year old metal residue on the cabinets with Softscrub.

One project down, many more to go. My very helpful and generous parents are arriving on Monday, so things will really pick up then. I will keep you posted!

Promise Me

Today, I was very lucky to be invited to a Commonwealth Institute luncheon at the Four Seasons to hear Nancy Brinker, sister of Susan G. Komen and the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, speak.

She just finished a memoir titled Promise Me that tells the story of her sister Suzy and her fight with breast cancer that ended her life at age 36. Nancy is a such a dynamic speaker and her story is so compelling, she talked about how she started Susan G. Komen for the Cure in a time when not only were there no computers around but the word breast couldn’t even be printed in the newspaper!! Overcoming all obstacles, she created what is now the biggest breast cancer organization in the world and has made her sister’s name synonymous with the the fight to cure this horrible disease.

She spoke of mentors in her life, one of which was her husband. One of his bits of wisdom that I loved was to get out of the way of really smart people. She laughed when she said it but she said she had a habit of micromanaging people and it is good to be able to recognize when people know what they are doing and just let them do their job.

After the the lunch, she signed books and was so lovely. What an impressive lady…I left there in awe of all that she has accomplished. Will read her book soon and report back!

Golden Globe Favorites

Loved so many of the dresses from last night’s Golden Globes.

Eva Longoria in Zac Posen

Jennifer Lopez is consistently perfect looking..make up, hair in and especially pretty in her Zuhair Murad dress.

Loving Diana Agron from Glee in J. Mendel

A true movie star, Catherine Zeta-Jones in Monique Lhuillier. When her husband got a standing ovation..I couldn’t help but tear up!

Anne Hathawy in Armani Prive. She is this year’s Oscar host…she should be great!

Carrie Underwood has the absolute best stylist. She always looks amazing.

Julia Stiles looking stunning in Romona Keveza.

My favorite..Claire Danes in Calvin Klein.
She is so beautiful and classic.

Golden Globes

After zipping through the Atlanta Gift Show in record time, I succumbed to the $50 Delta change fee to get home earlier so I can see the Golden Globes live. I must have been in a fog when I booked my ticket-originally getting me home after 10pm! I haven’t seen all the movies but I did see The King’s Speech and absolutely loved it. My fingers are crossed for Colin Firth, Jeremy Renner from the Town, Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife and anyone from Glee!
Fashion recap tomorrow!

Gwyneth and Katie

This weekend is going to be chock full of fun. Saturday morning, I am flying to Atlanta to peruse AmericasMart for website goodies. I am looking for jewelry and gifts to add to my assortment. My trip is just for one night..I am staying with my friend Laura and her family. I might start yawning at around 11:29 so I can retreat to my room to watch Gwyneth on SNL. She is hosting with Cee Lo and it should be awesome. I have listened to her song with Tim McGraw “Me and Tennessee” about a thousand times since last weekend. It is my current fav.

And…I guess we have to wait a little longer to see the juicy Kennedys mini-series since The History Channel is refusing to air it. The story online the scenes is that Caroline Kennedy put the kibosh on it. I am sure it will be bought by another channel soon, it looks great in the trailer. You can see Katie Holmes meanwhile in the new Ann Taylor campaign. I have such a soft spot for Ann Taylor, my first credit card. In high school and college, my closet was packed with Ann Taylor clothes. Still a huge fan..

Photos courtesy of Just Jared

Enough Snow!

All this wild weather better move out of the South asap. I am flying to Atlanta on Saturday for the gift show and will be very upset if weather affects my travel plans! I have so much going on, I haven’t had much time to think about the show, but I love roaming the halls of AmericasMart! There is a list on my iPad of the lines I know I want to pick up and am always looking for new and interesting things. One of these days, I will be back as an exhibitor, but I have a lot of planning to do before that happens again.

Today is the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. I hope the coverage will remind people that there is still much work to do there and will be for years to come. Pray for Haiti!