I can’t believe it is almost alarm is set for the morning and I am ready to go. Unfortunately, I was invited to participate in a school trunk show at 8:30 am that I could not turn down, so I will miss some of it..I am secretly hoping that they have televisions brought in so people could watch.

I have not been feeling well this week (which is why I have been MIA) and am now convinced that I have some type of parasite in my stomach. Of course, only I would get the type of parasite that does not cause rampant weight loss. I have not been diagnosed by a professional and I am not a hypochondriac..but I looked up all my symptoms online and this made the most sense. Don’t worry, I will get to the doctor soon.

Can’t wait for all the festivities tomorrow. How exciting to be able to experience such a global event. I remember waking up so early for Charles and Diana’s wedding at my grandparent’s house all those years ago. My parents just arrived in Ireland today and am hoping they can score some type of cool souvenir on their trip.

Cheers to William and Kate!!!

Kate illustration by Catlin McGauley via Lonny Blog

This Year’s Easter Festivities

My Easter was jam packed yesterday! On my way to lunch with friends, I stopped to see my brother and his family before they went boating. I had already accepted a very generous lunch invitation or I would have jumped in the boat with them. The lunch I was on my way to was a big family affair with tons of cousins and tons of food. The table was filled with yummy Lebanese dishes.

Everyone was very festive..

There was an Easter Egg hunt…

And the desserts came out…

In the afternoon, I ventured down to see Meg and Brett and the kids, who arrived yesterday. Little Ashley was napping when I arrived but when she woke up, she was raring to go..swimming in the pool and running around. Little Elizabeth has gotten so big since I met her in December, she is so cute.

I couldn’t wait for Ashley to open my Easter basket and she is so smart, she reached in and immediately grabbed the white KP Designs box. The look on her face was hilarious.

When things were winding down, we had the most decadent gourmet meal prepared by Tef and Saskia..lambchops, pureed parsnips and a delicious salad. Unbelievably, there was still room at the end for a couple of mini Misha’s cupcakes..everyone’s favorite.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!!!

Spring Trunk Show

Yesterday, my friend Alden and I had a fantastic trunk show at our friend Denie’s home. She had Stella & Dot in one room and all my stuff in another. It was so much fun and there was so much traffic. There was a morning session..

Amazing hosts Catie and Denie

There were yummy snacks in the morning..

Alden and I

Stella & Dot Fabulousness

My jewelry table

Some Dabney Lee, Preppy Cards and Paper and Ink Designs

Laura Mitzefelt Designs Stickers and Alphabet Plates…

So many cute girls came to visit and shop…

Boo and Mary Ann

Helen and her family

Catie, Anne Beaumont and Hadley

Mary Ann and Michele

Miss Sue, Heather and Anne Beaumont

My good friend Cecilia wearing the new “Maggie” necklace

Jessica and Camille

Wonder Twin Powers with my crystal bracelets..this was not planned.

All in all, it was such a great day and night! Thank you so much Denie and Catie!!! xo

Meg Braff in House Beautiful

This month’s House Beautiful hit my mailbox yesterday, and I fell in love with this shoot of a Palm Beach home decorated beautifully by none other than the fabulous Meg Braff.

I die over the coral chandelier by Niermann Weeks

There are tons of pictures online of Meg’s prettier than the next

Loving her work that is Palm Beach chic.
Photos courtesy House Beautiful and Meg Braff

Jewelry Making A.D.D.

I have a big trunk show this week and have been getting ready all weekend. I have serious A.D.D. today..with 4 necklaces in the works at the same time. Almost like if the idea popped into my head, I had to start it or I will forget about it. The price of gold skyrocketing has me stressed out because my wire is now double the price of a year ago, so I need to be careful not to waste any.

The colorful disks are so cute, they remind me of will be super cute for summer when I finish it. I am also in love with my new faceted graduated green stones on the right. The color green (hard to photograph) is vibrant and would look fantastic on someone tan.

Thank goodness I have a comfortable couch and a big television to keep me entertained while I was beading. So far I have watched 4 Oprah episodes, 3 back-logged Blue Bloods episodes, Friday Night Lights, some Glee repeats, Country Strong, The Net, Jagged Edge, Seabiscuit and A Perfect Murder.

I am so sad to have missed the wedding of one of Newport BFFs Sue this weekend up North. So excited for her and her new husband Kurt. Side note that they met on a night when I begged everyone to start the festivities at the Cooke House (a favorite but the furthest away) instead of the West Deck..and the sparks were flying right away. So, I take a tiny bit of credit for this match!

Birthday Dinner for the real "Mayor of Miami"

Not sure how many of you were watching the Real Housewives of Miami..but they kept referring to Lea Black as the Mayor of Miami. She certainly does get around, but not enough to even jokingly get that title. One of the Real Mayors of Miami had a little birthday last week and Hoby and Christina gathered a few people on the roof for dinner.

My preview pic from Hoby

Hoby and the birthday boy

The birthday boy, Ricky Christina’s beautiful watermelon salad Hoby and Christina have all sorts of cool accessories-love this ice bucket The buffet table

Delicious carrot of my favs The late night crowd.. Brian and Julieta

Such a fun going to their house for dinner! xo