If I didn’t know better, I would think someone is playing a cruel joke on me. When the Kennedys mini-series got bought up by Reelz (I had never heard of it), I quickly checked my Comcast list and confirmed that I was able to get that channel on my line-up. As of yesterday, it has disappeared! I contacted Comcast and they did an entire re-boot of my cable box, assuring me it would magicaly appear and unfortunately, it did not. I am so annoyed that I either have to (1) go to someone’s house to watch…or (2) wait and see it when it is on DVD.

I am hoping for a Comcast miracle this afternoon. I guess I will watch the Borgias instead on Showtime!

3 thoughts on “Panicked…

  1. Comcast screwed me, too! They told me that the Reelz channel was part of my package and I should be getting it. Ha! I found out later they don't offer it here! Who's the bigger jerk? Me for ever believing them or them?!


  2. Although the series may be over, go to the REELZ site and enter your zip code. It lets you know which cable providers offer Reelz. I'm in PA and I have Comcast and Reelz is not part of the line up. I'm hoping that Netflix will have the DVDs.


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