Weekend in Baltimore, Part 1

This year for Memorial Day weekend, I headed to Baltimore with my good friends Hoby and Christina for a garden party at Hoby’s Mom’s house. The last time I visited there, I could not stop walking around her home, looking at every room and all of her beautiful things. Her decorating style is so precise, yet looks like so effortless. Tons of framed family photos and prints, lots of pink and green fabric, ample needlepoint pillows and heirloom pieces all pulled together in warm, comfortable rooms. It is so inviting and I felt like I was home as soon as we walked in the door. Her style is very similiar to one of my Grandmother’s, which might also be why I love it so much. Dede’s house is definitely a favorite…

How cool is this vase???

The back porch leading out to the garden…

When we arrived, she and her garden people were still out there finishing up last minute touches. She has been working on her new and improved garden for months and you could certainly tell. It was beautiful.

After we had a tour of the new garden, we hung out in the kitchen. Dede had bought all of Hoby’s favorite foods and we sat there snacking for a while. A certain large container of chicken salad from Grauls Market was the main target of our grazing. It was delicious.

Later, we went out to dinner at Crush..it was so fun. On the way home, I begged Hoby to find us some Berger cookies. We stopped at the store and he came out with a bag .

By the next morning..this was all that was left. They are unbelievable…
Tomorrow..the party post!

The Help

The Help is coming to theaters in August. The trailer is playing in theaters now and it the movie looks so great. When this book came out, I feel like everywhere I turned, people were reading it and talking about it.

If you haven’t read this fabulous book yet, you still have time to order it and read it quickly!


North Carolina Christening Weekend

This past weekend, I was in North Carolina visiting BFF Meg for Elizabeth’s Christening. From the minute I stepped out of the airport, I had a blast. The weather was amazing and a very welcome relief from the Miami heat. Right from the airport, we headed to South Park and did some shopping. I tried to take some pics during lunch but someone wasn’t in the mood to pose..

Then she flashed this sweet smile…I put my camera away for a while..not to overdo

little Elizabeth

We headed to Cornelius and settled in with the girls. Meg made yummy dinner and we sampled some Skinny Girl Margaritas. After several of them, we started to question how much alcohol is really in them..don’t tell Bethenny but we called shenanigans.

Friday morning, we took care of morning naps and then headed to Birkdale..my favorite outside mall North of Bal Harbour. A quick peek inside Poppies and a dash into my favorite Gap and then we went back and got ready for a little trip.

Next stop..Statesville to Meg’s parents’ home. We had a big steak dinner that night..cooked on a crazy big new grill. It took the whole grilling process up a notch for sure.

Me and Tef, the grilling expert. He came to North Carolina with his own special rub for the steaks..and he didn’t get caught by any TSA agents.

Meg’s Dad at the bar

This situation here is my perfect setup..icemaker, nice glasses, sliced lime wedges and an endless supply of diet coke.

Pam with her after dinner cordials

The next morning, the horses were saddled up and we headed off for a ride.

The barn

Me on Little Girl before I put my helmet on

Heading back to the barn..I was trying to snap pics and kept messing with the reins and then my horse would start heading the wrong way..you shouldn’t try to be a horse riding photographer

Max with Sassy the lamb and Buster the goat..they are bff

Getting a ride back to the house

Then the pony came out…

Ashley and her adorable cousins having the best time

and then..a dance party on the porch

Sunday morning, we all got up and ready for Church. Elizabeth’s big day! We got there with plenty of time to take some pictures. During the service, she was a perfect angel.

Meg, Brett and Elizabeth

Posing for pics before the service

All the girls

Meg and Elizabeth

The whole group at the church

The lunch afterwards was delicious..there was a huge buffet.

Kelly, Megan and brand new baby Chase!

Heather and her family

David and the boys

the cake

Tef and Lynn

Me and Elizabeth. She is so cute. I am a very proud Godmother!!!

God bless Elizabeth!

"LIKE" ??????

Join my new Facebook page for Kristin Pearce Designs…my old page is being archived. I put a new page together and messaged all the members of the old group to join the new group. These things never go as smoothly as you think they would…
I put a status update announcing my new page and practically begging my friends to “LIKE” my new page. So what happens? They “LIKE” the status update and don’t click on the new page! Sort of frustrating.
So…if you would, please “LIKE” my new Kristin Pearce Designs page here. LIKING this page will give you sneak peeks of new designs, special discounts and specials, and really just make my day to have more than 70 people LIKE my business page.

Thank you so very much!

xo, kp

A Day in the Life

4:00 am
Blackberry alarm goes off and I jump out of bed.

4:25 am
In car leaving Coral Gables and heading to Fort Lauderdale Airport

5:05 am
Arrive at FLL and park. With no bags, head straight to security line.

5:15 am
Of course picked the wrong line..keep getting bumped by Jet Blue flight attendants going through the scanner

5:20 am
Ding Ding Ding…my famous gold bangles set off the alarm. I am escorted behind a glass partition while the guy yells “female assist”

5:22 am
Older woman TSA Agent explains the process I have heard probably 52 times on how she is going to molest me while searching for guns or explosives on my body.

5:24 am
TSA Agent explains now that we are on high alert she is going to also run the back of her hand across my groin area. I am perfectly calm but screaming on the inside.

5:26 am
TSA Agent removes her gloves and then puts them into the machine looking for explosive powder. The alarm goes off..she panics and yells for the supervisor.

5:28 am
Escorted without an explanation into a frosted glass room where an unbelievably rude young TSA agent with serious attitude comes in and starts the whole process again. I lose my patience and ask her to please just get on with it. This upsets her and she shakes her head back and forth and tells me when I stop talking, she can start. We have a slight argument about how rude she is and she opens the door and yells for the Broward County Sheriff officer. I slightly panic but the rage empowers me to stand firm and when he sees how angry I am, he calls the boss in. Before I know it, a nice well-dressed woman walks in and asks what the problem is..the nasty TSA agent and I both start talking at the same time and the woman who I can assume TSA’s calming influence (a role I usually play in every job I have had) just tells the TSA lady to hurry up and do her job. I am seething..especially when she gets to the groin area-again and I just have to clinch my teeth and take a breath.

5:40 am
In the line of Dunkin Donuts (I earned a donut from the stress) and then board the plane

6:00 am
Take off

8:45 am
Land at LGA. Determined to keep my out of pocket expenses to under $100 for the day, I attempt to get in the bus lane (something I have never done before). The person before me gets the last seat on the bus and she tells me it will be 30 min. before the next one.

9:00 am
In a cab on the way to the Javitz Center.

9:38 am
Enter the National Stationery Show, check in and start walking the aisles.

11:30 am
Get demonstration from A Fresh Bunch..so cool-more on this later

12:15 pm
See Kirsten at the Preppy Cards booth..so cute and full of new stuff.

12:45 pm
Hop in a cab and head to Tribeca

1:05 pm
Walk by JFK Jr.’s old apartment and unbelievably, Ed Burns (who bought it) walks out of a car and right in front of me. He is carrying a One Kings Lane tote bag-I immediately think..Gwyneth Paltrow’s party gift bag???

1:08 pm
Run smack dab into Nicole and Jordan on the corner and walk right into Bubby’s for lunch.

3:30 pm
Get to Nicole’s apartment. Hang out with her and kids..so fun.

7:35 pm
Take a bottle of hand lotion and shimmy my gold bangles off my arm. Grimace with pain after 4 of them..the last 2 killed my hand.

8:00 pm
Hop into my last cab and head back to airport.

8:20 pm
After the fastest ride to LGA in history, I get there and find out my 9:45 pm flight is delayed until 11:45 pm. Fighting back tears, I make my way through security..bangle-free and go on the search for a food vendor still open. Auntie Anne’s might as well as been Ruth’s Chris, I was so excited to see them. Delicious pretzel bites and large diet coke.

8:40 pm
Phone is almost dead, I find a seat and play solitare on my iPad. I am so tired and wishing I had called to check on flight before I left the comfort of Nicole’s beautiful apartment.

9:30 pm
Our plane takes off from Fort Lauderdale..the waiting is excruciating. I bought some Swedish Fish from another open vendor. They were delicious.

11:50 pm
Our plane arrives to LGA..the people get off..great people watching.

12:25 am
Plane is full of passengers ready to go…it takes off finally. They announce free movies for the inconvenience of the flight delay.

3:05 am
Plane arrives at FLL. I bolt off the plane and walk straight to my car.

3:40 am
Arrive at my apartment..practically cross eyed.

3:58 am
Close eyes and try to fall asleep

Up for 24 hours..I haven’t done it since college. Tomorrow morning..I head back to Fort Lauderdale airport to fly to North Carolina!!! Stationary show post coming soon!

Wedding Magic..

Saturday night, I attended the wedding of a favorite friend Jamie and his beautiful bride Asha. It was supposed to rain all day and they completely lucked out and had perfect weather for the outside ceremony. It was so exciting to see her walk down the stairs and down the aisle, she looked amazing…

Mr. and Mrs. Elias!

Amy, Christi, Ivette and me

On the dance floor

The tables were beautiful…

First dance…

Me and Jamie..so happy for them!

Congratulations Asha and Jamie! xo


Thursday, I had my hair colored and we went a little darker this time. So, the dark brown mixed with the big puffy makes me feel a little like Priscilla…

I am hair obsessed these days and probably will until I get in the hand of the Yuko lady..need to book that ticket asap. Saturday night, I have a big black-tie wedding to attend. My hair appointment is at 2pm for a blow out, but after catching Valley of the Dolls this morning on cable, I am thinking I might try for a little Valley of the Dolls Bouffant flip.

I whipped out my iPad tonight at a birthday dinner for my fancy stylist Duane Bonlie to show him what I was thinking..and he just rolled his eyes…I have to convince him to make some hair magic at 2pm tomorrow. Will post pics! Hope everyone has a good weekend, we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Blogger is back to life…maybe the Preppy Princess and Lisa from Amid Privilege have the right idea with WordPress??????


This is what I feel like my hair looks like these days…Monica Geller when they were in Barbados. I need to book a trip up North to get my Yuko treatment asap. We found someone who will come to Newport and charges a flat fee of $300. That is music to my ears. Of course these days, the plane ticket prices are so high, that $300 will become around $700 when all is said and done. Totally worth it not to have frizzy and out of control hair!