The End of Pierre Deux

So sad to hear the end of the beautiful Pierre Deux stores nationwide. All 23 stores shut abruptly last week amidst Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings. I have been such a huge fan of this lovely store and all it’s wonderful fabric bags. I used to save up and buy them when I was in college, creating quite a collection. They were so well made and came in such a variety of sizes. In my opinion, they are the more sophisticated version of a Vera Bradley bag.

Part of my cherished collection of Pierre Deux accessories. The big green bag has hot pink flowers…I used two weeks of my college allowance to purchase this in Palm Beach on my way to school.

The website is still up but the phone number is not valid. No news on their Facebook page either. Will keep you posted.
Au Revoir!!

Triple Sneezes

Even after squirting Purell in my hands 4 times a day on my trip, somehow, I caught a cold. This is crazy to me because I just had a cold a month ago! Thank goodness my Mom is still here, she ran out to get me meds this morning and now I am sitting on my couch next to a Kleenex box. I knew this cold was coming yesterday because I could not stop sneezing. Usually sneezing twice is bad enough, but yesterday, it started in threes! So fun..lucky I have lots of shows to catch up on while I sit on my couch and deal with my sniffles.

Julie McCoy For a Week

All last week, I was on board Allure of the Seas..for work! I still can’t believe it but I was lucky enough to be the host of 10 Make-A-Wish families for a fun-filled week of the Caribbean and all that the biggest ship in the world has to offer. It was incredible.

My week was filled with…

Bridge tours with the Captain

Galley Tours

a trip to Haiti

an afternoon on the beach…
we also went zip lining

Saw amazing shows…Blue Planet

and Chicago…

Enjoyed our towel animals left by our room attendant

perfected my frozen yogurt technique

Rode on the carousel

Hung out with my peeps…

and made some new friends…

Visited Jamaica at our new port in Falmouth

Posed with the Dreamworks Characters…

Visited beautiful Mexico…

And on the last day of the cruise, the adorable Cruise Director kept his promise to shave his head if they raised $20,000 for Make-A-Wish during the week. As you can see below..they did. It was so much fun to watch..all for an amazing cause!

So all in all, an amazing work week. I am still in disbelief that I got to cruise for a week with such a great group of people. It was such a blast. If you are looking for a family friendly vacation, you should definitely consider a cruise on Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas. There is something to do for everyone and your kids will be dragging you to Adventure Ocean the minute they wake up. The specialty restaurants are superb and the crew goes out of their way to put a smile on every passenger’s face. The only way this trip could have been better is if Suri and Katie were back on board!!!

Tan Before the Cruise

This week, I hit a wall with the pale jokes in my office. I have the ability to get very tan…but it takes weeks at the beach and a lot of patience. Right before summer, I am always super pale. I started thinking that I need to be so careful, or I will get burned on the first day of my cruise..just like I did the last time.

To bridge the gap…Helen bought me a treat..some fancy Neutrogena self tanning mist. Hilarious..I sprayed it on twice yesterday and started feeling the glow right away. I started thinking of what to wear today to show off my tan legs..even though it is casual Friday and I always wear jeans. I am thinking a little dress today…

Me and Shrek…

Me, Shrek and some friends…

Today we are having Shrek and Fiona come to the office to pose with people..we are calling it Smiles for Wishes with all proceeds to benefit Make A Wish. Later in the afternoon, we are having Bingo for Wishes with great bingo prizes. I am so tired from this week, not sure how I am going to make it through the day. Will post Shrek pics later…

eBay Treat

Any time I can find a friend traveling through the UK, I ask them to bring me back a Harrods keyring. They usually have a cute Westie on them and it looks like my Millie. I have had a few over time but after being thrown into my purse everyday, the dog eventually falls off.

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing on eBay and found this new enamel pup keyring. How cute! It just arrived today and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. I have not always had the best luck with eBay shopping.

There are a bunch of Harrods goodies on eBay…

Shopping Totes…

Other Keyrings

and magnets. I love them all!

iPad + Apple TV

As I have mentioned many times, I am very aware that I am not using my fabulous iPad to its fullest capacity. One thing I have done is build up a movie library so now I have 6 of my favorite movies downloaded so I am never without some sort of entertainment.

Yesterday, I went over to visit Denie and Mason and they opened up a whole new side to my television/movie obsessed world. They gave me a tour of Apple TV. This unbelievable device is only $99 and it synchs up your iPad to your television. So, with a click of a button, you can watch any tv shows or movies on your iPad right on your television, listen to your music through your televion speakers, watch You Tube videos or connect a Direct TV membership. It is so amazing. was remote, you didn’t even have to connect the iPad to anything!

I love finding out new things like this..Apple Tv is next on my list!

Countdown to Allure

One week from today, I will be setting sail onboard the beautiful Allure of the Seas for one fun-filled week! Me and my little intern Nicole are going as hosts for 10 Make-A-Wish families who are sailing together as part of Destination Joy, a month long campaign to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

BFF Cynthia is also sailing and serving as part host, part documenter of our voyage..this is the second time we have done this. My Mom is also coming along with me. My crazy week before we leave is chock full of last minute planning and events, I just hope we get it all done. Stay tuned for all my Julie McCoy should be interesting!

Google Searches

Every once in a while..I take a peek at the behind-the-scenes info on this blog to see where people are coming from to read Summer in Newport. It is always entertaining. My biggest post to date was named Blueberry Heaven..a sweet little post about a blueberry coffee cake my friend Camille made that I absolutely love. I had so many readers that blew my mind. Did someone repost it somewhere? Was the title just that catchy??? I will never know.

Lately, my numbers have spiked enough for me to do a little research and the answer was very simple. I have done a few posts on Ikea and it seems everyone in the world is googling Ikea at some point and I get a crazy amount of hits. Earlier this year, I did a post on Ikea kitchens and posted some pictures from their website. If you Google Ikea Kitchen images, the second picture is from my blog post. I can only imagine the confusion from people all over the world trying to find out about an economical kitchen or the Expedit bookshelf and landing on my little blog. It is funny.

The other Google search that lands people on my blog is Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. I did a post on her a while ago and every day, someone is searching for her online. Maybe this will be the year she surfaces!
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!