Not again…

Monday morning..I woke up with a sore throat. Nothing could be worse this week as I am leaving today for my Labor Day trip to Nantucket. Every time I am about to travel, I get sick!!! I have been trying everything to ward this thing off. First, I started spraying Colloidal Silver up my nose. Remember the blue man on Oprah? He took this stuff everyday and it turned him silver-blue.

But, taken in tiny doses, can be super effective in drying out your congestion.

I got my Netti Pot out and have tried to use it several times…but I have the hardest time getting it to work properly and I end up making a mess and choke on the salt water.

My friend had an extra Z-pack that I started taking Monday night for my sore throat..still hoping that will kick in soon…

And on my way to work, stopped by CVS and got the good cold medicine from the pharmacy..the kind you have to give your Drivers License to scan and sign your life away so you wont melt the stuff and make crystal meth. I can’t make this stuff up.

Any other suggestions??? I am desperate. Flying tonight to Boston and will be on the ferry tomorrow morning!!!

Not All About the Number

What a crazy weekend for the East coast!!! Down in Miami, we certainly dodged a huge bullet and watched Hurricane Irene barrel up the Eastern Seaboard. Hopefully, everyone survived safely and didn’t lose power. These images from are evidence that even a category 1 storm can do serious damage. I am appalled by the news people asking citizens if they thought everyone over-did the coverage and the warnings? I am sure there are some people in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey and Vermont that would have a few things to say about that.
In Philadelphia…

North Carolina…

New Jersey

Downed trees in NYC..this picture is unbelievable.

Virginia Beach

From the space center, the view of Irene from above!

And now the remnants of Irene are causing horrible flooding in Vermont.

Hopefully, all these beach towns can still get some last minute summer business over Labor Day!

Ixnay the Elatingay

Two years ago, in passing, someone informed me on the not-so-savory details of gelatin and how it is made. I am not going to go into the details on this blog…you can Google it for yourself, but let’s just say once you might not be reaching for Jell-o anytime soon.

I decided to cut out gelatin thinking it was just Jello..but I was so wrong.

Over Memorial Day, I sat in Hoby’s Mom’s kitchen chatting with his brother who happens to own a candy factory. I told him about my non-gelatin ways and he told me I was only scratching the surface with the Jello ban..gelatin is in tons of popular candy…including Swedish Fish!!!!

I almost fell off the stool. I flew to Baltimore with a small bag of Swedish Fish from Fresh Market!!! He started listing all the candies…jelly beans, gummy worms (any gummy candies) and even marshmellows!! There goes Rice Krispy treats. I said it right then out loud-with more Swedish Fish for me. If you know me, that might be hard to believe, but I have not had one or even thought about it since that fateful night.

After I did a little more research.. I found one really sad addition to the gelatin list…candy corn. I really love candy corn but will be skipping it from now on. Gelatin can also be found in many non-fat adds flavor among other things. Gelatin is also used for gel caps that many medicines are as. It seems like it is everywhere…….

Me and Violet

This picture kills me..I do the same thing!!!! I have been reading and keep closing one eye without even thinking about it. My eye doctor says it is normal reaction when one eye is stronger than another. He finally prescribed me glasses and with my new super duper insurance, was able to pick out a pair of glasses in his office that only cost $60 with everything including scratch resistant coating! I was so relieved and then realized that glasses are such a statement and then I started doubting my choice. So…I told her I would come back and that was 3 months ago. So..thank you Violet for reminding me that I need to get on the glasses search and get them in hand asap!

Picture courtesy of Suri’s Burn Book

Bridal Consultant

One of my nine lives was as a bridal consultant….at Tiffany & Co from 1998 – 2002. The only reason I even secured an interview for the job was through a very VIP customer of theirs who I babysat for. My hourly salary was a little higher than the normal salesperson there, but I only earned 1% commission instead of the 2% or 3% the others I had to hustle!

There were serious perks to this job. When I was first told about the discount, I almost fainted. They wanted their staff to wear their goods, so they made it very easy to stock up. You were required to open a Tiffany & Co. credit card for purchases..very dangerous and several times a year you were invited to a chip and dent can only imagine.

My small desk was in the back of the store right next to all the china and flatware. I took my job so seriously and was always looking for good brides to come register with me. Luckily, my timing there was perfect, three good friends got married during my tenure bringing tons of business and securing my status as the bridal consultant with the most sales per registry in the company for 3 years in a row. I let everyone I worked with know this accomplishment and believe me, they were happy to let me deal with brides and all their returns and high maintenance behavior.

There are so many decisions to make when you are a bride and lucky for me, most of the time, when they were coming to register, they really hadn’t gotten started yet. Armed with every issue of Martha Stewart Weddings behind me in my cabinet, I could spend hours chatting about every wedding detail and took copious notes for the book I was going to write. Obviously, that hasn’t happened yet, but I will share some of my favorite tidbits here…

1. Favors-so important because this is what your guests will leave your wedding holding..a reminder of the big event. I have always thought that unless you can afford a really nice favor, skip it and spend the money on a nice program. I used to keep some pretty samples in my drawer. This was almost 10 years ago before so many paper options were available, but you would be surprised what you could get printed at Kinkos and then add a little grosgrain ribbon. Now, I would stalk Etsy until I found something great.

2. Weather– I happen to live in Miami and it is hot during wedding season. One of the prettiest weddings I ever attended was ruined because the doors of the church were left open from the wedding before and the church heated up. By the time they realized the problem, it was too late to do anything about it and everyone was fanning themselves with their programs. This is the perfect job for the Uncle or cousin you have that needs something to do so they don’t get in the way. Send them over to the church a little early just to check things out. I promise the bride I am talking about never thought in a million years that this would have happened to her.

3. Thank you notes– Every bride stresses about writing timely thank you notes. Don’t think you can get away from not writing them..people will talk and they won’t ever forget it. If you are having a large wedding, or you just know that it is going to take you a long time to get your thank you’s done, I always recommended brides to have simple cards printed up that state Your generous gift has been received. A formal note of thanks will follow. This puts everyone at ease, letting people know that you did, in fact, receive your gift and it buys you some time to get the thank you notes done. Also, make many copies of your gift list so there is no chance of losing it. You will never remember all the info.

There are so many more wedding tips in my arsenal. After 4 years of debriefing brides after their weddings, I collected some pretty good intel. Someday I will use it for my own wedding..not sure where my groom is hiding! This is my ongoing project besides writing in Summer in Newport..finding a husband

Elle’s September Cover Girl

The only thing that annoys me about being glued to my computer is that I get tidbits of information way too easily and then when it comes through the normal channels, I have already heard/seen it. I was very excited to see Gwyneth’s awesome Elle September issue cover in my mailbox today, but the article inside was full of quotes I have been reading for weeks! But..she looks usual.

I always enjoy reading about Gwyneth and in this particular magazine, am thankful that I could actually read the copy..everything is such small print!

Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine

Kind of Shocked…

Not quite sure how I missed the above picture a little while ago, but today these pics hit the web and I really am speechless. I just didn’t peg Reese Witherspoon as the tattoo type. And..if she did get one, maybe a little heart or flower on her hip? Yikes, this one on her stomach is huge. I just don’t know what to say…

Photos courtesy of Us Magazine

Technology Decisions…

Lately, I have been tortured on which phone to get next. My T-Mobile contract is up September 2nd and I have been ithcing to get an iPhone and join the rest of the world. I could produce a list a mile long of the cool things I “need” on the iPhone that are not possible on the Blackberry, most especially being able to see my website and any new orders received..kind of crucial.

When I did my due diligence, I realized that the service for iPhones is much more expensive than the $49.99 T-Mobile just started offering for their unlimited Blackberry service. I have been paying $120/month for a long time, so the reduction sounded so great. In the end…my current Curve started acting up and after talking to some nice T-Mobile folks, I have a brand new Bold being overnighting to me tomorrow to replace my old Curve for free! That $4.99 insurance my Dad made me get years ago does come in handy for sure.

So, my BBM list is dwindling day-by-day with the defectors to iPhones…but we will always have email/twitter/facebook/text messages!!! xo


Speaking of technology..what happened to the right hand of my blog? It is now at the bottom. Help!!!!!!!

Not in my vocabulary…

ex·er·cise   /ˈɛksərˌsaɪz/ Show Spelled

[ek-ser-sahyz] noun, verb, -cised, -cis·ing.

1. bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health: Walking is good exercise.

2. something done or performed as a means of practice or training: exercises for the piano.

3. a putting into action, use, operation, or effect: the exercise of caution.

4. a written composition, musical piece, or artistic work executed for practice or to illustrate a particular aspect of technique.

5. Often, exercises. a traditional ceremony: graduation exercises.

Today at work, we kicked of an exercise campaign. We are broken out in teams of 3 and had a weigh-in this afternoon. That was super fun. We get points for each 15 minutes of exercise we do and will be weighed in each Monday. We got a head start last week and it was great..except I hate having to wash my hair every day and my laundry has tripled!!!! Our office is on an island so walking on the bridge and back is an amazing workout. My team is Team cross your fingers for me!

Note to my exercise focused Dad: This post is dedicated to you!!!!!