Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all! I am trying to stay away from all the candy today, but it is everywhere! The above picture I am finding hilarious since I am practically back to that haircut right now. Can you tell I have an older brother? Clearly I had a hand-me down Halloween that year.

This one was hand-me down as well. It looks like I came out ahead of my brother though…he had a paper bag on and I was the Frito Bandito, with a sombrero and everything. Ole!

Chopped Off

This Saturday, I had a hair appointment that has changed things up a little. After my doctor told me I needed to walk twice a day to help alleviate back pain, all I could think about was my hair. How could I wash my hair every day, sometimes twice? My hair had gotten extremely long and I had thought of donating my ponytail. I used my tape measure and figured out that cutting a ponytail would still leave me shoulder-length hair, a nice change.

I made the appointment on Saturday, knowing I would want to coincide any type of blow-out with the Beaux Arts Ball. I told Duane, my fabulous hair guru, about my plan and there was a pause on the other line. I have only let him cut 1/2 inch at a time, so this was big news to him. I also made a deal with my little friend Nicole at work to cut her extremely long hair. Her appointment is next week.

When I showed up at the d.r. bonlie salon at 4:30, Duane was waiting for me with the funniest look on his face, he didn’t think I would go through with it. I got my measuring tape out and we went to work. He broke my hair into four parts and put little elastics in but his version of 8 inches had the little rubber bands barely below my ears! I started to panic but kind of couldn’t turn back. We were cracking each other up…

He asked me a few times if I was sure and then took his very sharp scissors and started cutting through each ponytail. My hair is chemically straightened, so it is very dense and it took a little while to get through each one. After the first, the hair left was so unbelievably short, I really couldn’t process what just happened. After he was finished cutting, we put them together and I tied them with a ribbon.

After a little color, shampoo and head massage, he was ready to get to work styling my new ‘do. Duane is an artist and he cut my hair for almost 20 minutes straight, layer after layer, convincing me that I would love it. Too late to turn back, I just sat there and watched him create crazy layers so my hair wouldn’t look boxy. Then we decided to add bangs, which I do every few years and promptly grow out. The end result…very cute. He made the layers flip out on the sides and although it was short, it did look good, but so much shorter than I ever imagined. I took this in the car before I drove home…

My beautiful ponytail is going to an organization called Children With Hair Loss. After doing a little research, I found out that Locks of Love needs 10 inches and could not guarantee my straightened hair would be used for a wig. They also charge for their wigs, which I thought was horrible. I found another this other organization which was started by a hair stylist in Michigan. They collect donated ponytails and sort them by color and send them off to the wig maker. When they are finished, they are donated at no cost to children battling Cancer, Alopecia and other ailments which cause hair to fall out. Although they prefer virgin hair, they take all sorts and only need 8 inches. Believe me, I am no martyr, but it feels good doing something selfless that will make someone else very happy. Yikes…I am so scared to blow dry it myself tomorrow!!!

Ghouls and Glam

Tonight is the Beaux Arts Ball and the theme this year is Ghouls and Glam. When we were setting up the silent auction today, I happened to look up and see this lovely corpse all decked out with flower right above some of the silent auction tiems! The decor is unbelievable and I can’t wait to share pictures tomorrow. Lots of Halloween parties this weekend!!!

Fall Preview Trunk Show

So excited for my Fall Preview Trunk Show today…my fingers are so sore from making jewelry. Will post pictures from the show later today. For my Miami friends, come by and take a peek!!!

Update…my show was super fun and saw lots of old customers. Everyone is loving my new wood necklaces, so I am glad I am on the right track!

Tonight is Cynthia’s fundraiser Karaoke for a Cause at the Rik Rak Salon. I am hoping to stay out the way of the karaoke line..it is my biggest fear!!!!

Beyond Inflation

This little picture almost made me fall out of my seat. I am seriously in disbelief that this Tiffany & Co. silver heart tag bracelet is now $245!!!!! When I was in college, this bracelet retailed for $90. I bought it for myself and wore it for years. In 1998 when I started working at Tiffany, the price was $110. A few months in, the price increased to $125.
This bracelet was so popular during the 4 years I worked there, we spent most of our down time pre-wrapping them so we always had them on hand. We sold anywhere from 20-75 a day. It got to a point where I was wondering who was left in Miami that didn’t already own one. At some point, the price went up to $135 and I was horrified but it didn’t stop the sales. I left the store in 2002 and even though the price of silver has certainly gone up, I am feeling sorry for the teenagers who will have to save so much longer to afford this little bracelet!!!
These days, mine is gold and in my usual fashion, I cannot decide on a monogram to get it engraved, so the heart dangles free and clear of a fancy kPa. Maybe I was thinking if I waited long enough, I could put my married initials on it..that must be it.!
Photo via Matchbook Magazine

Fall TV Updates

Not to turn this blog into Entertainment Weekly, but since I watch more television than most people, I feel compelled to share my latest updates on Fall Television:

2 Broke Girls is the funniest new show. I love both the actresses and think the writing is hilarious. Mondays 9:30 on CBS

Prime Suspect is one of my new favorites. It takes a little while to get into this show, but it is funny and interesting if you stick with it. They have this show on a wait-and-see list and I am hoping it survives! They are re-playing it during the week at 10pm to get more people to watch (and fill in the cancelled show’s spots) Thursdays 10pm on NBC

Hart of Dixie with Rachel Bilson is adorable. It is hard not to keep thinking she is Summer Roberts from the OC since she talks just like her, but I LOVE this show. Jaime King is hilarious and it is a great mix of comedy and a little drama with great backdrops of Alabama. Mondays at 9pm on the CW

and…Revenge. Well, I do love this show but have to admit after watching several episodes, the acting is horrible. I never let that stop me from enjoying a good show, but still… They keep teasing that something HUGE happening on episode 7, so stay tuned. Also a quick disclaimer, they shoot this show entirely in Wilmington, NC (just like Dawson’s Creek), and the actress who plays Emily has never set foot in the Hamptons. So funny. Wednesdays, 10pm on ABC

and New Girl..my favorite. I waited to watch and then watched three in a row and laughed so hard. Zooey Deschanel is so funny and irresistible..you can’t help but love her. This show is doing so well, they were confident enough to pull it off the air for 2 weeks for baseball. The fans went crazy, so I am pretty confident this one will be around for a while. If you haven’t watched yet, set your DVR and check it out. Tuesdays 9pm on Fox

Homeland with Claire Danes is fabulous. The story is so good and you get sucked in. She is amazing on television and Mandy Patinkin is great as her mentor. I love shows set in DC, so this is a treat and makes me feel like I am watching a sister show of 24! Sundays on Showtime

On my “thanks but no thanks list”…


Up All Night

On my newish tv show list of favorites

The Good Wife

Rizzoli and Isles

Covert Affairs

In Plain Sight

and on my still good after all these years list….

Grey’s Anatomy

Desperate Housewives

Law & Order SVU but missing Det. Stabler

For the travelers in Coach…

Nothing annoys me more than as soon as the wheels are up on a flight, the person in front of you slams their seat back into your knees. I am totally against reclining seatbacks and usually am clasping my hands in prayer that the seat remains upright. MSNBC has a poll on their website right now to get feedback on how people feel about this…

These are the results as of 2:30 on 10/21/11. I have to say, the last few times I have flown, I have tried to get the row behind the exit row since their seats do not recline, but those seats are hard to get. I can’t seem to win. I need to fly First Class obviously.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a table at the Westminister Carnival on Saturday and thankfully, the weather should be beautiful. I have been busy making jewels, organizing all my bead boxes and running my newly fixed dishwasher! xo

Stories I Only Tell My Friends

After hearing how fabulous Rob Lowe’s autobiography was for weeks by BFF Amy, I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived a few days ago. She and Oprah both said it was a great read, but I have to say, it is better than I expected. I haven’t read such an interesting non-fiction book in a really long time. His story has so many twists and turns but what is so captivating is that even in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio as a child, he had encounters with famous actors and entertainers and it never stops. This is a must read for any Us Magazine junkie. After moving from Ohio to Malibu, he did some commercials here and there and then got a series called “A New Kind of Family”. But, his career really took off with “The Outsiders” and his recollection of meeting and working with all the actors involved was a highlight for me. I have seen that movie so many times and spent several years madly in love with C. Thomas Howell as a teenager.

The fun doesn’t stop until the very end. All the behind the scenes stories are so great, especially if you are a fan of the Brat Pack movies and The West Wing. His writing style is so easy to read, I flew through the pages..dying to know what happened next (the story ends with The West Wing). Check out Rob Lowe’s memoir “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”, you won’t be disappointed. There is so much more of his story to tell, I hope he writes another book in the future.


Autumn in New York by Caitlin McGauley

Not sure Miami has an Autumn these days. When everyone else keeps mentioning Indian Summer, we are dealing with low 90 degree weather. For the past four days, we have had torrential downpours and flooding..last night even some tornadoes. They keep talking about a cold front coming but I think I will believe that when I see it.

Last night, I was able to secure an amazing friend’s house for my next trunk show. I am so excited for all the shows to start. I am ready!

And.. the best news this week:

A real electrician came to my apartment this morning and not only fixed my broken overhead light but my dishwasher, which has not been turned on since I have became the owner in January. I hate doing the dishes and have been buying paper plates for months. So..now it works and I could not be happier!!!!

Off to watch my DVR taped episode of Revenge!!