Post-Christmas North Carolina Visit

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a tree trimming party at Hoby and Christina’s when Pam announced that she was having her famous Oyster Roast party again and we all should come.  It took about 2 minutes for the plans to be set and Hoby and Christina were driving from Baltimore on their way home, Meg and family would already be there and Helen and I decided to fly there.  Something fun to look foward to.

My travels yesterday left lots to be desired, but I was very relieved to have finally made it to Greensboro, North Carolina and be picked up by Meg’s Aunt and Uncle heading to Statesville.  My bag did not arrive with me (for the first time in my life) and I would normally have melted down at the airport, but going to Pam’s is the best place to be to wing it without your own stuff.  My bag was promised to be delivered today.  We all met at a Mexican restaurant and the fun began.
Me and Elizabeth

Kelly and Meg
After the dinner, the party kept going back at Pam’s
It was Christina’s birthday so we toasted to her and had the best time.
When I got to my room, Hoby and Chrsitina had left me a prize…yum!
and they brought their little sidekick Bambino..
Today we got up and had an amazing breakfast.  They went down to the chickens and brought back 5 fresh eggs.  Then we got ready for our ride..

It was so much fun..a little chilly.
The big Oyster Roast is tonight..more pics to come. 
We are having a blast!
Photos by me and Christina Staalstrom


I had such an amazing holiday.  I helped so many people find perfect gifts and I was the recipient of a few myself.  My Mom took a bunch of my finished needlepoint ornaments at Thanksgiving and made them into ornaments for me.  This is a huge thing in my world because I have about 30 finished ornaments waiting to be made up and to take them to my needlepoint store, it cost approx. $50 each!  A few years ago she did some for me but was quick to let me know it was not her favorite thing to sew, so I haven’t asked in a while.

Here are the ones she finished…

I am so in love with them..especially the Santa.  So, so cute.

From Meg, my personal decorator, she found a perfect lamp for my apartment.  It is amazing to get a gift that you would have picked out yourself.  
I haven’t tucked it behind my chair where it needs to go because I need an extension cord, but couldn’t wait to plug it in and turn it on.  I am always needing light in my living room, where I work.

And from my generous friend Pam, a wonderful orchid arrangement for my dining room table. I have been wanting one from Country French for such a long time.  It is perfect.

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
I have had such a fun day!
This was my Christmas Card this year.  I am still sending them out because I got a late start and then had a last minute holiday rush that kept me busy until 10:45 pm last night!
the front
and the back…

It came out so cute..designed by Tracy from Paper and Ink Designs.
More tomorrow..

My Tree and Holiday Updates

Last weekend, I finally got my tree.  So crazy to wait but I was that busy and needed help getting the tree up to my apartment.  My friend Mike came to the rescue and helped me out so I didn’t pull any muscles trying to do it myself.

Of course, when I finally was ready to decorate, my lights were a mess and all tangled.  Meg used to throw her lights away each year so she didn’t have to deal with them and this year I am starting to think she had a good idea.  I ended up going out and buying 5 new boxes of lights just to get it going.  The end result was so great…

I had a little party this past week (will post later about that) and Meg and Helen came over the nights before to help me get ready.  Meg moved some more furniture around and Helen ended up finishing the tree decorating for me.  Such good friends.  Helen even staged a bunch of presents under the tree out of items for sale on my funny.

My parents arrive tomorrow and the festivities will begin.  I am still making jewelry for orders right now and have deliveries through tomorrow of ordered personalized items that are arriving Christmas Eve.  The snow storm has put a crinkle in my arrival times.  

I have just experienced the best Christmas season yet with amazing sales.  And, it isn’t over yet..still a few husbands that need last minute help.  Love them.  Next week, will post some of my holiday recaps.  I have been such a slacker lately and have heard about it from my loyal peeps.  Thankfully, everyone is understanding that I am a tad busy and haven’t had time to sit for 2 minutes.  

My last bit of fun news is that to make up for my blackberry going through the wash on Wednesday before my party, a sweet friend purchased an iPhone for me for Christmas.  What a life changer!!  I am so in love with it and am hoping it will help me be in better touch.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Pretty Trays

One of my favorite artists, Caitlin McGauley just launched a new line of  porcelain trays.  They feature her amazing watercolor art and are so, so cute.  Made in Portugal of the finest white porcelain and accented in 22k gold, these trays would make great gifts or look fantastic on your dresser to hold your goodies.  They measure 8″ x 6″.

Trays sell for $165.
Check out Caitlin’s website here.


I finally got a watch with a large face since my eyesight has all of a sudden gone downhill.  A bunch of my friends have the big gold Swatch and I decided to try one for myself.  After a few days, now I can’t imagine having a small watch face and all the squinting that goes with it.
All the paper products that customers ordered are being delivered to me and I spent a good part of the weekend driving around with deliveries.  I could not believe how hard it was to see the house numbers…I am thinking I need to upgrade my glasses.
So, when I went to Swatch to have my watch sized, I was checking out the selection and could not believe how many cute watches there were under $100.  This collection above had so many color combinations.  My favorites are the blue with the kelly green hands and the hot pink with the blue hands.
Check out  There is something for everyone

Weekend on Reflection

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to sail on Celebrity Reflection, a beautiful new ship to celebrate its Inaugural.  Two of my great friends and co-workers were chosen to be Godmothers of the ship along with two shipboard employees, so..very exciting.

Their pictures will hang by Guest Relations forever…
 The official naming ceremony was in the theater and after the speeches and introductions, they all let go of long pink ribbons that floated throughout the ship and out to the huge champagne bottle that smashed open right on cue. 

Helen leaving the stage…

The four Godmothers with a few past Celebrity Godmothers with our Chairman, CEO and the ship builders. All the Godmothers received a beautiful gold link bracelet from the shipyard family.

All the Godmothers and their families were given VIP treatment all weekend…

Sunday, there were various events around the ship..I was working but was able to check it all out walking from one end of the ship to the other multiple times.  The ship is really amazing.  Above is the Lawn Club with real grass…

So many places to eat..this one was a favorite…

Riding on the elevator, you can see the huge library, which is so cool…

and the suspended tree housed in a piece of art.

There is an adults-only pool…

and two regular pools which were packed even in cloudy weather.

All in all, a fun work weekend…congratulations Helen and Rosey!

Photos couresty of myself and Celebrity Cruises

Shows, Shows and More Shows…

I am sitting on my couch beading as I take a break to type this.  This time of year is crazy for someone like me, trying to sell their wares and also keep up with a full-time job.  This weekend, we have a new ship coming to Miami for its inaugural celebration, so it is sheer mayhem.  One of my favorite shows is Friday morning, the Beaux Arts Holiday Market.  This show brings out fun shoppers and old friends, and usually has the most delicious food ever.

This is what has been selling…
First, these long sparkly necklaces.  They can be worn long or doubled up.  For $45, they are a great gift for you or someone on your list…
Some sparkly bracelets with gold disk cute for $65 each…

and lots of pearls…

My best selling notepads have been super popular…

Patterned, cardstock notepads with monograms $18 each

and my favorite thing..a 5 x 5 acrylic box holding a ton of cardstock note sheets for $36.  This is something that EVERYONE could use on their desk.  LOVE

I am loving this time of year, but am needing to clone myself to get to everyone and keep up at work..I also could use some elves to string beads!!!

Destination Fashion

This past Saturday was Destination Fashion, an over-the-top event to raise money for the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.  This event is the only one where they actually close down the Bal Harbour Shops for the night. It was packed with so many fun people, tons of old friends that I had not seen in ages and excellent people watching.  The beginning of the evening was a dinner with a fashion show and a presentation of Women of Style and Substance.  Each lady was escorted by a celebrity of some sort-so tons of sports stars, tv stars and just plain stars…
Stephanie on stage with MC Tom Brokaw…

Samantha with Colin pick for Christian Grey…

Some of my girls with Matthew Settle from Gossip Girl-so cute

The dinner set was amazing…
Me and Ricky..the best date ever…

Then the party followed into the shops where all different destinations were staged and desserts were everywhere…

Nicole, me and Cynthia
My cute friend Zaria…
The Sayfie girls…

There were even Real Housewives there…
Me and Cynthia…
Meg and Brett

The night ended with an Enrique Iglesias concert..girls were going wild.  
There were a million phones in the air with people video funny
By the end, a ton of girls were on stage!

The entire night was amazing.  During the dinner, a longtime supporter, Christine Lynn pledged a donation of $25 million to the Miami Project.  This kicked off a few more impromptu donations and the total raised for the night was $31 million!  So proud of Suzie and Stephanie Sayfie..they are unbelievable!  Congratulations!

Amy and her Mom with Enrique after the concert.