American Two Shot

In 1989, when I was working part time at a children’s clothing store in South Miami, a Mom and two girls came in to shop. When I commented on how cute they were, the Mom asked “do you babysit?” I said yes and what started as a Sunday babysitting gig turned into life-changing relationship with their family, becoming a borrowed big sister of sorts, spending lots of summers with them, helping with carpools, traveling, shopping and shaping their music taste with stolen mixed tapes that I sent home from college. It wasn’t true babysitting, because their cool Mom was always around-we had so much fun…

Me and the girls a few years ago at their brother’s wedding
Fast forward to 2012 and they are all grown up and both living in NYC. Both are artists and both are super smart. I love hearing what they are up to and keeping up with them-even though as time goes on, it gets harder. The youngest one, Olivia, is an amazing artist and has just opened a boutique in Soho called American Two Shot.
Located on Grand Street, this artsy store carries men and women’s clothing, vintage finds and has an on site cafe. The space will also host art exhibitions. This week, New York Times Magazine did a feature on the opening of this fun new retail gem.

Check it out…

American Two Shot
135 Grand Street
New York City

Courtney’s House

Last night, I went to a committee meeting for an event we are having next month at our friend Courtney’s house. I always love going to her house..she always hosts fun get togethers…it is really amazing. Every room is cozy and filled with beautiful things…

Someday, I will have a deep salmon pink room like this..LOVE

There were decorative accents everywhere from the sea…

Her outside area is to die for…

Sea urchin lamp…

The spread she had for our meeting…everything was delicious.

Her dining room is ready for Easter…

Dying over this shell mirrored sconce with the coral at the top..

This was where we had our little meeting. I could not stop staring at everything in this room.
The fabric on these couches is outrageous.

Before I left, Courtney showed my her amazing sink in the master bathroom-her favorite thing in the house. I have never seen anything like it before. There were about 10 more beautifully decorated rooms that I did not get to. Her house belongs in magazines, it is that perfect. And when I was snapping my pics..I was thinking-I could see this on Pinterest!!!
Thank you so much Courtney for the most fun meeting I have been to in a while. xo

Last Chance for Labels…

My favorite label company, Laura Mitzelfelt Designs, is discontinuing her adorable gift labels. They have been a staple in my stationery collection for so long, I was crushed to hear the news. I am sending her one last order and just wanted to make sure no one is left out! They are 3″ square labels printed on heavy white label stock. The prices are fantastic:

30 labels $24

45 labels $36

60 labels $46

Check them out on my website here.

50 Shades of Craziness

If you haven’t heard of the book 50 Shades of Grey by now, you are seriously living under a rock. All of my friends are either reading it or have read it already. I succumbed on Friday and downloaded it to my Kindle app on my iPad and then subsequently downloaded the Kindle app on my Blackberry so I could read on the go. There are 3 books in total and it has completely slowed my productivity down. I have a big trunk show next weekend and I have so much to do.
I will leave it up to you to find out what all the fuss is about..but I will say it is addictive reading and I can see why it has shot up the New York Times Bestseller list in record time. Check it out so you aren’t left out!

Looking forward to summer…

Me in Virginia Beach, circa sometime in the 70’s
Who are we kidding??? Summer is here already and it is only March. I am posting my annual “looking forward to summer” picture to get in the spirit. My summer plans are still way up in the air and I have been trying to get a little tan sitting at some pools. There is an ease of going to lay out at a pool that is appealing…no sand in everything you take home, easily accessible bathrooms and in some cases, amazing food and beverage service right to your lounge chair.

The Biltmore Hotel nice and beautiful. This is the corner where Zaria and I have been sitting. They bring diet cokes in strong plastic cups WITH a lime slice without even asking. My #1 spot.

I spent last weekend with friends at the Ritz Carlton South Beach pool. It was so fun and the view is outrageous. Expensive menu, but the you are paying for the scene. My friend Kyle gave me her room key so I could go back. A little scared but worth a try…

There’s always the pool at my condo. It is so pretty but it is very hot there for some reason. I have only lasted about an hour before I head back upstairs. But..good in a pinch.

Can’t wait for summer!!!

Nordstrom Goodies…

Recently, I was given the sweetest surprise $100 gift card from Nordstrom. It is burning a hole in my pocket but I can’t decide what to purchase. It’s always the way. On any given day, i could walk in there and see twenty things I have to have right away. Here are some possibilities…

Marc by Marc Jacobs..seen in Vogue and hunted down online. Shop here.

Saw in Nordstrom last weekend…fell in love and added to the list.

Even though I own a jewelry business, I would still consider one of these Tory Burch bangles..
I am also thinking of stocking up on my favorite shampoo and some Mac essentials.
Will let you know soon!


Since I chopped my hair off last October, I have been horribly missing my ponytail and the ability to get my very thick hair up and out of the way. Along those lines, I quickly realized that for at least 20 years, I have rarely left my house without a black elastic on my wrist. I am not alone in this habit..I am always seeing people do the same thing, even celebrities. I love the candid shots of movie stars around town and more often than not, they too have a little black elastic on their’s a girl thing…

Guess whose hair is just about to be in a ponytail again? I am warming up my elastics for about 2 weeks from now…so excited. As a man in my office told me November 1st, “don’t you know boys like girls with long hair???” Yes, I it is growing out!
When I look through pictures, it is hard to find one without an elastic on my jewelry!

Ahhh Friday…

Today started out a little crazy..I got up at the crack of dawn to take Tara to the airport. We had fun this week and it was great to show her around Miami since she has shown me around the entire Northeast. I finally came to grips with the fact that I have allergies. This week, my one eye has been tearing and it super itchy. So, I guess I need to buy some Claritin.

I am also waiting for new glasses to arrive. Last week, I finally picked out the frames in my doctor’s office. It was so difficult to find ones I liked and when I did, of course they were back-ordered. So, I took the plunge and got these blue Tory Burch ones. We’ll see how these turn out!

And then a little while ago….I got the first pic of the DVF for Gap Kids pictures. Camille got her girls the most adorable things. She sent me this pic..her girls are so cute. I am in LOVE with all the DVF heart patterns.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!!