Pinterest Updates

Yikes, I have been so crazy these last few weeks, one thing I have not had time to do is be on Pinterest! One one hand, good because when you are on it all the time, you start to see the same pins over and over resurfacing. Bad because I feel like I have missed things. I was thinking the other day how great this resource is for people who need a little help with decorating their home. There is really no excuse now with all of these amazing pictures culled together by others for you right on your computer screen.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

And I pinned this tonight..a picture of my cute elephant necklaces on ribbon donated to our Progressive Dinner gift bags for Beaux Arts (that post is next).  I LOVE them and plan on putting them on my website when I can restock the elephant charms.  You can check out my Pinterest here

Eclectic at the Pierre Hotel

The apartment in the Pierre that belongs to Matthew Mellon and his wife Nicole Hanley Mellon is featured in Vogue with beautiful photographs taken by Claiborne Swanson Frank.  Although she decorated the apartment herself, she worked with several designers including Celerie Kemble and Cristin DeVeer, the end result being an eclectic apartment with a fresh take on classic.

The living room centers around a Peter Beard photograph.

Shelves filled with family moments and history.

Their son Force’s room…Matthew also shares a daughter Araminta “Minty” with first wife, Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon.
The couple’s website/blog is all about fashion perspective.  Tons of fashion features and outfit spreads like below.  The couple’s fashion line Hanley Mellon was started in 2008 and described as “American legacy meets European Bohemia”.  A Samantha Thavasa handbag collection followed. 

So fun to get a peek of this apartment.  I think it would be the in a perfectly located hotel in New York City with every amenity, maid service and amazing room service one phone call away.  Sounds great!
Photos courtesy of and

Zanmi Beni Bakesale

This Sunday, a bunch of my friends had a bake sale to benefit Zanmi Beni, an children’s home in Haiti where many children displaced and abandoned from the 2010 Earthquake live.  Two amazing Moms working with Partners in Health have been flying back and forth to Haiti, bringing friends and supporters to help build this special place and stay involved with the children there.  Their hands-on approach is working and many of their friends and their daughters have become heavily involved raising money for these children, many of whom were living in the pediatric ward of Port-au-Prince’s General Hospital, which was badly damaged in the Earthquake.
The bake sale was a huge success, so many families stopped by and stocked up on goodies.

One thing looked better than the next…

Cupcakes, cookies, pound cakes, cake pops..all hand made and delicious.

Zanmi Beni means “blessed friends” in Haitian Creole.  The children living there are blessed to have these amazing women involved in their lives.  To read more about this organization, click here.
So proud of my friends and their hard work!

Happy Hound

One of my favorite finds on Etsy is Happy Hound.  This seller has a fun selection of high quality notecards, notepads and gift tags. 

this looks like someone we all know…
I ordered these fox notes for me..

so many equestrian items…
Lovely place cards..
I love the notepads..such a cute gift.

There are even handmade soaps on her site…
These gift tags are amazing..

This line is so different and fresh.  The prices are very reasonable as well.

Check out Happy Hound on Etsy 

G.I.V.E. Day 2012

G.I.V.E. Day was this past Saturday! Months of preparations finally came together and it was an unbelievable day. Over 1,600 people came out to a historic high school in Overtown to help complete our beautifying project. By the afternoon, over 10,000 plants were in the ground and over 800 gallons of paint were on the walls. Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International employees came out in record numbers and worked with students and administrators of the school, vendors, suppliers, City Year students and volunteers and even some cruise passengers to paint and landscape.

All the plants were set in place and just needed to be put in the ground and covered in mulch.

Even an early morning downpour didn’t slow anyone down…

The students painting their courtyard..

Everyone had so much fun…it was a fantastic day.
One more event next week!

Photos by Eddy Mathieu

Again..obsessed with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, J Lo, Jenny from the Block…any one of them makes American Idol so amazing to watch. Not only do I love American Idol the show, but adding J Lo to the mix was so smart. She knows what she is talking about music-wise, she is fun and funny, beautiful and adds a very human element to a sometimes harsh show. She isn’t afraid to give the contestants bad news, she just has a nicer way of putting it than judges in the past. Now, I am not sure I would watch the show without her!

She is fabulous!
************************ is my niece Taylor’s 15th birthday!
I really cannot believe she is almost driving age.
Happy Birthday Taylor! xo

Stuck with the Original

Two Christmases ago, no one was more excited to receive an iPad than me. I coveted one for so long..not having an iPhone or a Mac, it was my first foray into the world of Apple besides my iPods and I was so excited. Of course, a few months later, when the iPad2 came out, I was slightly envious of the cool new model, thinner, with a camera and the cool colored covers…
The time to cash in on the original iPad was right away, selling on eBay for an amount that wasn’t so low it could make you cry. I missed that boat and now with the iPad3 about to launch, my dinosaur iPad is practically worthless! Some of the cool new apps don’t even work on the original, kind of like a slap to the face for having an outdated toy.
These days, the thought of spending a chunk of cash on a new model of a device that I still consider a luxury, not a necessity is not really feasible. I am saving up for a new kitchen..but I did see one of my friends whip out her iPad in the most sumptuous black Chanel case a few weeks ago.

The puffy caviar leather with the beautiful interlocking Cs took my breath away and I am not afraid to say I was pea green with envy. My standard issue black Apple cover has stood the test of time and kept my beloved iPad from cracking in half at being dropped several times by accident, but it is so ugly and..well-standard. I think I need this new case.
So, spend the money on a new case to put my old iPad in..or buy a new updated iPad???