Rush to Purchase…

For over 10 years, I have been extremely loyal to one fragrance, Gucci Rush.  I love that perfume so much, I feel like it was made for me.  When I have breezed through department stores, I always looked for the red box and would spray some 

So when it was discontinued, I bought two bottles of them but both were too old and did not smell the correct way.  I found another bottle at the Atlanta Gift Show…I should have known better but I was super smelled horrible.

In desperation, I have used these not-so-current bottles because you can still smell a little of the Rush mixed in with the other fumes.  I wore the last squire of liquid out of that bottle last weekend and kept smelling my wrist.  I don’t know why, but I just googled Gucci Rush and see that it is still at Sephora with many comments about people purchasing it within the last month! 

I will be at Sephora on Saturday checking this out.  If it is still available..I will be the happiest person.  I have missed it so much.  Gucci Envy has been my substitute for the past few months, but it is just not the same.

UPDATE:   I have been doing some more digging and found that Rush is still on the Gucci website for sale!!!!!  I can’t believe it.  Apparently, they pulled it from the department stores to carry it themselves and added Ulta and Sephora as well.  Woo Hoo!

A Design Proposition

I didn’t last 4 minutes inside my friend Jessica’s house tonight for a meeting without asking her if I could take pics for this blog. She is a designer and I have always wondered what her decor would be like inside ( I had only seen the entryway before). It did not disappoint! She loves Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard and you get that feeling in every nook and cranny of her beautiful home.  Tons of bookshelves, lots of blue and sea-inspired things.  Her tan suede couch below is so unbelievable, I could not stop touching it.  Here are some pics of several rooms…

Jessica from A Design Proposition
a m a z i n g

Summerland…at last!!!

I have been waiting for this day for months!  I downloaded Summerland on my Kindle app this morning and cannot wait to start reading!!  I never thought I would enjoy reading books on my iPad as much as I do.  It is so easy and convenient to always have your book with you.  My bookshelves are pretty full, so the timing of this change is perfect!

Here is a synopsis: A warm June evening, a local tradition: the students of Nantucket High have gathered for a bonfire on the beach. But what begins as a graduation night celebration ends in tragedy after a horrible car crash leaves the driver of the car, Penny Alistair, dead, and her twin brother in a coma. The other passengers, Penny’s boyfriend Jake and her friend Demeter, are physically unhurt – but the emotional damage is overwhelming, and questions linger about what happened before Penny took the wheel. 

As summer unfolds, startling truths are revealed about the survivors and their parents – secrets kept, promises broken, hearts betrayed. Elin Hilderbrand explores the power of community, family, and honesty, and proves that even from the ashes of sorrow, new love can still take flight.

I will be reading will be on hold!

Newport Flower Show

It was a picture like this I found online that started my whole Newport summer obsession.  One of my bff’s was moving there with her family and was rounding up possible babysitters for the summer.  After doing some online research of how on earth I would support myself for a summer out of town, I stumbled upon a picture promoting the Newport Flower Show with these vendor tents overlooking the ocean on the cliff walk and decided right then I had to be there.  I promoted my possible summer trip justifying that I had to be a part of this unbelievable event and would stay a few weeks before and after.  My parents were skeptical but I was relentless with my planning and filled out the vendor application and sent it in with a big check.

Fast forward a few weeks, my plans had really materialized.  I had roommates, a rental house and a very fun plan.  I didn’t plan on the lovely ladies who picked the vendors for the epic Newport summer event rejecting my application to show my wares on the beautiful grounds of Rosecliff.  I was so crushed but found another show and didn’t dwell on the crushing defeat.  Once I got to Newport, business-wise, it was great.  I got my jewelry into the Pink Pineapple ( the cutest store ever) and also was able to get some in Flat of the Hill in Boston (most readers know I am OBSESSED with this store).  Things just worked out and I had the time of my life.

Now I am regrouping my jewelry.  I am putting together a wholesale catalog to send out-so much work to get it together, and re-doing bits of my website to clear out some old and make room for some new.  I am going to Atlanta to the gift show in a few weeks and am hoping to find some new treasures to add to my collection.

My weight loss challenge is in full swing.  I have definitely lost weight and cannot stop shopping for new clothes.  It is much more fun shopping when things look good in the dressing room.  These are some of the goods I got…
These pants..

These shorts in white and navy…

And this red jacked I have been looking at for months.  All these sale items were an additional 40% off.  LOVE that!
Newport Flower Show photo courtesy of Susan Egan-xo


Not surprising to anyone who knows me well, my Dad is always dangling some type of carrot in front of me to get me exercising.  I have sent periodic blackberry videos of me walking as proof, always in a joking way, but I am dealing with someone who exercises every day of the week, so “here and there” walking doesn’t really cut it.  It’s never enough.  I do not love this is always an effort on my part.

Well, all my posts about a new kitchen and my chatter about Ikea visits have resulted in a very large carrot.  My challenge for this year is to get in shape (not go on a fad diet, seriously get in shape) AND pay off my credit cards..and my “carrot” prize will be a new kitchen.  I didn’t jump on this offer immediately because there is always tons of caveats with these types of challenges.  But, after much thought and my spending all sorts of time cooking these days in my old kitchen, I decided to do it.

So since May 29th, I have been doing no carbs.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  I now realize that I practically live on carbs.  My car automatically turns in to Einstein Bagels in the morning and I have never eaten a pizza that I didn’t like.  So, now I am eating lots of salad, chicken, fish and eggs.  It is paying off and I am happy to fit into some of my old clothes.  Since I got my Keratin treatment last week (that is a whole other post), it has made my walking a little easier in the morning.  I have small goals through the summer, but mostly I am DYING to fit into my favorite pair of white jeans from 2007.  I have two pairs of the same Banana Republic jeans that were my summer staple in serious rotation.  They have been folded up at the top of my closet for quite a while.  I moved them to top of my jeans pile, hopeful they will be part of my summer wardrobe before Labor Day.

As for the kitchen, will see me at Ikea drooling over all the choices.  My apartment has a very simple kitchen, so it won’t be too difficult, but I am determined to maximize all the space above my current cabinets for storage.  Thankfully, with the help of my arsenal of home magazines and Pinterest, kitchen ideas are aplenty.  Here are some of my inspirations….


White white kitchen

White Kitchen traditional kitchen

white kitchen #home #kitchen

countertop and sink.

So the Mrs. Fields milk chocolate chip cookie I want so badly won’t taste as good as fitting into my jeans or cooking in a new white fun kitchen.  Wish me luck!

Tagged in Gold

Several years ago, I was at a school trunk show and this cute Mom came by my table and she was wearing the most amazing gold link necklace with a gold tag with her initials stamped on it.  I practically lunged at her begging to know where she purchased it.  Her answer “some jeweler in NYC”.  She couldn’t remember the name.  I was crushed.  Fast forward to Vogue September 2008 and I saw this.  This is the same necklace!!!!  I pounced on my computer and poured through the website and the necklaces were so expensive!!  So, my hunt for the perfect gold disk necklace began…

This past year, I could not turn around without seeing the name Danielle Stevens plastered everywhere. She was selling very pretty, simple gold-filled versions of my necklace at reasonable prices.  I opened a wholesale account and placed a “test” order for a simple gold disk pendant.  After over a month, if finally arrived.  The chain was not great and I had to switch it out with one of mine.  I wore it every day for a few weeks and then it turned a sad shade of green.  I was so annoyed and dropped it in the bottom of my jewelry box, never to see it again, hopefully.

So, now and then I go back to Jennifer Fisher’s website and drool over the amazing charms and pendants.  Even though most are out of my price range, a girl can dream.

Last Christmas, one of my friends was looking for a necklace for her niece.  We poured over the internet, especially Etsy for a simple gold-filled disk with a pretty monogram.  We both used to work at Tiffany & Co., so our expectation of engraving is pretty unrealistically high.  We found this pendant online and it was $100!!!  When it arrived, we were both pleasantly surprised at the quality and the monogramming.  I am in the process of trying to secure this line for my own stay tuned!


My super fun summer roommates are in our old house in Newport and I am so pea green with envy I can barely stand it.  It is so hot in Miami..I mean walking outside into an oven-hot.  Thank goodness I got my keratin treatment this week, because I am no match for my real hair.  Done are the days looking like Dora the Explorer, I am starting to look like myself again.  This whole chopping off my hair while still single at my age was not the smartest thing I have ever done.  The ponytail chopped off was all of my expensively straightened hair, so I have now been reminded for the last 8 months what my real hair is had been so long since I have dealt with it.  Not fun..thick, wavy and unruly. Anyway…not to belabor the hair issue (my friend Cynthia at work told me she has never met anyone who talks about their hair as much as me) but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am so excited.

I pulled together some summer images to get into the mood of the hot summer ahead.  There are some travel plans in the works and I am determined to get to Newport at some point..not sure when.  I think back of my best summer (2008) when I lived there from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  What an amazing time..driving to the Cape for trunk shows, trips to Boston, lots of fun nights out with the girls and I met so many is just the best place to be in the summer.  

GP in Talented Mr. Ripley


Kate and Pippa and their white bikinis

The amazing Elle

St. Maarten

Snack Shack at Gooseberry Beach, Newport, Rhode Island

Blake Lively in Vogue

Monogrammed Bags from Etsy


Slim Aarons

The Galley

Princess Diana

Does not need a subtitle…
Happy Summer!!!

Summer Essentials Part 1

Amazing Missoni Beach Towel $225
How fun is this towel??
Straw Hat from Banana Republic $49.50
This cute white dress to show off your summer tan…Michael Kors $89.99
Ralph Lauren silk one shoulder dress $249

Calypso Bazo Print Sarong $55

Stripe tunic
J. Crew Navy striped tunic cover-up $74
Neon Pink Pants from the Gap $49.95  I have these pants and they are so cute-you can see me from a mile away.  They are part of my outfit today for work..hope I don’t get in trouble.
And just in time for the Americas Cup trials in Newport…
Lilly Pulitzer Delia Dress in You Gotta Regatta $168
Gap Ruffle Dot Dress $69.95
Ella dress in porcelain paisley
J. Crew Ella Dress in Porcelain Paisley $298
Calypso Lulu Oiseau Tunic $98
More to come…I am just getting started.
Happy Birthday to Meg!!!

The Pink Pagoda

L O V I N G this watercolor on The Pink Pagoda’s blog today.  Their new online store just opened and it is chock full of beautiful blue and white Chinese porcelain pieces.  When I first started collecting them, I feel like they were everywhere but these days, they are harder to come by.  How fun to now have a website filled with them with all sorts of price ranges.

Check out the Pink Pagoda here.  They are adding pieces in the next few days, so check back!