Julian, You Beast…


Having watching the UK airings of Downton Abbey via online stolen links last Fall, I have been sitting on the secret of the ending of the season for some time.  Painful, really.  I received the first secret link through a friend in Idaho.  She had seen me post about Downton and knew I was obsessed.  I watched it in disbelief that I was breaking all sorts of network television rules.  Each week, the link appeared on a Facebook page and each week I devoured the episodes on my laptop.  

Around this time, Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) began a Broadway run in New York and reports surfaced that he was not signing on for Season 4 of this amazing show.  These reports always pop up and usually go away, but this one stuck.  So, in the back of my mind, I knew there was a possibility of Matthew’s demise.  The horror!!!

Season 3 proved to be full of drama…Cora’s Mothers arrival started it off, the death of poor Sybil and Thomas’ shenanigans filled each episode with plenty to digest.  I hated Sybil’s death..she was such a favorite but I saw the benefits of this twist in the storyline play out in later episodes.

Edith is still single and searching for love and now Mr. Branson is trying to move upstairs gracefully without stepping on any toes.  Things in the kitchen get a little bit interesting when Daisy gets a promotion…

If you have not caught up on Season 3, get to iTunes and catch up quick.  You won’t be able to stay away from the shocking finale news for long.

One thought on “Julian, You Beast…

  1. Sybil, Anna and Matthew are my favorite characters. I'm down to ONE! I am still in shock over Matthew!!

    So can I convince you to share your links to watch the episodes early? There is just now way I can wait until January to see how things play out now!! even waiting until fall is going to be painful.



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