Best App So Far

My new favorite app…

Sounds like a no brainer, right?  But the beauty of this app is that you can upload pics right from your iPhone and pick a CVS near you to have them printed out and you just show up and pay!
I did it last night and picked them up today.  So fast and easy.
Go to your App Store and search for CVS.  It’s free!  There are a ton of other fun things this app does, but so far I was focusing on the photos.  It keeps prescriptions on file for you as well.

That was my good news, my bad news is that I dropped my phone in water yesterday.  I seriously don’t think I should be allowed anything expensive as an accessory.  Some time today, I am running out to the Genius Bar to see if I can remedy the situation but it isn’t looking good.

Wish me luck!

L O V I N G Scallops

I am dying over this adorable scalloped dress from J. Crew.  I have always been attracted to scalloped edges..they are everywhere!!!!
J. Crew Scalloped Flat $158

Kiel James Patrick’s new Scallop Oxford
Scalloped cards from Sincerely Yours Paper
Tory Burch Scalloped Leather Belt
Letarte Scalloped Drawstring Cotton Tunic 
French Connection Scalloped Pumps
Scalloped Shoulder Bag 
Scalloped Slipcovers
Scalloped hood

I so am drawn to scalloped edges..they can seriously be found everywhere you look!

Looking Forward to Summer….

My annual looking forward to summer post…I will be on a lounge chair this weekend at the beach, trying to work on a base tan.  I am so pale that a base might be difficult to hope for.  I always think it is so mean that something that makes you feel so good is SO very bad for you!  There is sunscreen in my beach arsenal, but nothing above 30 spf.

No definite summer plans yet except in July to Atlanta for the Gift Show.  I am dying to get up to Nantucket and, of course, Newport.  None of my peeps have made definite plans, so I am on hold.  I am trying to squeeze a weekend cruise to the Bahamas in May now that I have someone fun to go with me.  That is another post all together…

Have a great weekend!

Gwyneth Approved Soaps on OKL

Two years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow told the world on GOOP that she loved this line of French soaps and candles.  The packaging is so cute and I have seen it out and about but have not purchased any yet.  Well, today they are on One Kings Lane!  The prices are so great and make great gifts or look very chic on your bathroom counter.
Check out the sale here.

If you aren’t signed up for One Kings Lane, click here

Lilly Print Studio

I am obsessed with the 5 x 5 watercolors the Lilly Print Studio is coming out with.  Each one is cuter than the next.  These girls are so talented..amazing!!!

This was today’s..LOVE
Palm perfect.

If I didn’t have artwork hidden behind each dresser in my house, I would be printing these on archival paper and framing them.  Maybe one day when I have more wall space..that will be a great project.

Inside Bethenny’s TriBeCa Loft

Traditional Home is featuring Bethenny Frankel’s redone TriBeCa loft online.  The pictures are so cool, many fun decorating choices and she transformed that dull loft into a comfortable home..too bad it is just for her and her daughter these days!

How cute is Bryn’s room???

I am dying for her show to start, but really…I want Bethenny After the Split, but I don’t think they are filming that one! 

1000th Post

Hard to believe I have written 1,000 posts!  I never imagined that Summer in Newport would go beyond a way to keep in touch with my peeps back home during my summer up North in 2007.   Who knew that writing a blog would bring so much fun to my life?  I have learned so much and made so many friends..some I have met in person, some-not yet.  Beyond the business this blog has brought my way, it is the friends I have made that have made it worth all of the effort.

The first blog I started reading was Monogram Momma.  I became obsessed with her DIY projects and cheerful nature.  When I contacted her to do a jewelry giveaway, she happily agreed and her little post about my starfish necklace brought me a ton of business.  So many husbands emailed me to order that necklace since their wives sent them the link to that was fantastic.  After the success of this giveaway, I started blog surfing and found Hopsy at Monograms and Manicures.  How could you not love her uplifting and sweet posts about everything pink and green?  She did a giveaway as well and introduced me to so many of my now blogging friends.

Along the way, Alice from Summer is a Verb came on the scene.  I have emailed with her, blogged about her and even talked to her on the phone but we have never met in person.  Someday…I will get to Greenwich or maybe she will meet me in NYC.  Fingers crossed.

In one fell swoop a few years ago at the National Stationery Show, I met Monogram Momma in person and also got to meet Grove Gal K and the Preppy Princess!  So much fun.  

I am currently determined to get back on a more consistent blogging schedule.  It is like another job sometimes…I am always juggling too many things at once.    But, I have a lot to say and tons of good posts in the works..stay tuned!

Thank you for reading Summer in Newport!

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Rarely do you see a bad picture of Olivia Palermo..her style is off the charts.  Her brief stint on MTV’s The City  was so fun to watch, I was kind of hoping she would get her own show.  You never know…but in the meantime, her website is full of pictures, fashion information, travel tips, advice and links to all her social media outlets.  Check it out here.   

Would die to peek in her closet!