Nantucket Shopping 2013 Part 1

So shopping on Nantucket is outrageous..there are so many amazing stores packed in a few blocks of each other.  I am always wishing Miami had just two of them.  Since most of these shops were literally a block from where I was staying, it ended up being what I did most of the time I was there.  Here are some of my favorites…

Store No. 2
This tiny little store right at the end of Center Street is adorable.  Lots of Jonathan Adler, blue and white chinoiserie mixed with tons of beautiful home accessories.  I fell in love with the platter below and it haunted me all weekend until I bought it on Monday right before we left.  This adorable store is the creation of designer Elizabeth Bauer and her lovely Mom, who was there when I was shopping.   Loved this one….

Store No. 2
44 Center Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Open April through November
Isabel Harvey

I wondered into this beautiful store next and couldn’t stop looking around at every corner.  There were so many cool things to see…lots of jewelry, tote bags, scarves and much more.  I chatted with the owner and left Nantucket with a very nice crystal bracelet order.  So, Kristin Pearce Designs will finally be sold on Nantucket!  If I opened a store, I would want it to look just like this.  I seriously felt right at home there.

Isabel Harvey
5 Centre Street
Nantucket, MA  02554
Open May – October
The Lion’s Paw

Perched right on Main Street, the Lion’s Paw has always been a go-to when shopping on Nantucket.  It is a large store filled with beds made with sumptuous linens, beautiful pieces of furniture, picture frames, rugs, china, crystal and everything you would need to entertain at home.  Tucked in surprise places are some very pretty framed prints and literally something for every room in your house.  Perfect place for a quick hostess gift as well. 

The Lion’s Paw
30 Main Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
Petticoat Row Bakery

Located just a little too close to where I was staying, is the most beautiful bakery.  Chock full of the prettiest pastries, muffins, macarons and much more, this place is dangerous.  The line in the morning is long, everyone dying for their coffee and sweets.   Definitely worth checking out…

Petticoat Row Bakery
35 Centre Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
Nantucket Country Antiques

Right down from Store No. 2, there is this antique store that is filled with beautiful nautical-inspired antiques, maps, books, framed prints and so much more.  There were serious antiques for anyone interested in anything related to the Northeast, whaling, the sea, etc.  It was so much fun to walk around there and see all the interesting things they have collected here.  A must see for any antique buff.,,,

Nantucket Country Antiques
38 Centre Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

So surprised to stumble upon a Nantucket outpost of North River Outfitter (NRO) on Main Street!  I originally checked this store out on Charles Street in Boston.  It always has a cute assortment of clothing and accessories for both men and women.  When we walked inside we were so surprised to hear the cute girls say they opened the store the day before!  It was so well stocked with cool things.  I got a linen tote with sparkly straps that is so cute for the summer.  Definitely check this store out if you have not already!

33 Main Street
Nantucket, MA  02554

Nantucket Shopping Post #2 tomorrow…..
xoxo, kp

Evolution of Social Media

Not too long ago, if asked, I would have sworn my dying allegiance to Facebook above all other social media outlets.  I do LOVE Facebook, don’t get me wrong, but the same people talking about the same things gets a little old, no?  Next came Twitter…how fun is Twitter?  I started following so many people that I was constantly up on all current events, breaking news and celebrity fluff alike.  
I am not breaking up with Facebook or Twitter, but my new love is Instagram.  I have been cheating on my first two relationships with shiny new Instagram.  Since I only got my iPhone at Christmastime, I am relatively new to Instagram and all it has to offer.  When I have a spare second these days, that is the app I click first to see what is going on.  I chronicled my whole trip this past weekend on Instagram and linked it to Twitter…kind of like dating two guys at one time-having to be careful to link the right things the right way or it can be a big mess.
Did I ever tell you about Klout?  The magic Klout score that had me scrambling to increase it to 40 so I could gain access to a VIP lounge at a Fashions Night Out party in Bal Harbour?  I googled the heck out of Klout trying to see what, exactly boosts your score.  One thing is to follow less people than follow you on Twitter.  That was easy, I scrolled through the people I followed and deleted a ton of useless Tweeters.  I didn’t make the 40 needed to access that party, but now am comfortably in the 50s-not that anyone cares, including myself.
So, in addition to my promise to blog more consistently, I am letting it be known that if you want to know what is really going on in my world, follow me on Instagram.  It is so much fun.

Click on the Instagram icon to follow me…

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xoxo, kp

Nantucket-Figawi Weekend 2013

Having just spent the most relaxing, fun weekend on Nantucket, it is hard to accept that I am on my way home to the real world in Miami.  It was so nice to leave the warm weather for cooler temps up North for Memorial Day Weekend, although I had no idea how cool or how wet it would be.  So unprepared, I ended up wearing the same clothes over and over to keep warm and dry.  Freezing temperatures, misty rain and cobblestones make for a dangerous combination, but I was so determined to not let the weather get me down.

My pals Denise and Dave picked me up at the airport on Friday and we headed straight down to Hyannis to catch the slow ferry to the island.  I started feeling very thankful that I got my Keratin treatment a couple of weeks ago, because if not, my hair would have been a disaster.

The rain didn’t stop the entire time.  We boarded the ferry after waiting in line (in the rain).  Once we got on, there were no seats inside so we hiked up top to the back of the boat and set up shop at a table and chairs…all in the mist, cold rain. 

We were next to the party people who were a group of 20 guys going to wedge themselves in a house made for 8 guests.  We made friends with them and were entertained by their youthfulness, drinking cocktails made with the cheapest bourbon on the market, but so happy to be going to Nantucket for the weekend to hang out with each other.  They had music playing and were super fun.  The girls on the boat found them quickly and that added more entertainment for the 2 hour ride.

Always such a pretty sight, Nantucket harbor…
We walked up the hill to the house we were staying unexpected workout.  Dave was very helpful and took most of the heavy usually is very helpful to have a man around on vacation.
We got unpacked and headed to the grocery story to get provisions.
The cups I ordered arrived on cute.  I LOVE them and kept a bunch to take home.
We went to dinner at Brotherhood of Thieves, which is where we end up going the first night of every trip here.  The best burgers.
And then met the rest of the girls out at the Boarding House.  It was so packed full of people but so fun to see everyone. 

I finally met my web designer Cara after many years of emailing and talking on the phone.  We have big plans coming up for!
But the biggest news of my weekend was after chatting with the cutest girl at the cutest store on Center Street, she placed a big order for my crystal bracelets.  The store is Isabel Harvey and so amazing, chock full of great jewelry, cute tote bags and much more. I was dying!
More on my trip this week.  Working on a massive Nantucket shopping post.
and..Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!
 xoxo, kp

Heading North…

This morning I am flying to Boston and heading to Nantucket for Memorial Day weekend.  I am so excited to kick off the summer in such a fun place.  All my old Newport roommates will be there and the girls have made all sorts of plans.  Nantucket is such a special island, so beautiful and filled with nice people.  Taking the ferry over makes for great for people watching, everyone with their dogs and monogrammed LL Bean tote bags, love it.  Here are some images that I found to help kick off my weekend.

Beautiful hydrangeas
Galley Beach

Brotherhood of Thieves 

The Straight Wharf

Main Street

Erica Wilson

The Boarding House

Hope everyone has a safe, fun weekend!!

A Public Proposal

One of my best friends, Amy had a big night last week when her boyfriend Eric pulled off a major surprise.  After dating for many months, he popped the question in a most fun and public way.  Out of the blue, he surprised Amy with Heat playoff tickets.  Her whole family was at the game and knew what was about to happen.  At the end of the first quarter, all eyes were on Section 117 and a tall man bending down on one knee proposing to a pretty brunette.  It was on the jumbo tron screens and the whole American Airlines Area saw Amy get engaged!

I was sitting at home and our friend Becky called saying “I think Amy just got engaged!”  Her husband heard it on the radio.  This set off a chain of text messages and phone calls trying to confirm this unbelievable news.  When it was confirmed, I asked for a pic of the ring which promptly showed up in my inbox.

The next morning, I stopped by her office on my way to work so I could see her in person and give her a big hug.  All her work friends were there, it was like a party.

Gorgeous!  I am so happy for her.  She and Eric are so excited and are going to have an amazing life together.  Congratulations Amy!!! Love you.

Back in Business…

Growing up in my house, I never was able to utilize the bottom two drawers of any dressers because they were filled with my Mom’s fabric collection.  She sewed so she was always buying fabric and her collection just kept growing until in 3rd grade we moved and I reclaimed my drawer space.

I seemed to have caught her bug, because I am super drawn to fabric and have a collection of my own.  In the beginning of my business, I sold beautiful fabric frames and desk accessories and used to send them my fabric to use, but that only made my collecting get out of control.  When I stopped carrying these items, I made myself stop buying fabric.

Well, guess what?  I am re-adding these amazing fabric covered goodies to my assortment this summer.  Last week, I pulled out all of my fabric and surveyed what was left and am getting it all together to send to my vendor, look out for some great gifts on my website.

A few months ago, I saw a link to a cool fabric website called Hawthorne Threads and have been getting their updates.  They have many designers’ fabrics with millions of choices.  Here are some of the ones that caught my eye…

Tons for kids…

So imagine these on picture frames, waste baskets, tissue box holders, notepad holders and more.  The best part of this collection is that if you are decorating at home, you can send me your fabric and we can have these items made up for you to match your decor.  The prices are very reasonable.  Look out for my new products..they are going to be so cute.

Spring Trunk Show

Last week, I had the most amazing trunk show at my friend Carolyn’s beautiful home.  She had so much space, I was able to put most of my goods out to sell.  I had lots of jewels, tons of paper goods, Queen Bea bags, Lilly shopping totes and tons more…
I had been making jewelry for weeks getting ready…
All my Ann Page notepads and stationery on display…

Lots of yummy snacks..

Lots of great friends hanging out Thursday night..

Rufus got a little tired at the show after watching all the action…

I even had some superhero support…

Queen Bea Studio bags, always a favorite…
And my new Crabberrie bags were a hit..
All in all, it was an amazing show.  So great to see so many friends and it was very successful, so all my hard work paid off. 

Once I got home, I unloaded it all in two carts, a miracle…

Thank you thank you thank you Carolyn!!!
I loved our show.

Jacks in Peril

Mary Ann, this post is dedicated to you…
Did everyone see this on Facebook last week?  I literally laughed out loud when I saw this picture because I have 3 pairs of the ones on the right going at the same time and now they are all mixed together.  I finally had enough this weekend and got rid of 2 pairs and am down to one sad very used pair of gold Navaho sandals, which I think go with everything.
So, I decided to finally take the plunge and buy these…
I have been wanting these for a while and while I was in a spendy mood, I took it a step further and bid on new gold and silver ones on eBay.  Frisky, I know…I am so sick of all my shoes and am dying for some new ones.  Back in my credit card mania days, I had the most fun shoe collection..mostly from Neiman Marcus and now they are all very worn and I am ready to throw them all out!
I have a shoe fairy in my life but she has been super busy and I haven’t gotten any phone calls lately letting me know to come pick up a bag of her usually perfect cast-offs.  Maybe this blog post will pump up my shoe karma and I will hear from her asap. (she doesn’t read my blog-so it really would be karma).
I know I have been MIA (missing in action, not Miami) lately, feeling horribly guilty about it and am promising once again to get back on the blog train.  I have been off the tracks for weeks dealing with my crazy job, my business and my life in general.