Catching up…

During my unintentional break from blogging, I had a lot going on.  Some things too fun not to share…first up- a special 4 year old birthday party that was so fun and over the top.  When we walked into the backyard under a beautiful balloon arch, the first thing you saw was the elephant giving rides to a bunch of smiling children.  It was so amazing.  I watched the elephant and all my friends riding it during the whole party and right at the end, my two BFFs got on, so I joined in.  We were all wearing dresses, so not so ladylike, but it made for a good pic. I loved this party!
The Year-End party for Beaux Arts.  I was in charge of this cute invitation..from Etsy.  We had so much fun and celebrated all the hard work we did this past year.  Very excited to be the 2013-2014 New Member Liaison, a job I have been lobbying to have for quite some time.  Meetings have already begun for next years Beaux Arts Ball, our first big fundraiser.
A month ago, I got the news that I had won a pretty big award at work.  This blogger is the Captain of the Year for 2012.  I had no idea I was even nominated, but I was chosen and the prizes were unbelievable.  Not only did I get a very nice plaque, but also a 7-day cruise for two on any of our brands, a week’s vacation for the cruise and a very generous gift card.  I was overwhelmed and very happy.  Still trying to figure out which cruise to take and who to take with me.  Very excited about the whole thing.  They just posted this at work last week on all the info screens, so I have been reliving the excitement all over again. 

As mentioned in a previous post, I have become addicted to Instagram…

I like changing the shades on the pictures…partial to Mayfair and Hefe.


My next focus is the Atlanta Gift Show! 
Booth #2716 in Boutique.
July 11 – July 16
Me and Queen Bea Studio.

xoxo, kp

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