National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day.  My family always had at least two dogs in the house.  Growing up with animals is great, I think it shapes the person you will be later on.  I thought I would do a run down of the pups in my life….

The first dog I remember is Scooby-Doo.  He was a big shaggy dog and was around until I was in 7th grade.  He was sweet and always happy.  He hung in there through a few of our other dogs.

Herbie the Yorkshire Terrier was the other dog we had early in my life.  He was so cute but used to crawl under out deck chasing things.  My skinny brother used to have to crawl under the deck and retrieve him all the time.  Very inquisitive…

Herbie liked to chase cars and that didn’t work out so well for him…

Our friend had white Labrador puppies and we signed up for one that we named Honky..don’t ask.  He was around for a long time..loved to be outside and was our guard dog.  He lived in the pool.

Enter Wally…the most beautiful dog.  We picked him out from a picture and the white feet won us over.  He traveled on a plane with our flight attendant neighbor and was delivered to us.  His sister Buffy lived across the street.  His feet probably didn’t touch the ground for weeks..someone was always holding him.  He had the longest legs and used to run around our back yard.  We seriously could not get enough of this sweet dog.  He looked like a Disney character..which is how we got the name Wally..started out as Walt.

My Dad spent a weekend at a friends house who had two West Highland Terrier and fell in love with them.  He mentioned many times that this would be our next dog.  When one arrived at the local pet store, my Mom and I happened to see him and fell in love.  I campaigned so hard to get this puppy that I named Fred, I went to visit him every day and drove everyone crazy until my Dad told my Mom to go get the dog.  Fred became Barney when he arrived in our house and became a quick favorite.  I took him with me in the car everywhere I went and was so in love with this dog.
While I was away in college, my parents decided to invest in a Westie that they found from a real breeder and that is how Wilbur arrived.  He might of been a pure breed, but he wasn’t the sweetest dog.  Even though he was very pretty, he didn’t really take to everyone-he liked to take little love bites on ankles.  My Dad thought his fiestiness was hilarious and the two of them were the best of friends.

and finally, Millie, our current pup.  Even though she is so sweet and loving, she doesn’t play well with others, so she has been an only child for quite some time.  When my parents moved up to Amelia Island in 2008, I couldn’t believe that I was not only going to say goodbye to them, but to her as well.  I love going up to visit and she is as perfect as I remember.  I love her so much!

I think of getting my own dog all the time but I travel so much and I am not ready to commit to a dog..but will definitely have one someday.

Loved going down this doggie Memory Lane,
xoxo kp

King Size

So, in my efforts to get my bedroom to look something like this…

I have made some serious headway in the last while.  For almost 2 years, I have been enjoying my king size beautiful headboard with my queen size bed.  Getting the king size bed was the challenge.  I didn’t take the time to do research and kept hoping my Mom would do that for me, which didn’t happen.  One night at the beginning of the summer over dinner, one of my bffs mentioned that she was getting a new bed and the next thing I knew, her barely used king size mattress had my name on it.

Getting it to my apartment was another story.  That all happened on Tuesday.  My nephew came and helped me pick up the mattress, get the old one out of my place and then the box springs and frame were delivered later.  My birthday earlier this year yielded a beautiful new king size duvet and shams, so I have filled in all the other parts recently and the end result…a brand new bed with all the trimmings for me!
I can’t get over how comfortable it is and I have been sleeping amazingly.  Next challenge, I have too much furniture in that room. Something has to go.  This weekend, I am determined to get it squared away and get some sun to keep my barely there Newport tan.

Leaving Statesville this summer on my way to Atlanta, I stopped by Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia in the pouring rain to see if they had any fabric resembling the blue and white toile above.  To my surprise, they had the original fabric I was looking for.  I was in such a hurry and I wasn’t sure how much I needed, I had to leave it there and drive away, hoping to be able to call and order it.  That is on my list today.  Once I get my hands on this fabric, I am having panels made for my window behind my bed and a dust ruffle to match.

I am on a roll and am determined to get this done.  I feel like when I type all this on here, it makes me more accountable since I run into people and they ask about my progress.  It always catches me by surprise when this happens and then I remember that I seemingly have no secrets since I write all about my life here lol.  TMI???

Sleeping so soundly these days,
xoxo kp

Ready for Fall…

I can’t believe I am saying this..but I am over Summer.  It is so hot here and I can’t wait for some cooler weather.  Fall shopping is always exciting and I have been out scouting away.  This post will be my J.Crew finds.  There is so much stuff there I would die for.  Starting with this…

Comes in red/navy also..super cute

and not J. Crew related, I am super late to the Gigi party, but just ordered this bag today and can’t wait to add more colors to my collection. $105 but $120 with monogram.  Mine will have a gold KP on it.  So excited!
No end of summer blues here,
xoxo kp

Newport Weekend 2013

Only fitting since this blog is called Summer in Newport that I fully disclose the details about my weekend up in Newport last week.  After staying with BFF Brooke in Providence Wednesday and Thursday nights, I left the show on Friday and headed over the Pell Bridge to Newport and to meet up with all my old 12 Dixon roommates.  We just saw each other over Memorial Day, so it was a treat to be able to hang out with them again so soon.  Hard to believe that I spent so much time up there only a few summers ago.  Now, I am lucky to get up there for a long weekend…but grateful for any time to be there.

Sue, Heidi and I started out at the Cooke House for dinner, my favorite place.  It did not disappoint.  I ran into some friends as soon as we got there…some from my first summer there in 2007!

Off to the new hotspot that I had been hearing about, Midtown Oyster Bar.  It was super fun.

Saturday was the last day of my show in Narragansett.  Since it was a little slow.  I took pictures of some of my neighbors’ booths…everyone was so nice.  It is my favorite show these days, they treat the vendors so nice and the setting is to die for….
I had some jewelry there…

And some serious customers…
while outside…there was serious beach action going on…
 Saturday night, we started off on the roof top of the Vanderbilt Grace Hotel. The view was amazing…

We went to dinner at 22 Bowen, which was amazing and then, unbelievably, we went home, everyone exhausted.  This was the first visit to Newport without stopping by the Deck or the Dockside.

Sunday morning, I dragged everyone to my favorite breakfast spot, Atlantic Grille, the best pancakes ever.  We ate and then got ready for the beach.  The weather was beautiful.

When I finally got into my beach chair, I could not believe I was actually at the beach.  It is so beautiful there and it was a perfect beach day.

We stayed until it cleared out and then Tara and I got ready for Cooke House, round 2.  I was dying to go back again.  My flight was super early, so we didn’t stay out late, but had so much fun.

Flying back into Fort Lauderdale, I had mixed emotions, sad to get back to work and happy to be home.  I wasn’t prepared for this….

But thanks to my Dad-sponsored AAA membership, they fixed it asap and I was on my way.
Such a fun trip, can’t wait to go back again.

Loving Summer in Newport,
xoxo kp

Rhode Island Bliss….

Having the best time..the weather is amazing here.  The show I am at is so fun and the setting couldn’t be more beautiful…

This is the view from behind the club where my show is.  All day I have been watching kids play in the sand and in the ocean.  The breeze from the water keeps the room where the show is very cool.  The people shoppers are so nice and straight out of the Preppy Handbook, my perfect customers.  More to come tomorrow, after the show is over for the day, I am heading to Newport to see all my old roommates-a 12 Dixon reunion. I can’t wait!

Loving Rode island,
xoxo kp

Packing Again…

I can’t believe my stuff is in piles again getting ready to get packed into my suitcase..again!  Wednesday, I am heading up North to do the Christmas in August Show at the Dunes Club in Naragansett, Rhode Island.  I am selling Queen Bea Studio bags and accessories and will have some jewels there as well.  If you are in the area and want to come to this show, let me know.

So excited to get back to Newport.  All my roommates will be in town this weekend, so it will be a mini-reunion.  Hard to believe I am down to one weekend a year these days.  I am the most excited to sit on Gooseberry Beach in a chair and soak up the Newport sun.  There is nothing like it.

Thankful for Southwest two bags free since I am a horrible packer,
xoxo, kp