Blo and Gwyneth

Disclaimer….this post is all about hair.  So anyone who doesn’t care about blow outs and straight hair, you might want to skip today’s post.

Ever since my Jean Claude Biguine obsessed days, I always been coveting an occasion to get my hair blown out.  Getting keratin treatments have helped and expensive hair dryers can do the trick when I have 45 minutes to spare..but nothing is like getting it done from a professional.  Miami doesn’t have too many “just blowout” salons..but they are slowly catching up.
Today on my way home…I saw this Instagram…

and my reaction was “holy Gwyneth in Miami?”  I clicked on the #blobodycoralgables hash tag and it took me to their Instagram.  Gwyneth has partnered with Blo and it seems just posted this pic promoting their opening.  About five minutes later, I got a text from my pal Grimsley (another GP fan) who saw the same Instagram.
I actually panicked for a second and wondered if I could squeeze a drive-by to Blo into my crazy schedule.  My hair wasn’t blown out yesterday, so how embarrassing?  Luckily enough, there was no need.  Upon further investigation, she was just promoting the opening on her Instagram.  She has appeared at several Blo location openings.  Earlier this year, this cartoon version of GP debuted in conjunction with the partnership.  Flowing blonde hair..what an advertisement!

Fortunately for me, I have had a close encounter (about two feet) with Gwyneth in 2008 at a Coldplay concert in Boston.  You can read about that here.  Now that…was a true lifetime highlight.

If you don’t like Gwyneth, I am not sure we can be friends…
xoxo, kp

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday..only 2 days away!  I love that everyone celebrates this holiday and of course, the food.  The last few years, I have been lucky enough to be invited to a friends’ house where they serve the most delicious food.  If I can’t have my Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner, this is the next best thing.  These tablescapes got me in the mood for holiday decorating…getting my tree this weekend.  This year I am going to secure it with my cement blocks so I don’t have a repeat of last year’s epic tree fall disaster!

Looking forward to Thursday,
xoxo kp

Images courtesy of House Beautiful, Marcus Design and B Lovely Events.

The Perfection of Bunny…

Auction aficionados were all abuzz this past week over the stunning estate of Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon, otherwise known as Bunny Mellon.  Bunny had many titles in her life, Heiress, Wife, Mother, Botanist, Friend of Jacqueline Kennedy,   Her death at 103 in March of this year was reported with headlines saying one of the last great heiresses had passed away.  Born into a wealthy family and married into an even wealthier one, her entire wardrobe, including gardening clothes were designed by Cristobal Balenciaga and later Hubert de Givenchy.  She was the epitome of understudied elegance and sophistication and very old school, in the best possible way.

Items from homes in Virginia Hunt Country, the Cape, Nantucket, Antigua and others, were expertly grouped and photographed enticing bidders from 43 countries and ending up selling many, many millions of dollars.  Known for her expert eye and as an arbiter of great taste, her auction was primed to be a success, but one item went way off the charts, a blue pear shaped diamond which sold for over $32.6 million  Other  rare items include Tiffany & Co. branded Rolex watches, china, stirrup cups, furniture, jewelry, snuff boxes, tea stoves and an actual hitching post. The catalog has been ordered for my library and can’t wait to see it in person. The auction ended on Sunday.

Bunny was a self taught Horticulturist.  She famously was asked by the Kennedys to re-do the White House Rose Garden.  She did several other White House gardens and later kept up the work for the Johnsons.

Art from this sale exceeded $158.7 million.

The proceeds from this miraculous sale will benefit a foundation in her Father’s name.  A link to the catalog is here.

Thrilled to get a glimpse of Bunny’s life..
xoxo, kp

Needlepoint Jackpot

On eBay, I have a set search for needlepoint ornaments.  I have sworn many times to not buy anymore of them since I have about 30 sitting in a pile ready to stitch.  Yesterday, I happen to look and saw this entire lot of FINISHED needlepoint ornaments for $35.  To get one ornament finished these days is at least $40, so was the bargain of the century.  It is on the way to me now, and I can’t wait to get it and check it out.
This is the whole lot…all 35 ornaments!
The raindeer, tree, horse and three Kings are so cute…

love the elephant, wreath and the santa on the right…

the elephants on the top right, the present below and the Santa face…

My favorite is the welcome sign..that would have been worth $35 alone.
So..I will weed out the ones I want and probably put the others back on eBay.
Seriously, the jackpot…
xoxo, kp

Better Dress Up…

Back in my bridal consultant days, I spent a lot of time compiling good info to put together to write a smart guide for brides.  In my seat at the time, I had a front row view of all brides before and after their weddings and they loved to talk talk talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.  It was thing that a bride told me stuck with me and I warned all future brides to make sure they addressed it..make sure your photographer and videographer are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Nothing looks worse than a sloppily dressed photographer at your elegant wedding, they stick out like a sore thumb.  It isn’t something to assume, that they will wear appropriate attire.  You have to tell them what you want them to wear.

Last month, I went to a very elegant fashion show at a high-end department store. Everyone was dressed up and looked amazing…then looking down the runway sat ten or so photographers in t-shirts and jeans, and they looked horrible.

Apparently, the Royal family is like-minded.  To prepare for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to New York and DC in December, the British Monarchy laid out a dress code for all those reporters who will come in contact with them.
According to Politico…
“Journalists… should comply with the dress code on formal occasions out of respect for the guests of The Queen, or any other member of the Royal Family,” the British Monarchy website declares.
“Those wearing jeans or trainers will not be admitted and casually dressed members of the media will be turned away. This also applies to technicians,” the warning notes.  “Smart attire for men includes the wearing of a jacket and tie, and for women a trouser or skirt suit,” it proclaims.
I read this online this morning and it just made my day…

I mean..could they be cuter??
As always…obsessed with the Royal Family,
xoxo, kp

Fendi Bag Bugs

A friend/client that was at my apartment this weekend asked me if I had heard of the Fendi Fur Monsters.  I asked her to repeat herself because I thought I certainly misunderstood what she said.  But, no..these fancy balls of fur made to look like little monsters clip onto your bags. Also called Bag Bugs or Buggies, they are apparently all the rage.  At around $700 each, you might not be seeing them on everyone, but they are super popular.


Kendall Jenner posted a picture of her Karl Lagerfeld Fendi Fur Monster on Instagram.  It looks like funny.

There is one Bag Buggie available at Saks Fifth Avenue and  on eBay as well.  

Fendi has a Monster line of purses as well…

Bag Buggie Knowledgeable Now,
xoxo kp

Charmed, I’m Sure…

Back in the 60s…everyone had a charm bracelet.  Your favorite mail was the charm catalog, which would be dog eared on the pages with your wish list charms.  These bracelets told your life story.  Trips to Mexico would result in a gold sombrero, a trip to Vegas would possible get you a gold slot machine, etc…  My Mother has one of these packed charm bracelets with some of the coolest charms and she won’t let me near it.  In my life, I have no recollection of her wearing this awesome piece of history..but she is not sharing her life story charms with me!

Lucky for me, my Grandmother from the other side had a nice chunky gold charm bracelet that she lent me from time to time.  I ended up inheriting this treasure and now have mixed her charms with my own.  This piece has become one of my prized possessions and I cherish it and all the history that comes with it.  

Charm bracelets through time come in and out of favor, but the sky rocketing of the price of gold has put my charm quest on brief hiatus.  The gold charms simply have become out-priced.  Now and then I find some reasonable cute charms on eBay, but what I really want to collect are the round gold disks to have engraved.  Unfortunately, they are heavy and therefore are expensive and finding a hand engraver around here is not an easy task.  (you don’t want to machine engrave gold…)

A few years ago when Lisa Birnbach wrote True Prep, she went on a book tour wearing a spectacular Verdura charm bracelet.  It caught my eye immediately and followed her around the country and almost made it the whole way when it suddenly disappeared.  It was on loan and I guess they needed it back?

Queen Victoria was an early fan of the charm bracelet.  This is one of hers..

Elizabeth Taylor had a famous charm bracelet that she wore often.  After her death, it was sold through Chrisites.  The engraving on her charms is amazing.

Kate Middleton received this beautiful charm bracelet from Camilla Parker-Bowles.  I am in love with her C charm with the crown. 

Jackie Kennedy had several charm bracelets

The one below was in the auction catalog from her estate…

Betty Davis wore one..

and Joan Crawford..

and Lauren Bacall…

Grace Kelly’s character from Rear Window wore a very visible charm bracelet in the movie..

It is not hard to get your charm bracelet started..first you need a sturdy bracelet.  Many jewelers sell a simple bracelet with one charm already attached.  This one from Tiffany & Co. is a great example. 
Before my real charm bracelet was officially mine, I used my amazing discount to purchase this bracelet when I was an employee at Tiffany.  I planned on adding more hearts to this original heart charm but ended up keeping it just like this.  Tiffany employs the very best hand engravers, and I always wanted to have it engraved, but I stared at this sheet too much times to be able to make a decision.

Subconsciously, I am sure there was also the thought that maybe my monogram would change at some point.  So, ten years later, I finally just took it in and picked the most normal script monogram.  This whole process was me totally over thinking it but once gold is engraved, there is no turning back. remains one of my favorite pieces.

Charmed by the charms, 
xoxo kp

Apartment Design Update

Well, I have finally figured out what I am doing with my apartment.  The fabric I found to work in my living room is Ralph Lauren’s Bay Island Indigo.  It is already purchased and at my Mom’s house ready to sew. Picking this fabric was way more complicated than I ever expected.  Too many choices and I switched colors midway through the process.  Loving blue and white like I do, I decided to do my living room in those colors.  

The panels will be on the sides of the creamy white ones I already have.  A navy blue pom pom fringe trim will be sewn down the middle of the white ones to tie it all together.  Still alluding me is a coordinating fabric to re-cover two chairs and then having some pillows made to match.  My pretty pink and green pillows are being packed up and sent to my parents for storage.  I love them so much and they were a small fortune, so I will bring them back somewhere down the road and use them again.

For my bedroom, I went with green!  On a recent trip, I stayed at a friends house with Matouk Cove bedding in green and fell in love.  Using this pattern for three European shams and a bed skirt will look great with my all white bedding and white tufted headboard. 

For the panels behind my headboard covering my window, I found this Summer Hill fabric that matches.  I ordered a sample and it just arrived…it will look awesome. 

Not 100% sure of the exact timeline for this whole plan, but the sooner the better. It has been almost 4 years since I bought this condo!  

Did I mention that I have an Ikea white chair still in parts needing to be put together? I haven’t roped anyone to come over and help me put it together yet..maybe this weekend lol.

It will get decorated, 
xoxo kp