Oscar in Miami…Designed for a Cure

Last night, I was super lucky to be able to attend one of the most amazing events to happen around here in a long time.  Working crazy hard to raise money for Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and promote their superstar Dr. Stephen Nimer, my friends Jamie Rusk and Denie Harris signed on to chair Designed for a Cure, a fashion show fundraiser. 

After the event planning got underway, things started really happening…Dr. Nimer’s close friend and patient Oscar de le Renta agreed to attend and bring his newest collection to Miami right on the heels of New York Fashion Week.  The week after the invitations were finally in the mail, the buzz was so loud, the event had already sold out!

The event began with a fun cocktail hour with restaurants around the room.  The food I tried was delicious and there were so many people to say hello to..it flew by…

Me and Denie-she looked perfect decked out in an amazing Oscar de la Renta dress
photo courtesy of Katharine Rubino
Katharine and Stephanie
photo courtesy of Katie Newcomm

Katie, Catherine and Lynley

Cynthia Demos (wearing KP earrings-so honored)  filed this report for CBS4

The party moved into the next room where a professional catwalk was set up and the most beautiful Oscar de la Renta designs came floating down the runway.  Each dress was prettier than the next…

Then after his collection was so elegantly displayed, Mr. de la Renta gave an amazing speech and told the story of how he met Dr. Nimer and how he saved his life…
Photo courtesy of Cristina Sullivan

Denie and Jamie gave speeches and then the next part of the event was actual cancer survivors walking the runway with their Doctors..it was very emotional.  I had three friends walking and they looked smashing in Oscar de la Renta.  

Lee Irvin

Bud Park

and Kevin Rusk.

photo courtesy of Heather Bass

photo courtesy of Martica Membiela

After the show, dessert was served and the party went on.  My date-BFF Ricky was a social butterfly and I had a hard time keeping track of him.  He has an amazing way of getting bartenders who are supposed to be closed to keep pouring drinks, so he is very popular.

All in all, it was one of the most special, amazing events I have ever been too.  So much money and awareness were raised for Sylvester, so proud of Denie and Jamie for their huge success!!

Dreaming of Oscar, 
xoxo, kp

Catching up…

You know you have been a slacker when your Mom asks when you are going to update your blog because she is sick of seeing your last post.  Not sure where all the time has gone and now we are in February.  I have been keeping so busy and am enjoying my little vacation from work, office work that is.  My business has been busy and I had one of the best shows ever in January.  I was lucky enough to have a tent in the Children’s Art Park at the Beaux Arts Festival on the University of Miami campus.  My non-artist booth was in a great location and I had the best time all weekend.  I saw friends from elementary school and my tent ended up filled with friends the whole time. 

My Friday Before Picture when my tent was delivered….

My Saturday Morning Before Picture with all my stuff…

My after picture all set up.  My new banner arrived just in time.

When I closed up Saturday night, I taped the sides of my tent shut.  Not the most sophisticated security system, but it worked…

This was the view of my booth on Sunday.  The weather was amazing all weekend.  It really was the most fun I have had in a long time.  Can’t wait for next year! 

xoxo, kp