The Paradise

Another England import has hit Netflix and it is so fun.  The Paradise..a story about a man who starts the first department store in England in the late 1800s.  A beautiful girl arrives in town looking for work and she causes lots of commotion with the other shop girls.  The first series is eight episodes and the second series is hidden in tv land, not sure how to get to it yet.  If you are Jonesing for some new Downton Abbey-esque tv drama, this might wet your appetite.  I highly recommend!

Addicted to Netflix and Hulu,
xoxo kp

Smallest Winner Competition

A few weeks ago, a very well-timed email popped into my inbox from Becky, a girl who seems to have 36 hours in every day.  Even though she is super busy, she decided enough was enough and pulled together a Biggest Loser-type competition but to be a little nicer, called it the Smallest Winner.  She thought it would be fun to get in shape before bathing suit season and wanted to do it with all her friends.

Girls in Connecticut did this exact thing, each putting $100 into the pot and for 7 weeks whittling themselves away to hopefully be the winner.  Thirty girls did this up North, but Becky’s email seemed to hit a chord with all of her peeps because the emails started flying back and forth and this past Tuesday, 61 girls showed up to weigh in.  Sixty one girls= $6,100!  After some haranguing back and forth, we decided to have a first place prize of $4,000 and a second of $2,000.  What a challenge!!!

A third party trainer showed up and weighed each person and measured fat in about 7 places (pinching with his tool-it hurt).  He and Becky got there at 4pm and we didn’t leave until the last one was weighed at 11:30pm!  It ended up being a little party, hanging out at our friend Gaby’s amazing house waiting for our turns.

Everyone was smack talking and if you listened to the conversations around, you could hear how everyone already knew what they would do with their winnings.  Some girls took this very seriously and some probably didn’t really need to lose a lot of weight, but wanted to get healthy and trim down a little before Summer.  All in all it was a very positive group and how fun to do this with a bunch of friends.

My diet of choice is Atkins, which I have done a few times before, but this time I am so tired.  I love carbs more than most, so removing them completely from my diet is a shock to my system.  Of course I would love to win this contest, that $4,000 would be super nice, but I am determined to fit into my 2007 white Banana Republic jeans that I LOVE so much.  I have two pairs of exactly the same jeans but one pair shrunk along the way and I can never figure out which one is which since they both do not fit.  I hung them up on my closet door as a constant reminder.  These jeans were on my permanent rotation during my first summer in Newport and they were certainly a favorite.  It would be great to wear them to the final weigh in on June 10th.  This is my goal.

So, this is what I am up to these days, avoiding bread baskets and chocolate.  After two weeks on Atkins, you can add a few things that are tasty, so I have 11 days to get to that point.  It can’t come soon enough!

Hungry but motivated,
xoxo kp

Hello and Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

I am the worst blogger.  In my mind, I have written the funniest blog posts during the last month but unbelievably, they haven’t made it here.  Things are busy, busy and more busy around here.  Tons of shows coming up this next month and I have been trying to get my life organized.  If you have been missing me, jump over to Instagram-username kristinpearce2.  Instagram seems to be where I spend the most time these days.

Tonight starts a new challenge that I will blog about tomorrow.  A very exciting competition with around 50 of my friends.  The winner will get thousands of dollars.  Nothing more motivating than $$$!!!  Check back tomorrow for more info.

I miss writing here, so I will be back asap,
xoxo kp