Fendi Bag Bugs

A friend/client that was at my apartment this weekend asked me if I had heard of the Fendi Fur Monsters.  I asked her to repeat herself because I thought I certainly misunderstood what she said.  But, no..these fancy balls of fur made to look like little monsters clip onto your bags. Also called Bag Bugs or Buggies, they are apparently all the rage.  At around $700 each, you might not be seeing them on everyone, but they are super popular.


Kendall Jenner posted a picture of her Karl Lagerfeld Fendi Fur Monster on Instagram.  It looks like him..so funny.

There is one Bag Buggie available at Saks Fifth Avenue and  on eBay as well.  

Fendi has a Monster line of purses as well…

Bag Buggie Knowledgeable Now,
xoxo kp

Charmed, I’m Sure…

Back in the 60s…everyone had a charm bracelet.  Your favorite mail was the charm catalog, which would be dog eared on the pages with your wish list charms.  These bracelets told your life story.  Trips to Mexico would result in a gold sombrero, a trip to Vegas would possible get you a gold slot machine, etc…  My Mother has one of these packed charm bracelets with some of the coolest charms and she won’t let me near it.  In my life, I have no recollection of her wearing this awesome piece of history..but she is not sharing her life story charms with me!

Lucky for me, my Grandmother from the other side had a nice chunky gold charm bracelet that she lent me from time to time.  I ended up inheriting this treasure and now have mixed her charms with my own.  This piece has become one of my prized possessions and I cherish it and all the history that comes with it.  

Charm bracelets through time come in and out of favor, but the sky rocketing of the price of gold has put my charm quest on brief hiatus.  The gold charms simply have become out-priced.  Now and then I find some reasonable cute charms on eBay, but what I really want to collect are the round gold disks to have engraved.  Unfortunately, they are heavy and therefore are expensive and finding a hand engraver around here is not an easy task.  (you don’t want to machine engrave gold…)

A few years ago when Lisa Birnbach wrote True Prep, she went on a book tour wearing a spectacular Verdura charm bracelet.  It caught my eye immediately and followed her around the country and almost made it the whole way when it suddenly disappeared.  It was on loan and I guess they needed it back?

Queen Victoria was an early fan of the charm bracelet.  This is one of hers..

Elizabeth Taylor had a famous charm bracelet that she wore often.  After her death, it was sold through Chrisites.  The engraving on her charms is amazing.

Kate Middleton received this beautiful charm bracelet from Camilla Parker-Bowles.  I am in love with her C charm with the crown. 

Jackie Kennedy had several charm bracelets

The one below was in the auction catalog from her estate…

Betty Davis wore one..

and Joan Crawford..

and Lauren Bacall…

Grace Kelly’s character from Rear Window wore a very visible charm bracelet in the movie..

It is not hard to get your charm bracelet started..first you need a sturdy bracelet.  Many jewelers sell a simple bracelet with one charm already attached.  This one from Tiffany & Co. is a great example. 
Before my real charm bracelet was officially mine, I used my amazing discount to purchase this bracelet when I was an employee at Tiffany.  I planned on adding more hearts to this original heart charm but ended up keeping it just like this.  Tiffany employs the very best hand engravers, and I always wanted to have it engraved, but I stared at this sheet too much times to be able to make a decision.

Subconsciously, I am sure there was also the thought that maybe my monogram would change at some point.  So, ten years later, I finally just took it in and picked the most normal script monogram.  This whole process was me totally over thinking it but once gold is engraved, there is no turning back. Still..it remains one of my favorite pieces.

Charmed by the charms, 
xoxo kp