Instagram Obsessed

So I am determined to blog every day in January to kick off my return to Summer in Newport.  When I opened this page, I took a peek at my blog roll on the right hand side and saw the title of many of my contemporaries’ farewell posts.  Most of them switched over to Instagram.  You can reach so many people with pictures and unlimited text, it is a natural social media progression.  I, myself, am obsessed with Instagram as well.

When someone says “down the rabbit hole”, I now know exactly what they meant.  I have spent hours and hours scouring through different feeds that lead to me to others and others and it is so fun.  There is so much amazing content on Instagram, you can find people to follow with any type of interest.  Mine is a mix of pop culture, fashion, home decor and friends.  It all equates to way too much time spent glued to my phone/iPad.

I will spread out in a few different blog posts my favorite feeds:
This delightful feed is chock full of daily, beautiful watercolors.  

Carolyn is one of my dearest friends.  She is a photographer and specializes in iphonography.  She teaches online classes at The Define School.  Her current class is titled “The Unapologetic Artist.” Following her feed will give you an inside view of what a true artist’s life is like.  Amazing

Of course I love this feed because it is all about Gwyneth’s life.  She liberally posts intimate pictures of her children and her daily life..I cannot get enough!

This delightful feed contains daily pictures made entirely of flowers.  This ballerina is from a couple of weeks ago.  She is very creative and the result is fantastic.


I met Danielle a year ago at the Atlanta Gift Show, where she was signing copies of her coffee table book.  The book is about entertaining and it is fabulous just like her.  She is currently renovating a beautiful home in Atlanta and is chronicling the process on her Instagram feed.  She has true classic taste in everything, so this feed has been fun to follow.


The woman behind 25park is like a social media fairytale godmother to those in need.  In between tons of inspiring fashion and girl-power posts, she also solicits help from her viewers for people she finds out about that are in serious peril.  Her posts have prompted many small donations from me, I can’t help myself.  Her famous mantra is “if every one of my readers gave just $5, we would solve this problem.”  She is usually correct and has helped many families along the way.  One horrible stalker got her account suspended a few months ago and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer came to her rescue and got her back online by contacting her friends who started Instagram.  It’s all who you know…

More later..there are tons!
Obsessed with Instagram,
xoxo, kp

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