T e l e v i s i o n

There is so much on television these days.  Thankfully for me, since I need to watch tv while I make jewelry.  Now that Homeland and The Affair have ended (sad face), I am looking for new things to watch.  I am always hesitant to get attached to new shows since so many of them get canceled right away.  Also, now with Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other online sites, you can always catch up asap. Here is what I am/will be watching:
Downton Abbey
Downton started up again this past Sunday.  I used to watch online while it played in the UK, but got side tracked in the Fall and now am watching it for real with the rest of the US folks.  It does not disappoint and Sunday’s episode was great.  So sad that this is the last season!!!  View a preview here.
Shades of Blue

Starting on January 7th on NBC, this show is on my list because I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez.  I was surprised that she signed on to do a network tv show, but she has played a cop before in Out of Sight, so this should be good.  Also starring Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo View a preview here.

War and Peace

This Lifetime mini-series is an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel starting on January 18th.  Starring Lily James (Rose from Downton), Paul Dano, James Norton, Gillian Anderson and Jim Broadbent.
View a preview here.
Starting January 17th, this show promises to be amazing.  They have been running teaser ads on Showtime for weeks.  Brody from Homeland stars as Hedge Fund superstar Bobby Axelrod and Paul Giametti plays the U.S. Attorney who is determined to bring him down.  If this isn’t as good as the trailers, I will be so disappointed.  Watch the trailer here.

Girls returns to HBO on February 21st! See a preview here.

The Family
Starts March 6th on ABC, this story is about a boy that reappears after being missing for 10 years.  His return has a huge impact on his political mom (Joan Allen) and the rest of his family.  The story has lots of twists and turns and sounds fascinating.  I love Joan Allen.  Watch a preview here.
The Americans
Coming back for Season 4 in March on F/X, this show is so great.  If you haven’t seen previous seasons, they are available online.  Keri Russel and Matthew Rhys star in this story about Russian spies living in America in the 80s.  Having an arranged marriage, this couple lives in a DC suburb and has two children.  The story is set right after Ronald Reagan became President.  It is one to watch!

Game of Thrones

Returning to HBO on April 24th, Game of Thrones is new to my list.  I watch all previous 5 seasons this summer and loved it.  When I asked on Facebook for some show recommendations, this was by far the most discussed.  If you haven’t started, you could start now and finish up right when the next season starts! #savejonsnow

Glued to my tv,
xoxo, kp

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