The Scout Guide

Last year, the Scout Guide finally came to Miami.  My friend Meredith became the Editor and soon enough she was all over town signing people up.  I knew I wanted to be in it and had already thought of what I would want my ad to look like.  Of course, when things started happening, my vision took some twists and turns but the end result was so great.
We went to a natural light studio in the middle of nowhere and had 3 hours to get the job done.  Carolyn my photographer and Helen my assistant for the day helped me get it all was a little crazy. We set up a all my stuff on a piece of furniture like it was a trunk show.  I brought some of my blue and white porcelain, wanting to make sure my personal style was mixed with the products that I sell…
We got to work and started shooting 

We tried me sitting down and then standing up… 

Carolyn was also my part-time stylist

and ultimately, figured out the right mix.
 After we thought we had enough shots to work with, I got Carolyn to take some more pics since my Mom always tells me she doesn’t have any pictures of me…

 So, I got this one..which I meant to have framed for my parents…

We got home and I watched Carolyn edit some of the better pictures.  She is a complete whiz at Photoshop..I couldn’t believe how many small things in the pictures needed a little fixing.  Once we decided on the right one, we sent it to the Scout Guide and after a few edits, we ended up with this… 
And this is what it looked like when it arrived in the actual fun!
I am in such good company, so many friends advertised in the Miami Scout Guide as well.  The launch party was held at the Biltmore and one of our friends Maria Maloof helped Meredith plan her big event.  Held in the Alhambra Ballroom, the party was beautiful…
Loved Meredith’s Editor awesome…

BFFs Denie and Cynthia

Vicki, Zaria and Cristina

Country French and Kristin Michael girls…
My buddy Brett checking out my page…
You can check out the Miami Scout Guide online here.
Happy to be Scouted,
xoxo, kp
Launch party photographer: Christopher Ramos

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