Are you watching Billions on Showtime?  It has become one of my favorites this year.  Homeland’s Brody is now Bobby Axelrod, a NYC hedgefunder who is the target of the US Attorney played by Paul Giamatti.  This show is so good and it keeps getting better. It was renewed for Season 2 after the second episode, which is good news-I hate getting sucked into a show and then it gets cancelled!

This week’s Time Magazine has an article about .  Read it here.  Entertainment Weekly profiled this awesome show here

Catch up on Billions,
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Stunning on Nantucket

It’s starting to get hot and that makes me think of Summer.  I am still trying to nail down my Summer plans and am hoping to get up to Nantucket at some point.  I am dying to do a pop up shop at Town Pool.  That is my goal…
During my many trips to Nantucket with my Newport roommates, we have rented so many different houses.  It is so fun and also nerve wracking to find a house online to rent, commit to ungodly sums of cash and then wait until you arrive to see what you are really renting.  Most of our houses have been amazing.  Last summer, our original house had some serious issues and the owner upgraded us to a house a few blocks away..we were so psyched!  This year, I would be happy to go back in a sleeping bag.

Designer Victoria Hagan’s home on Nantucket is in another league.  This beautiful home was featured in Architectural Digest. It is amazing!

All photos courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Dreaming of ACK,
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Southern Charm

This Lilly email popped into my inbox this morning and I am in love with this new print! 

These pallazo pants are amazing…

and even the makeup bag is adorable.

in other Southern Charm news…the Bravo show is about to start Season 3 on April 4th.  If you haven’t checked this funny show out, now is the time.

One of my favorite characters in this show is Whitney’s mother Patricia Altschul.  Her lifestyle is very entertaining.  Her home is beautiful too..worth watching.

All about Southern Charm,
xoxo, kp

Cannot decide….

For my birthday last month, a bunch of my friends got together for a group gift-super exciting.  I am planning on getting a new purse.  Even though so many people have this same purse, I want the one with the monogram on it.  The problem…to many color choices.  I seriously go back and forth and cannot decide.

Any thoughts?  
I welcome suggestions/comments for this task.

xoxo, kp

Leigh Deux

I don’t know about you, but decor during my college years was somewhat scarce.  The apartment I shared with two of the cutest girls was a mash up of our parents/grandparents’ old furniture.  Nothing matched and the framed poster artwork was not so inspired, but we loved it.

These days, there is no excuse to not have an adorable dorm room or college apartment.  With Ikea, Pottery Barn Teen and Target, there are tons of inexpensive options for everything you need.  

I am not sure I even knew what Ikea was in college, I can’t imagine there being one less than 2 hours away in Orlando.

This was my bedroom…antique Ginny Lind bed, Ralph Lauren bedding and the ubiquitous Sixteen Candles poster.  I could look at Jake Ryan all day long…

A company that advertises on Facebook called LeighDeux caters to this type of decor.  Started several years ago by two girls names Leigh, this adorable website has tons of very pretty patterns with all the parts you need for your room…

So these days..instead of this:

you can have a room like this..

So fun. Obviously, many college bound students have Moms that can’t wait to decorate their room and make it look special, but many Moms don’t have creative bones in their bodies and this is where Leigh Deux can be a lifesaver.  

Their feature is a headboard pillow..

and then you build your room around that…

There are lots of items to go with the headboards and bedding..pillows, poufs, bulletin boards, lamps, rugs, towels and wall monograms..all coordinated.

How cute is this dust ruffle-they call them curtain call bedskirts.

Check out LeighDeux here.

xoxo, kp

Rose Finally Appears…

Given my slight Kennedy can hardly blame me for being on the lookout for new Kennedy favorites to emerge.  I have long had high hopes for Caroline Kennedy’s three children since, in my eyes, they are the most legit.  Imagine having Jackie Kennedy as your Grandmother and our beloved President JFK as your Grandfather.  
Don’t even get me started on having JFK Jr. for an Uncle or Carolyn Bessette Kennedy as your Aunt.
These three have been the ones to watch..unfortunately, they are so under the radar that they barely make a peep.  It drives me crazy!

In the past, I have written about this phenomenon on my blog.  The post The Next It Girl is in the top five posts of all time in terms of traffic.  That was in 2010!  Now Caroline is the Ambassador to Japan…

Her son Jack is in Japan with her after graduating from Yale…

Middle child Tatiana is an environmental reporter for the New York Times.

and Rose has finally emerged after graduating from Harvard and living under the radar for years.  She has launched a new quirky web series called End Times Girls Club,  As soon as this news came out, there were tons of pictures of her right next to her Grandmother calling her Jackie’s twin.  She has looked like Jackie’s twin for years!  This was hardly what I was expecting when she finally joined the real world.  

So, I watched a few minutes of her new series and, frankly, it is not that funny and she looks like a mess in it, hardly what I was hoping for. 

I am holding out for a more polished Rose…
xoxo, kp

In the Spirit

During my recent apartment reorganization (still in progress), I found myself moving so many books around.  Since moving to Kindle, I don’t buy reading books anymore, but cannot stop buying coffee table books.  They come is so many different shapes and sizes, when I find a grouping of the same size, I am so excited..I know it sounds silly.

With one of my birthday gift cards, I purchased one of the Assouline books, In the Spirit of Palm Beach.  It is such a pretty book and there are a series of them..perfect for just the right shelf in your collection…
In the Spirit of Palm Beach

In the Spirit of the Hamptons

In the Spirit of Beverly Hills

In the Spirit of Miami Beach

In the Spirit of Napa Valley

In the Spirit of St. Barths

There are a bunch more, all so beautiful.
Perfect for coffee tables or styling on bookshelves.

Trying to get to one of these location,
xoxo, kp

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
 Rounding up some fun green delights today…enjoy!

J Crew Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan $188 (now on sale 25% off)

Diptyque Green Figuier Scent Candle $90
Indigo Home Green Dog Bowls and treat jars 
15% off today using code SHAMROCK15

See Design Green Square Tote Bag $62

Custom Jack Rogers Sandals $138

Gucci Magnetic Color Due Eyeshadow $49
Emily McCarthy Deco Palm Green Pillow $228
Dana Gibson Summer Palace Ginger Jar Lamp $525 

WH Hostess Shamrock Personalized Notes 20 for $28

Banana Republic Ryan Flip Flop $39.50 

 Plantation Design Lacquer Storage Boxes Set in Kelly Green
Lacquer Storage Boxes by Plantation Design $150

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses $175

Green is such an amazing always pops up in design pictures…

Feeling green today,
xoxo, kp