Colorful by Ruthie Sommers

This bedroom picture popped up on Veranda’s page today and it is so adorable.  Ruthie Sommers’ work has popped up so many times and I always think it is so colorful and fresh looking.  Color being the key word….

I love the bookshelves on each side of the bed…

 This picture has made the Pinterest rounds more than once…

One day I will be brave enough to paint a wall a salmon color like this…

All the rooms are so comfortable them and Ruthie!

A picture of Ruthie’s inspiration can see where she draws from to create such amazing spaces.

 All about color,
xoxo, kp

Throwback Post

One of my favorite posts popped up the other had me laughing literally out loud.

I try to keep a constant stream of posts going these days but it does get hard when life gets in the way.  I so enjoy looking at these older posts they dangle at the bottom like this…

Unfortunately, most of them click to my old blog address which doesn’t exist anymore.  If you want to see the post you have to go to the url and remove the word blog from

Fun looking back,
xoxo, kp

Getting Oriented..

Wednesday was our orientation for new Beaux Arts members.  Held at the home of one of our Co-Presidents for next year, this event was so fun and lively.  

Adorable cookies made by Associate Chris Wood

Next year’s Co-Presidents gave an overview of Beaux Arts…

and Past President gave a little history.

I spoke for a minute or two but thankfully, there are no pictures as evidence I am a horribly nervous public speaker but this is something I am determined to get over.  Yikes…

Can’t wait for next year to start!
xoxo, kp

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth turns 90 today!  
There are all sorts of celebrations to mark this amazing occasion.  She went out for a stroll this morning and was greeted by massive amounts of her people.

So many ways people are marking the occasion…

For someone her age, she certainly doesn’t let it slow her down…

In celebration of her birthday, these pictures were just released yesterday..

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!
and Happy Birthday to Helen O’Connell!
xoxo, kp

Kate in India

Bazaar just broke down Kate Middleton’s amazing outfits on her India tour.  The amount of coverage of her wardrobe was so entertaining.  These are the estimated costs of each of her looks.  One was better than the next….

The coverage of their tour was endless and 80% was directed to her wardrobe.  Elle Magazine did a survey and the overall favorite was..

These two could not be cuter..I can’t get enough of them and their two adorable babies.

This pic yesterday was over the top perfect..

Four generations of the Royal family.  I see this and think Poor Prince Charles, waiting his whole life to be the King and his Mother could live for many more years and then his reign would only be around 20 years..he kind of got ripped off.  Anyway, I can’t wait for Prince William and Queen amazing.

Royal Obsessed,
xoxo, kp

Looking Forward to Summer…

My annual “looking forward to Summer” post. I have posted this picture every year when it starts to feel like Summer is around the corner.  It already feels a little Summerish in Miami weather-wise. Very excited that my Summer plans are starting to take shape.  For the first time, I am going to visit the state of Colorado-Aspen to be exact.  

In July, I am hoping to do a few on-the-road trunk shows and then in August, I am hoping to set foot in Nantucket, even for a weekend..fingers crossed!

Having Summer Fever,
xoxo, kp


In 1981, I was standing in our kitchen when the news flashed on the television that Natalie Wood had drowned off a boat near Catalina.  I remember my Mom’s reaction to the news, this would be like Jennifer Aniston dying suddenly now, she was such a popular actress.  The investigation ensued and there were never any charges filed but tons of speculation.  She was on the boat with her husband Robert Wagner and her current co-star Christopher Walken.  There was alcohol involved and apparently a huge argument between the two men.  The theory is she tried to leave on a dinghy by herself but never made it to shore.  She was famously afraid of water so this theory has always not added up to some.

Natalie started as a child actress, starring in Miracle on 34th Street.  Her movie credits are plentiful with the next big role in Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean..
Natalie married Robert Wagner in 1957.  She was so beautiful.  She had starred in many movies at that point.  They made a very handsome couple.

Image result for natalie wood splendor in the grass
Splendour in the Grass
West Side Story
Love with the Proper Stranger
and my all time favorite, Sex and the Single Girl.
She had a daughter from her first marriage named Natasha Gregson and they had a daughter together named Courtney.  After her death, Natasha stayed with her Step Father and sisters.  Robert had a daughter Katie from a previous marriage.

Natasha looks remarkably like Natalie
Robert with daughter Courtney (left) and Katie (right)
Several times, the case has been re-opened….

Natalie’s sister Lana Wood has always maintained that the story of her death didn’t make sense.

She wrote a memoir about her…

This week’s People magazine has an article about this unsolved case with an interview with Robert Wagner.  Now 86 and married to Jill St. John, he says her death “shattered” him.  I can’t wait to read this article when it arrives in my mail box!
Robert Wagner Breaks His Silence About Natalie Wood's Death: 'We Were All So Shattered'| Death, People Scoop, Movie News, Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner

Loved Natalie Wood,
xoxo, kp

Liberty for Paperless Post

These days, I am more apt to order up a Paperless Post invite for a get together rather than have a real invitation printed.  A few years ago, I wouldn’t have ever thought I would say that, but times have changed and companies like Paperless Post have continued to improve the online invitation arena with collaborations with amazing designers.  The newest is Liberty for Paperless Post. Liberty of London was started in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty who opened a store that imitated an Eastern Bazaar.  His collection of ornaments and fabric became all the rage.  The Liberty brand is alive and well and continues to turn out charming, colorful patterns, fabric, clothing and much more.

Check out the whole collection here.
xoxo, kp


Unless you are living under a rock, you have had to see the ads and articles promoting the HBO documentary Nothing Left Unsaid about the life of Gloria Vanderbilt.  She and son Anderson Cooper have been on several talk shows and interviewed in countless articles about it.  I watched it last night and it is really wonderful.  She used to make paper dolls and cut them out when she was younger.  They act out some of her childhood scenes using paper dolls, it is very cool.

She looks fabulous, almost better than she did 10 years ago.  
Her life story is so fascinating, 

born into one of the wealthiest families, she was the subject of a nasty custody battle between her Mother and her Aunt Gertrude.  Her Aunt ultimately won.

She had many marriages, 

several children from different fathers, 

an incredibly popular clothing line 
(I got my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for my birthday in 4th grade)

she has written books…

been on magazine covers,

has sold many paintings
and so much more.

Check out Nothing Left Unsaid on HBO, HBO GO.
Watch a promo here.
xoxo, kp

CJ Laing Lovely

One of my favorite stores to check out in Palm Beach is CJ Laing.  Always filled with pretty tunics, interesting jewelry and fabulous other accessories.  I am loving these embroidered clutches from India right now.  Meaasuring 10 x 7 with a long strap and inside zippered pocket, these are great for Spring/Summer.  The CJ Laing goods make their way up to the Nantucket outpost for the Summer, always on my “must stop by” list when I am there.


There are lots of treats in the store right now…

Also love these oversize pom pom scarf/sarongs $125

Split Sleeve Oaxacas Dress $245

Alpargatas $225

Palm Beach Store
34 Via Mizner
(Open all year long)

Nantucket Store
44 Centre Street
(open Memorial Day – Columbus Day)

Have to have one of those clutches,
xoxo, kp