Breaking Down Southern Charm

Being an ardent fan of Andy Cohen and most things that he has a hand in, I watch most shows on the Bravo network with a handful of exceptions.  Southern Charm is high on my list of must watch tv.  In its third season, I am now invested in this hilarious show based in one of the prettiest cities in our country.  It doesn’t matter that most of the cast aren’t true Charlestonians, but they certainly play them on this hour long show Monday nights.  Here is a breakdown of the cast…

The Firecracker
Cameran favorite.  Adorable, perky, spicy and always willing to tell the truth and spill the beans on the other players.  She is so likeable, she can get away with saying pretty much anything…

The Real Deal
Thomas Ravenel, the one Charleston resident that actually is authentic.  Most of the cast has to cross the bridge bearing his name to get to Charleston.  He can’t really seem to get out of his own way these days and his dealings with Kathryn (see below) are cringeworthy.

The Lover
Shep Rose..the eternal bachelor on this show.  There doesn’t seem to be many girls left in Charleston that have not crossed his path.  Loves to comment on everyone else and seems to forget when he does that they will eventually see these comments aired.  When he talks, he can’t usually keep a straight face and he really cracks me up.

The Slacker
I have a soft spot for Criag Conover.  He hightailed it out of town last season after making colossal mis-steps at work and losing his job.  His trying to keep up with Shep got him in heaps of trouble but he always has a smile on his face and amazing dimples to boot.  This year, he came back to town and is in love with the mysterious Naomi.  He put a “sort of” ring on it last week and thinks this one might be THE ONE.  I am rooting for him.

The Grand Dame
Patricia Altschul..she has a wicked tongue and beware of crossing her.  Mother of Whitney (see below), her serious pedigree fuels her Queen Bee attitude and her moving from NYC to Charleston is just a location change, she is still quite in charge.  Her Mario Buatta-designed home is something to see and her house man is an added bonus on several episodes.  There is much more to come from her, possibly her own show?

The Creator
Whitney Sudler-Smith, the creator of this delightful show.  He is kind of a lurking-in-the-background player these days.  If you read any gossip magazine, you will know he has really set up shop in Los Angeles with a European model.  He is funny and since this whole show was his idea, I give him a pass for most of the snobbish things that come out of his mouth.  He definitely slept with Kathryn in the first season and that has provided uncomfortable scenes ever since.

The Innocent Villain
Who me? Last year, Landon Clements came on the scene, fresh from leaving her husband in Los Angeles.  She is trying to find herself this season but she really needs serious help. She hates Kathryn and doesn’t do a very good job of hiding that fact. Her whiny voice is slightly nails-on-a-chalkboard for me but I can’t wait to see her get herself in more trouble.  Her lying about inviting Kathryn to Shep’s birthday party last week landed her in hot water.  Her innocent act is wearing thin.

The Baby Mama
Kathryn Calhoun Dennis..she is the troublemaker baby Mama of Thomas Ravenel’s spawn.  This picture is a toned down version of her usually bright red lips and eyelashes an inch long.  Nothing is ever her fault and she likes to stir up trouble at the drop of a hat.  She is pregnant this season on the show, but in real life has already had her son.  Her craziness get old and I wish she would act slightly normal for a change.  Not sure what is in store for Kathryn down the road.
If you aren’t watching this show, it is entertaining and I highly recommend.  Never mind that most people that actually live in Charleston are horrified by its existence and becoming associated with it can make you sort of an outcast. Check it out if you haven’t already..I promise it will make you laugh.

I love Andy Cohen and all things Bravo,
xoxo, kp

One thought on “Breaking Down Southern Charm

  1. This is Bravo at its lowest! These people give spoiled brats a bad name! The mother, Patricia, is the worst of the worst. She lives in an outdated house and wears horrible clothes. She is evil! No wonder her son is such a loser. My comments are from the first half of season one. My guess is that the show is even worse now.


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