Trunk Shows in North Carolina

I am back to reality after my super fun week long road trip to North Carolina.  For the first time though, I felt those long hours in the car.  I kept having to stop and walk around..I guess getting old is not so much fun lol.  First stop was my parents house in Amelia Island.  I got there late Friday night and reunited with my little friend Maisie.  She is so darling and energetic.  Of course, seeing my parents was fun as well.
When I packed up from this show, I headed back to Statesville and straight to Devon’s house.  She invited a few friends to come and shop.  That was the icing on the cake for this trip.  Lots of fun girls buying jewels and drinking wine. 
All in all, the most fabulous trip.  So thankful for all my gracious hosts, Heather, Karen and Devon.  I am also so grateful to my friend Pam for letting me stay with her the whole week!  What a great time.

Next trip..Nantucket!
xoxo, kp