Bedroom Decorating Update…

All I can say is thank goodness for Pinterest and Instagram. I don’t know how people dealt with decorating their homes before these two amazing sites were available.  My list of things I want to do in my apartment is growing but one of the main things that drives me crazy is my lack of overhead lighting.  My building is from the ’60s and all the ceilings are cement.  I am lucky the gentleman who owned my unit before me scraped off all the popcorn and smoothed them out but my bedroom especially, could use some light. No one I have talked to wants to even entertain a conversation about drilling holes and running wiring to be able to hang a light overhead.
The solution I have come up with for several issues is to have built-in bedside tables constructed with shelves so I can have lighting put in, have sturdy bedside tables and some extra storage for my book collection, etc..  My bedroom also has bizarre cut outs that make things a tiny bit more complicated  space-wise.  Here are some examples of what I was thinking of…

My Mom is making my pinch pleat panels now with the green and white fabric I found last summer,  so that will go behind my bed in between these built-ins.  
Those, along with my white tufted headboard, should look great!  This fabric is not expensive and I am considering buying more to have a bedskirt made.  Since I have many bins under my bed for extra storage, a bedskirt is beyond necessary.
I have not had much luck finding the nightstands that are not a fortune and by the time I find vintage ones and have them painted, I could just as easily hire a carpenter to made the built-ins even if it will cost a little more.  The bedside tables I wanted are from Williams-Sonoma Home and are a small fortune even with every imaginable coupon.

I have taken 4 large bags to Goodwill this week, trying to clean out my closet and also loaded tons of old shoes and clothes on eBay.  My Dad’s impending visit this next weekend could be the catalyst for all of this activity but I have been meaning to do it for a long time. Writing this all here in this blog also is good for accountability purposes.  
Keeping it real,
xoxo, kp

In the Genes…

So much sad news over the weekend, thought I would post something fun.  This post is about genes and how freaky they are. Some children come out looking like one or the other parent or a mix of both, or sometimes they look like some random aunt or uncle.  
This picture just popped up of Mia Farrow’s son Ronan-who she swears is Woody Allen’s biological child,except that he looks IDENTICAL to her former husband, Frank Sinatra.  Right???

I mean, seriously.
Also lately, my old favorite Suri Cruise has been popping up in tons of pictures with her Mom and I think finally we can put the rumors to rest and admit that she clearly is Tom Cruise’s child.  She is a perfect blend of both of them.  

Now why Tom hasn’t supposedly seen Suri in the longest time is another story.  Are they Facetiming and we just don’t know it?  Can he really not see her because of Scientology?
I need some answers!
xoxo, kp

Fall TV Shows to Watch

Fall is this week officially!  That means better weather, Fall clothes and a new Fall TV lineup.  Here are some pics for new shows that are about to start…

This Is Us
NBC-Premieres Tuesday Sept. 20th at 10:00 PM
This is the show I am excited for.  It better be good since my favorite actor from the Young and the Restless (Justin Hartley) left the show to star in this.   It also stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chris Darden and Sterling K. Brown.  The story is how all of these characters’ lives cross paths and intertwine.  Has great reviews so far…

Designated Survivor
ABC-Premieres Wednesday Sept 21 10:00 PM
Keifer Sutherland is back on network television.  He goes from saving the President to becoming the President in this new drama series.  

The Good Place
NBC- Premieres Sept. 19th at 10:00 PM and then moves to Thursdays at 8:30 PM on Sept 22
Kristen Bell plays Eleanor, a New Jersey woman who realized she hasn’t been a good person, so she decided to turn over a new leaf. Ted Danson plays Michael, who through unlikely circumstances, becomes Eleanor’s guide through her self-improvement..sent from Heaven.

ABC-Premieres October 3rd at 10:00 PM
Hayley Atwell takes on an edgy role as former First Daughter-turned-bad girl attorney in this Scandal-esque drama.

NBC-Premieres October 3rd at 10:00 PM
Time travel is all the rage this season.  Can this group of travelers stop a villain from changing the past and thus changing the future?  Also starring Matt Lanter and Abigail Spencer.

Pure Genius
CBS- Premieres Thursday, October 27th at 10:00 PM
From Parenthood and Friday Night Lights’ Jason Katims comes this medical drama that follows a young, Silicon Valley tech titan (Augustus Prew), who recruits a veteran surgeon with a shady past, (Dermot Mulroney), to start a cutting edge hospital that takes a “new school” approach to medicine.
Most likely more to come, but a good start,
xoxo, kp

Summer Trip up North

Sorry, I am the slowest blogger these days-this might be the most delayed post ever…  I am back to reality after a whirlwind trip up north to catch up with my Newport roommates.  It was such a fun time and a bonus is that some of my Miami friends were there as well.  It’s always interesting when my worlds collide.
First stop after the airport with Sue was a visit to Denise and I finally got to meet sweet little Caroline.  She was so adorable.
First lobster roll…

Thursday, we headed out towards the Cape and to the ferry.  Even with the best planning, we still cut it too close and couldn’t find a parking spot.  Shannon and Heidi were already there holding our tickets.  We parked and ran to the ferry and the guys holding the ropes were screaming at us to hurry up.  It was so embarrassing..luckily we made it and when I tell you the minute our feet touched the ferry, they pulled away, I am not exaggerating!
We got to Nantucket after lunch and got the shuttle to our hotel.  I headed back into town to walk around and met up with Tara.  We went out for a fun dinner at Brandt Point Grill and for drinks at Ventuno.  Went to bed to get up at the crack for the Lilly Sale at In The Pink.

We were in line at 8:30 and were numbers 6 and 7.  It was a little crazy.

That night we went to the Galley to watch the sunset.
Lisa came with me and met the rest of the girls.

We went to Cru for dinner and watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics.
Saturday, lots of shopping and walking around. I am saving my shopping pics for a separate post.

We visited Town Pool, so fun and right near the Straight Wharf.  Lots of action at Town Pool.

Dinner at Millie’s, one of my favorite places…

Zaria and her family outside their amazing house.  I ended up staying with them for most of my trip.  It was so nice and fun to hang with Zaria on Nantucket!

Goodbyes before we left…

We got back to Boston and I got dropped off at South Station to catch the train to Providence.  Very proud of myself that I able to navigate all this transportation (obviously I had help).  Brooke and the girls met me in Providence and we walked to their place.  So happy to see them.
Monday morning, we were out and about and heading to Newport.  It is crazy to me that for the last few years, I have made it to Newport for just the day.  I begged the girls to indulge me with lunch at the Cooke House, my favorite.  They were serving my favorite summer salad…

Bannister’s Wharf was a little quiet.

The shops were as cute as I remember them to be.
It was so fun to hang out with Brittan and Barrett.

One store I couldn’t wait to check out was the CK Bradley Pop up Store.  I had been seeing pictures all summer in Instagram and it was just as adorable in person.
Tons of clothes and accessories all in her signature colorful prints.

She shared her Co-Pop Up shop with Cece DuPraz and all her fabulous monogramming..

and Sugar Jewelry by Heidi Brueggeman

If you are near by, they are having a huge sale starting today!

We drove by First Beach on our way out of Newport..such a fun place to be in the summer.  Our next stop was the Matouk outlet.  Yikes, I could have spent all my money there.  I restrained myself and only bought new hand towels for monogramming and a gorgeous new beach towel.

What a fun trip!
I loved seeing all my summer friends.
xoxo, kp