Golden Globes 2020

I love that the New Year starts off with a bang with the always entertaining Golden Globe Awards. This year, I have actually seen a lot of the movies/shows nominated which makes it all the more fun. The red carpet was spirited…here are some favorites….

Margot Robbie in Chanel
Jennifer Lopez in Valentino

One of my favorite moments was when they announced Brad Pitt as the winner of Best Actor in a supporting role in a motion picture for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. His speech was great and he profusely thanked Leonardo DiCaprio (LDC), his partner in crime -the two of them are amazing together.

Another highlight was Tom Hanks receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award. His highlight reel is literally filled with so many of the very best movies. He is definitely a favorite.

There are a bunch of shows left before the Academy Awards..after tonight, look for Once Upon a Time in America, 1917 and Rocket Man to be heavy favorites. I loved Marriage Story-it was really good. I need to see more of these in the next two weeks!

That’s a wrap on the Golden Globes..back to the real world on Monday. I am not really ready to face it..are you????

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